Can You Make A Difference In A Day?

Make A Difference In A Day!


I went to work today and my boss said she had to tell me something and I have to say yes. I said, "Not until I know what it is," I've learned my lesson in the past. She said, "I am going to take you shopping for groceries today for your family!" I started to cry and told her, "No, I can't allow you to do that". She said, "It's on my "bucket list" (things to do before you kick the bucket) to perform acts of kindness and you can't deny me my wish." I cried more, hugged her and thanked her.

My husband and I have been praying and trying to have faith that we would be able to come up with enough money to buy groceries and make our house payment this month. I have to tell you that it was an answer to our prayers.

We went to the grocery store and she kept adding more things into the basket, despite my protests that it was already more than enough. We had to get another basket just to hold all of the food. We went to check out and I couldn't believe that the bill came to $500.00! I had an instant headache because I was so stressed that she had spent so much money on us. I hugged her and told her, "Thank you for being our angel."

On my way home I stopped by another store (I had forgotten to get milk while we were shopping, I guess I was so overwhelmed...I forgot a basic necessity). As I entered the store a homeless man was sitting off to the side of the store. I wished that I had money to give him after the gift I had just received. Once inside the store I remembered my husband's paycheck had just been deposited and the whole amount was supposed to be used for our house payment, but I decided to take $20.00 of it and buy him some food. I had been given such an amazing gift, the least I could do was give to someone who had even less than I did. I walked out and looked over to see someone else walking away after dropping off a box of pizza to the homeless man. Wow, I thought what an amazing day this is. As I reached him, he had just finished scarfing down three pieces of the pizza; he looked up at me and said, "Do ya want a piece of pizza?" I was shocked...someone with absolutely NOTHING was offering me a portion of the small amount of food that he had just received. I told him, "No thank you," and set the three small bags of groceries down. I ran to my car and grabbed a blanket that I keep in there in case of an emergency (it was very cold out). He said "Thank You!" He covered up and continued eating the pizza.

Leaving your mark and making a difference in the world can seem like a huge task. I have been privileged enough to have been the recipient of a caring person, a witness to the giving of others and a contributor to serving someone less fortunate, all in the span of a single day. If a difference can be made in the lives of three people in a single day, imagine if everyone did an unselfish act for one person each day. Whether it is helping an elderly person put groceries in their car, opening a door for a handicapped person or offering food to a person in need. Kindness and love can change the person at a time. Today is the day YOU can change the world, someone is waiting for you!

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In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California

Thank you for the inspiring story.

Lene Lynn profile image

Lene Lynn 5 years ago from Glendale, AZ

Awesome story! I love that "Pay It Forward" stuff...amazingly cool! Thanks for sharing!

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