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It started 2 years ago when we had a lesson about cancer. I and my friend decided to go hospital to ask about the treatment existing in our country. We had a quick look in the different rooms. And we realized how much cancer patients, especially kids, are in need of a moral support. We started by visiting them, giving a flower to every patient and having a small chat. Then we noticed that kids may be happier if we do some activities together. They will feel there is no difference between them and the other kids or between their state before and their state now. So we changed flowers by stories and some small activities to not tire them much.

What new did changing activity bring?

When giving them flowers, all what kids were saying was “thanks” with a tired smile. Once substituting flowers by stories, they seemed to have more energy and they were excited asking about the general idea that it tells to choose the story they want 1st. Everyone was taking his story in hands and looking at it as a precious thing he owned.

After we asked kids to exchange stories with their friends in the room once finishing reading them, they became more social trying to talk to each other to know what the subject that every story contained was. Among the kids, there was a baby. Seeing him, I realized that I would do better by bringing a toy with me. When giving his mother the story, I said “Read it for him before sleeping”, she replied: “He will read it alone once growing up.” I found no words to reply her courage.

Painting work:

We wanted to do something different. Something that kids work on without getting tired. So we cut colored papers to make the different pieces of our painting.

We brought some colored pencils, stickers and a model of the final result. Kids had to past the pieces with the color they want on a paper as showed in the model and to color the sky and herb. After finishing, we hung the paintings on their walls and beds. And they wrote some words on the model as a souvenir.

I was surprised that everyone was enjoying, even parents participated. And some kids surprised me by asking “what’s your name?” to write an autograph for me on the model. I, maybe, enjoyed more than anyone seeing them happy and smiling. Some were planning to offer their work to their brothers and sisters. And some replied the doctors when they asked them to leave their work in the hospital as a souvenir “No, I will take it home and hang it on my room’s wall”. They forgot illness for some time. It gave them hope. For a moment, they believed, they will heal and come back life again.

It costs nothing:

Sure, such activities exist in every hospital. But individual initiative counts for patients much. Simple ideas may bring much happiness and joy to everyone. And they don’t cost much. Even if the tools we buy cost millions, thing that is impossible, how many do you think a kid’s smile costs?

Who needs whom?

Day by day, you will feel that you need them more than they need you. My purpose was to support them. But now, I go there whenever I need moral support, whenever I feel life was unjust toward me. They give me hope when seeing them enjoying the small things we do together while I have everything and give up in the first obstacle I meet. They taught me much and the most important lesson I learned is to be thankful.

What about now?

In reality, I am sorry to say, I didn’t go there since months. Maybe I missed the nice moments I had. That is what pushed me to share such a wonderful experience. Sharing hope is something greater than what can words describe. And I want for everyone of you to feel the happiness I felt and to offer happiness to the others.

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catsimmons profile image

catsimmons 5 years ago from Mission BC Canada

thanks for sharing your experiences...hope is a great thing :-)

forall profile image

forall 5 years ago Author

Thanks Catsimmons. Pleased to read your comment :)

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