Candida Infection Home Remedies

Candida Infection Home Remedies

Candida is a really miserable condition for those unfortunate to have it.

It is sometimes known more commonly as thrush or yeast infection. This type of infection can occur in any moist cavity of the body or moist area. This type of infection can be treated using tried and proven methods.

Candida in children usually occurs in the mouth or in the diaper area.

In women it most often occurs in the vagina and men who are uncircumcised are most often affected [a possible promotion for circumcision!].

The culprit for most infections is the fungus Candida Albicans. This fungus is usually present in the body but the problem arises when an over-growth of the fungus occurs.

At the first sign of the infection, it is recommended to clean the area with fresh water - avoid using soap or other bath product in the affected area as this may make the condition worse - nothing like fresh clean water.

Wash the area and pat the area dry - areas affected with candida need to be kept clean, cool and dry.

Thank goodness, Candida is not a new disease! It's been a human malady for centuries, and as you would expect, there are home remedies that have been proven to work over time.

The gel found in the aloe vera plant leaves has been proven to be very effective in treating candida infections.

Simply split the leaves open and apply to the affected area to provide almost instant relief.

Applying natural yoghurt to the area is another natural product known to work. The enzymes in the yoghurt actually neutralize the overproduction of the candida yeast.

You can purchase Melaleuca oil at your local store that sells herbs or from an alternative medicine practitione. Applying the oil to the infected are helps to heal the candida infection.

Candida infections need to be treated and if the above remedies suggested above do not work - see your doctor!


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