Camel Crush Review

The Camel Crush

Is this a gimmick?

Of course. But is it a gimmick worth buying into? The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company has recently released a new variety of cigarette to the Camel family, the Camel Crush. After the public's lukewarm reaction to the fairly recently released Camel Signature Series, R.J. Reynolds realized they needed more than pretty colors and fun-sounding names in order to generate a product that would not just be a one-time buy for people. Most readers have probably heard the famous Pringles slogan, "Once you pop, you can't stop." I find this darkly humorous, as this is the exact same approach R.J. Reynolds is taking in marketing a product that is widely known to be addicting.

I will briefly describe what is unique about the Camel Crush. There is a menthol capsule inside the filter of the cigarette. At any time the smoker squeezes the filter, this capsule will break, releasing menthol into the filter. After this, any smoke travelling through the filter will take on a menthol flavor. This is a complete description of the Camel Crush without sugarcoating any aspects of it.

OK, the Camel Crush is a gimmick. But is it worth it?

As soon as I found a gas station selling the Camel Crush, I bought a pack. Being skeptical as to the quality of the cigarettes, I lit one up. It was a decent full-flavor cigarette. Shortly after, I crushed the filter. The cigarette instantly took on a menthol flavor. Honestly, I found it have a delicious flavor. I was just expecting the whole Camel Crush variety of cigarettes to be another shady gimmick, but I've found I really do enjoy these cigarettes. Smoking is without a doubt an unhealthy choice. I'm well aware of this. However, I do like to enjoy the occasional cigarette and the Camel Crush is a cigarette I can enjoy. I'm definitely not going to recommend anyone start smoking. But if you smoke anyway, it wouldn't be a waste of your money to buy a pack of these instead of your normal pack.

2008 - Nathan Coors

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katherine Dixon 8 years ago

me and my husband have been smoking these camel crush and liked them at first and then he failed a drug test we have never smoked marja... before and that is the only thing different we changed and now we have a law suite pending on the camel company..... they have some traces of THC in them...

cameron 7 years ago

THC!? fuckin a, i'm sold.


it's "once you pop, the fun don't stop"

Beverly Brewer 7 years ago

Not sure what the lady that is sueing RJR saying her husband failed a drug test because of him smoking these cigs but good luck with that. I think the Government has made the cost of cigs high enough without other smokers making up outragious stories to gain something. "Get over yourself". I really like the Camel Crush a lot and have had no issue passing a drug screen. I work in the health care and there are many chemicals in cigs that we all have been warned about so maybe she as well as her husband need to just stop smoking the other stuff.

Jake 7 years ago

You know, it is highly probable that your husband was into some other stuff without you knowing. Have you thought of that yet? Anyway, I have not tried the Camel Crush but I have heard very promising stories about them. I hear the before-crush taste is similar to a Camel Light, and the after-crush taste is a lighter version of any menthol smoke. I am dying to get my hands on these!

ss420 7 years ago

ehh its full of holes so the smoke is thin and no good to use for a cigarette joint and these are made so kids will buy them, anyone can see that

ED 6 years ago

I love the new crush there so damn cool i bought me a carton like a week ago for about 28 dollars and man there the best thing out there and im in Jay FL a lil ass hick town lol

Ed 6 years ago

I love the new crush there so damn cool i bought me a carton like a week ago for about 28 dollars and man there the best thing out there and im in Jay FL a lil ass hick town lol

Shelley 6 years ago

love the camel crush but they do BURN UP fast need to come in 100's

Joe 6 years ago

I am from Canada and the thought of a regular cigarette with the option of menthol suits my lifestyle. As a result I purchased a carton for $30US Duty Free and am loving every puff. They taste like premium Canadian smokes and my favorite menthols all in one tube. Plus my name is Joe so that rocks!! And yes they do burn up fast when sipping my favorite drink on the weekends. Emjoy smokers.......

Joe 6 years ago

As an addition to my first review..................

I like how R.J.R. managed to place a tiny liquid ball of menthol flavoring into the filter without affecting the flavor or smokaibility of a normal cigarette as well..... I would add these to my grocery list over Marlboro Reds any day.

john 6 years ago

do you know if they sell these duty free from newark or new york?

Rusty S. 6 years ago

I never smoked before in my life, but I bought the Camel Crush's today and tried it because it looks so cool. I liked it, and it comes with 20 cigs in a pack. I heard you can take out the menthol ball and eat it as a mint too, but I haven't tried that yet.

jake 6 years ago

ok so guys im buying these tomarro i need feedback on how they tast?

6 years ago

They're alright. I used to smoke Crushes all the time, but switched. Now I try Crushes, and the normal is meh and the menthol is meh.

camel menthols 5 years ago

camel menthols only taste like ice cool burst for about the first few months you smoke them, as soon as you smoke a pack or more a day after a few months goodbye refreshing taste.

JJ 5 years ago


sounds like your husband has been smoking pot behind your back.. Considering that i've been smoking camel crush's since their creation, and never failed any of my court ordered (10-panel) drug tests, I can honestly say without a doubt, that you are gullible, your husband is a liar, and you probably wasted a lot of cash on a court case with absolutely no legs to stand on. People need to learn some facts before believing the bullshit that people spew...

hud 5 years ago

No its true I tested positive for thc and do not smoke pot and have random court ordered drops twice a week and hav been clean prior 2 smoking crush

Janice 5 years ago

Everyone's body metabolizes chemicals differently. I Do NOT smoke Pot & I firmly believe the drug test I recently failed is due to the Crush capsules. It's the only thing I smoke & this is WHY I did the search to see if anyone else has had the same issues with THC in their system due to smoking these Cigarettes.

phil 5 years ago

Ok the capsulse causes you to fail a drug test??!! Really people I smoke 2 packs a day and just had to take a union drug test guess what I passed what a surprise. Now I'm not saying people are ignorant just uneducated

Robot 5 years ago

Obviously most of these comments are robot posts from RJR LOL

Bob 5 years ago

Ok I get drug tests and I want these but WTF is up with the people saying they failed? Can this really happen?

Donny 5 years ago

No, it's crazy to blame a menthol filter for failing a drug test. The much MUCH more likely scenario is that the test failed for other reasons. Drug tests are not 100% reliable. THC is stored in fat, if this person has lost weight recently it is possible THC that was covered/buried in a deeper layer of fat was released.

Moe 5 years ago

This is true I just failed a damn drug test and I'm not a pot smoker but I do smoke camel crush this is not a gimmick and I'm about to place a lawsuit as well!!!

Luke 4 years ago

Im trying to get some crushes from my friend, i can't wait lol

wendy 4 years ago

Oh yes oh yes these are perfect I smoke regular and my boyfriend he smokes menthol.. The price is great, the taste is great.. The only thing is hello were are the 100's at.. That is all that is missing..

Jose 4 years ago

Hi I finally turn 18 & im trying out cigs! Are this good for a person who is barely starting to smoke?

cooper 4 years ago

don't start young! i did too and almost died of lung cancer! but besides that when i did smoke i would smoke these.

Anny 4 years ago

I really like the Camel Crush a lot and have had no issue passing a drug screen. I work in the health care and there are many chemicals in cigs that we all have been warned about so maybe she as well as her husband need to just stop smoking the other stuff.

Anthony 4 years ago

I have recently found out that the camel crushes have jet fluid in them

h2o1969 4 years ago

So you really have to push till you hear a snap. I smoked 1/2 a pack 'til I got that. Now I like them. Its a nice option.

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