Cancer, Vegetables, and Fruit...

Will These Stop or Prevent The Big "C"?-- Maybe, Maybe Not...

Greetings all again. Well, just thought I'd pass a few notes on my own observations about cancer and things like that. At age 55 and a long-term smoker, I NEED to consider my own habits and observations with this disease and see if any of this might be of assistance to you at all.

OK -- can we prevent this disease? Uhhhhh --- given all the medical facts and warnings, etc., I am still NOT of the opinion that we, as humans, really have much to say regarding WHO will contract cancer and who will not. As you are probably aware, you yourselves can probably recall someone who smoked from the time they were 12 until they died at 92, and never got cancer. Then again, there are those smokers and non-smokers who contract cancer at very early ages and die. So....what's going on?

I am not a medical professional at all. I have no training and not really versed in anything medical. However, let's take a look at a few foods that I believe cancer REALLY hates and might prolong the advent of this killer disease:

1. Broccoli: Why is it that something that is SO good for you has to taste SO bad? We do EVERYTHING imaginable to this vegetable to disguise the taste, to wash it down. What the heck is so potent within this greeny? Well, it's chock-full of vitamin 'C', iron, flavonoids and anti-oxidants that make a cancer cells' day pure heck. There is even a commercial on the tube where this guy is kissing a head of broccoli and ... I have to agree. Does it actually PREVENT cancer? Hard to say. Let's just say that broccoli is a formidable food weapon in the prevention of this disease, and that has been known for a long time.

You'll get the full benefits of broccoli if you follow the following: Look for heads that are the deepest in green and actually look a tad purple. THOSE heads are just bursting with the good stuff in broccoli. And please, don't cook the begeebers out of it in is best prepared in a steamer, for about five minutes before everything else is done, and is crisp and dark when ready. If you cook it in water, you lose the benefits in the water, and, it gets soggy as heck. Stays on your plate, too.

2. Garlic: Jeepers -- In the old days, it was used to ward off the devil and his kind so what's to say that it can't' ward off cancer THESE days? I grew up never tasting a garlic as my mom simply hated the smell of it. However, I include it in almost everything that I cook today. Not going to get into the reams of info available on this veggie -- you can get those little books at the grocery check-out that delve into the benefits of garlic to no end.

Garlics' main and most potent components are the sulphur-based chemicals that make it up and give it its' pungent aromas. Try a clove RAW, really chew it up and see what I mean. Your tongue will want to come off 'fer sure'. Just think of it -- if it causes this much discomfort externally, what do you think it does INTERNALLY? Those components enter the bloodstream and literally permeate your whole being. Eat garlic on a Saturday night, and even on Monday afternoon, someone will know that you've eaten garlic recently. That's how strong this thing is.

Garlic is a great anti-cholesterol food, great for your heart as it thins the blood a bit, and it's widely suspected in the prevention of any cancer. Sulphur-based drugs were used during the Korean war for superficial wounds as bacteria literally disintegrated in the presence of sulphur. Garlic as mentioned, is full of these compounds. These things get in the bloodstream and surround anything -- if a cancer cell breaks loose and starts to metabolize, then and if you are a major garlic eater, the cell has to deal with it. It's a war and no guaranteed winner, but,,,what have you got to lose? Despite all the negative surface things about garlic (i.e. It can cause gastrointestinal irritation and flatulence and THAT breath and body odour that reeks of pizza), I still believe that you can make the environment of ANY disease most unpleasant with the ingestion of hefty doses of garlic. I prefer it raw, or just partially cooked in order not to disperse the main ingregients.

3. Mushrooms: Ahhhhhhh...mushrooms. Those magical, mysterious things that the boyz wanted me to try when I was 18 and never did. They would offer me a bag of slimy-looking 'things' called 'magic mushrooms' with the promise of a night that would simply dwarf whatever other bad things that I was experimenting with back then. BTW -- give me a break if I talk this way...I grew up in the psychedelic times of the 60's and 70's and it's just what we did. NOW, I have a different opinion about mushrooms.

Never saw one home when I grew up, but saw them in bags on a street corner or pool room. Now, I can buy all I want! In cans, plastic containers, etc. And it's all LEGAL! *s But, what the theheck --- it is what it is IN them that makes them what they are, right?

Mushrooms contain great quantities of vitamin 'C' again along with a cornucopia of other things that I don't know about but have come to understand that have cancer-preventive powers. However, I DO know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mushroom, and that everything is good about them. Do they prevent cancer? Again, hard to say. Let's just say that mushrooms are a very good choice of weapon in your arsenal against the formation of this disease. Again, what have you got to lose?

4. Brussels sprouts: Man, THESE things taste bad no matter HOW or WHAT you do to prepare them. They stink when cooked, are bitter to the taste, and make you want to vomit. Period. BUTTTTTTTTT -- these things are jam-packed with vitamin 'C' again and have no fat or anything bad in them. I guess all the good things they are made of make them bad tasting but again, they are worth the pain. They are mini-cabbages and wouldn't you know it? Here in Eastern Canada, they even have a music festival named after them, the 'Brussels Sprouts Family .... Thing...'. A weekend of bluegrass, folk, and Acadian music (French Canadian) to celebrate the little 'veggie-of-the-vine' that they grow locally and sell. Hehe -- the French here will celebrate ANYTHING to ... CELEBRATE! So -- why not a bad-tasting little sawed-off cabbage for an excuse to party?

