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Cancer control

welcome to the third part of this article about Cancer and woman, i hope you might have gone through the first two parts of this hub, if you missed them, here are the links for your convenience,

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Ok, before we could proceed further for the simple steps with which we can control cancer, it is better we should know the basic answer for this question,

Why is cancer not always curable?

Cancer is not always curable because all the cancer cells almost all 100 percent cannot be killed by any of the treatment modalities, this is because usually drugs in combination with body's defence mechanism that is cells immune system eradicates a bacterial or viral disease. And this is true for the eradication of cancer.But what happens is since, the body's defence system cannot distinguish between normal and cancer cells, it is not always effective in eradicating the disease with the drugs. A certain percentage of residual cells always persist after whatever aggressive treatment is provided to the cancer patients. Later, this can again grow and spread to the other parts of the body, making it incurable.

Due to this phenomenon, a cure becomes almost impossible except in choriocarcinoma (a placental tumour) of low-risk group where a complete cure is achieved on early detection and treatment.

Now let us see how to control cancer :

This embraces a number of factors like tobacco, diet, alcohol, occupational hazards. Lets take one by one,


Tobacco smoking whether it is active or passive is the single largest avoidable cause of death from cancer. Giving up smoking brings a drastic reduction in the risk rate of cancer of the lung, larynx, oesophagus, cervix and diseases other than cancer. In the last 10 to 15 years, tobacco smoking has increased in women and the researches proved that women smokers have 4 times greater risk of developing cervical cancer than non-smokers. It was also observed that the cervical secretions of women smokers contain a good amount of nicotine which may have cancer producing effects. since smoking should be avoided to prevent yourself from the chances of cancer.


Diet and cancer are complex subjects, although certain nutritional factors are responsible for the development of cancer, on the other hand, they also prevent its development. Some of the aspects of food in respect to cancer are:

1.In addition to the information provided earlier about breast cancer, it should be noted that increased fat intake is also associated with colorectal cancer in both men and women. But to make us surprise, on the contrary, a moderate amount of fibre-containing diet prevents both colorectal and breast cancer.

2.Folic acid deficiency has been implicated in the development of a precancerous condition of the cervix. Folic acid is present in green leaves, and vegetables. And now a days it is also available as tablets. Intake of folic acid can revert the pro-cancerous condition in cervix into normal one.

3.Generally, turmeric, green vegetables and micro-nutrients like vitamin A plus zinc, riboflavin plus niacin, Vitamin C plus molybdenum, Vitamin E plus selenium and beta-carotene are believed to protect from development of cancer.


Although alcohol is not so directly related to women-specific cancers, it is more associated with the cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and oesophagus more in men as well as women. And the effect is more pronounced in conjunction with cigarette smoking.


There is substantial evidence that hormones play a major role in either chemo-prevention or causation of cancer.

Occupational hazards:

There are several occupational risk factors associated with the development of cancer, such as-- coal tar, polycyclic hydrocarbons, azo dyes, asbestosis, aflatoxin, ionizing radiation etc. Persons exposed to such elements must take proper precautions like the use of gloves, masks, radiation protecting shields.

Since this is a disease that could not be cured it is better for us to stick to the proverb " Prevention is better than cure", because Life is so precious, we can not think of throwing it away just like that.

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