Can An Overbite Be Treated With Invisalign Braces?

Invisalign are a relatively new system of orthodontics first launched to the US market in 1999 and subsequently launched in many other countries around the world.

Offered as an alternative to traditional metal braces Invisalign are clear braces made from medical grade plastic. A series of clear plastic aligners is used, each being worn for an average of two weeks, and they gradually move teeth to their new position as the aligners are changed.

Although Invisalign was first launched to the market only 10 years ago, significant developments have already occurred in its use. Initially, partly due to the limitations of the system but also due to the lack of experience of providers, only the simplest of orthodontic cases were offered treatment with Invisalign.

However, significant improvements and developments have occurred in the last decade, including the widespread use of attachments; small tooth coloured pieces of material which are attached to the teeth and allow the aligners to grip more securely. This gripping effect means that far more complex movements are able to be made than was initially the case.

Invisalign braces
Invisalign braces

Overbites And Invisalign

Overbites were not initially able to be treated with Invisalign due to the major movements that are needed to correct them. However, in the hands of the right provider Invisalign is now perfectly suitable for correcting many overbites that don't require surgery.

Generally, less experienced Invisalign providers, those that have only recently started to use the Invisalign system, are less willing to treat overbites. However more experienced dentists and orthodontists, those that are known as "elite platinum providers " are now regularly offering such treatment.

Factors To Consider

Patients who wish to use the Invisalign system for the correction of overbites need to take several factors into consideration. As overbites are one of the more complex problems for which Invisalign is used it may be reasonable to consider an orthodontist rather than a general dentist to provide treatment. General dentists may have had very limited training in tooth movement whereas in most countries an orthodontist will have studied additional years at university specifically concentrating on orthodontics, or the movement of teeth.

As well as choosing a specialist orthodontist for treatment it is a good idea to choose an Invisalign provider with as much experience as possible. The Invisalign company website for each country lists providers and ranks them according to experience. When attending a consultation with an orthodontist it is a good idea to ask how many cases similar to your own they have treated.

It is also a good idea to establish how large the overbite is and whether surgery would be required to obtain a good result. Invisalign is likely to get the best results in cases where the overbite is not too severe.

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