Seriously, you should consider the sprout as an add-on to whatever. You should steam them until kind of crisp, not soggy, and wash 'em down quickly with your fave beverage. They really do taste bad; however, the best I can do is to slice them up when done and cover them with melted cheese. Makes the work more pleasant 'fer sure'. Don't forget that whatever they got it them besides the Vit. C, will wreak havoc on wayward cancer cells that won't cooperate. Again, another veggie to give the 'big C' a bad day.

5. Popcorn: Whaaaaaaaaaa? POPCORN?????? What the heck does 'popcorn' got to do with cancer? The BIG thing with popcorn is those curly 'c' outer shells of the popped corn. When ingested, the fluffy part gets absorbed by the body but the curly 'c' outer shell of each popped corn DOESN'T get quickly absorbed or dissolved by the stomachs' potent HCL (thats the stomachs' hydrochloric acid output that dissolves virtually everything you eat and prepares it for entry into the small colon). What happens to the hard, curly 'c-shaped' outer kernel of the popped corn is that, it goes through the stomach process undigested and enters the colon system. Thus and in still full sharp-edged full 'c' shape, it passes through your system unchanged.

What is important here, is that AS it is passing through the gastro-intestinal system, it retains its' C-shape, and sharp edges. It scrapes on the way through as it has bypassed the stomachs' HCL acid test. It doesn't get dissolved.

What it does is that it passes through with all the other things but remains UNCHANGED. It's sharp edges are capable of scraping the inner linings of the small and big intestines and literally scraping away any potential pre-cancerous cells that might be lingering there ready to activate. Just like a chisel or so, scraping away at the inner linings of the bowel -- sigh: kind of yuccky to think about but people DO die each and every year from colon and rectal cancer.

Eat LOTS of popcorn. Chew moderately and swallow those BIG curly c-shaped outer coatings.

6. Apples: Out of all the many varieties of apples on the shelf today, I don't think there's one that has the medicinal clout of the Red Delicious, as far as I know. It's chock-full of anti-oxidants, mostly contained in the deep red skin. The key to reaping the benefit of this guy is to chew and chew! The inside fruit has a great taste and you'll get the best reward if you chew the outside skin to pieces! That is where the bulk of the concentration of good things are, in the deep red skin. One a day to keep the doc away? Maybe...again, nothing to lose and much to gain.

7. Green Tea: I think the owners of green tea producing companies can retire early and very comfortably since the world discovered this tea gem (or, RE-discovered it) a few years ago. Suddenly, green tea hit the market like never before and it's sales and knowledge of its' health benefits skyrocketed. Green tea is produced differently than black and other teas and this results in a cup full of potent polyphenols and other components that can help to make a cancer cell rethink its' job for the day.

I adore green tea and drink it exclusively -- about three cups a day. It is best prepared with piping hot water and I drink it WITHOUT any sugar or milk or those things. That's what they advise - just pure 'black', or 'green' if you will. There's a brand I buy that is called "Honey/Lemon/Ginseng" and it's aweseome. Drink a cup or two starting at 8:30 at night and you'll sleep with the angels. So tasty, refreshing, and loaded with medicinal properties. I've got a cup right in front of me now as I write this...

8. Blueberries/Cranberries/Strawberries/Raspberries: These are phenomenal fruits in all cases. Add them to muffins, cakes, make a pie, tarts...very versatile indeed. The thing about these fruits is their incredible amount of compounds (phytochemicals) where studies have shown have excellent cancer-prevention properties and also give the particular fruits its' flavours and colors. You'll get the best effect from eating raw and not processed at all, as processing will remove a lot of the phytonutrients contained. Very good diet and health idea.

9. Tomatoes: Is it a fruit or a vegetable? heh -- doesn't matter, I guess. All I know is that I've always approached a tomato from an arm's length -- have tried real hard to like them, but I'm getting better at it since I've learned that they are full of Lycopene, where studies have shown tend to inhibit and prevent prostate cancer in men. No discernible effect for the ladies although I may be wrong here, but for men, it's been shown that any product consumed that is made out of tomatoes has a beneficial effect on that particular disease. They are also filled with great extra vitamins and really, what's a big burger without them? Help yourself, guys!

So, you've got a small list of fruits and veggies here to assist your body in whatever it may be fighting. Folks, some of these food are not pleasant to consume (except popcorn which is always pleasant.)...I guess it goes to show that whatever is GOOD for you, tastes bad. And these do, maybe except for garlic which adds such a great flavour to many dishes. The others take some getting used to, bar none, if you haven't been used to eating them before. Simply put, they taste HORRIBLE at best, but that's what they are good at -- being best when tasting bad.

I am not saying that these veggies prevent cancer. Cancer really has a mind of its' own, as we all know. It affects all ages and all races at all times and discriminates against none. Even in the times of Jesus and as He cured a multitude of diseases, who is to say that cancer wasn't one of them? All I know is that with a diet that includes some or all of the things that I have mentioned here (as well as others that I haven't), you are fortifying your bodys' defenses against mankind's worst killer and as always, what have you got to lose?

Time to give cancer a bad day.

See you next time and thanks for all!

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