Care your hard working Hands

Did you know that the hands are amongst the hardest worked parts of the body. I know that you won't deny it, that too if you are a mother of a toddler running around, then your hands might be working overtime. Try to count how often are your hands in the water during a typical day. Any answers? At least your hands are probably wet on an average of every 30 minutes or so is it not?

Along with water and continual use of soap, your hands are also exposed to harsh detrgents while you do the laundry, when you tend to the plants in your garden may be chemicals and soil come in contact with your hands. When you rub and scrub the dishes, you are once again exposed to cleansing powders, which are really harmful if not immediately but in the near future.

With so much work hands soon get dry and rough. Its needless to say the case in winters when they may even become red and chapped. If you ignore your hands for too long, they may become so very rough.

You don't need to go for manicure all the time, though once in a while it is certainly recommended. The skin at the back of the hands is soft and thin. The palm is thick and rouhg. There are no sebaceous glands to lubricate them so that is why palms often become dry and rough. Protect them from harsh soaps and chemicals, while you are to work with them, buy yourself some sturdy rubber gloves and wear them whenever you do a wet job. At first You may feel inconvinient and awkward, but you will get used to it, once you know that your hands are protected.

You can try this home made hand cream, you will need:

3 teaspoon glycerine,

1 tbsn of rose water,

3 teaspn of fresh lime juice.

Mix all the ingredients together and shake well in a tightly screwed bottle. Apply generously on your hands at bedtime.

Try these simple exercises and massages to keep the blood flowing to your hands.

1.Swing your right arm in 10 big circles until you feel your shoulders relaxing. Repeat this with your left hand , and now do it with both of your hands together.

2.Clench your fists tightly for 1 second and then throw open as wide as possible, and repeat this 5 to 6 times with each hand.

3. Allow your hands to be limp and rlaxed, then rotate them from the wrist in circles, fist clockwise and then counter clockwise, and repeat this 5 to 6 times.

After doing this exercise soak your hands in warm water added with 2 tbspn of salt for 3 minutes. The salt helps to get rid of th dead skin faster.Take them out of water, rub dry with a towel and smoothen with a hand cream, and massage the cream into your nails and cuticles too, as they also need nourishing, this applying and massaging the cream will stimulate your blood circulation.

Well manicured nails make your hands look beautiful, and if you don't have time for those shapely fingernails, make the best of what your busy routine will allow. If you are a mother of a toddler, then it is wise to keep the nails short and blunt. If you are more inclined to your nails you should remember that healthy diet is the key to strong nails. Have foods rich in calcium, milk and milk products, garlic, onion, rice and lettuce. Cod liver oil capsules which are rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and C are great to take if you want to strenghthen your nails.

If you have nails that chip easily, dip your finger nails in warm water and then massage a bit of olive oil into your nails and cuticles each night.

Avoid nail polish removers, as they have acetone that dry your nails and cuticles.

After removing old polish, always massage some cream to keep the skin around the nails soft.

Emery boards are the safest way to trim and shape nails. Don't saw back and forth this may weaken the nails.

Smooth the file from the corner of each nail towards the centre.

If you are a nail-biter think positive and apply varnish to your nails. Every time you take a bite, you'll remember not to ruin your beautifully painted nails.

Don't neglect your hands go for a manicure at the earliest.

After all, your hands are a marvel of creation! Each hand has 28 bones and thousands of nerves and veins working together to give you mobility and, of course, dexterity. Is it not our responsibility to show some care to such kind of marvelous creation we are provided with.

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gjcody profile image

gjcody 8 years ago

Looks like some great information. I have read it quickly and see I will stop back again. I will tell you that I never put my hands in any detergent water because I don't want to absorb the chemicals that are in there... so I agree about what happens to our hands.

Thank you for more extensive information and I have enjoyed the reading ...I will definitely stop back to read more. Thank you for sharing. My best to you and your heath.

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Ofcourse we know what is harmful and what's not but still due to our commitment i believe that we are made to forget things, thanks a lot for stopping by and offering your comments. Best of luck.

EuroCafeAuLait profile image

EuroCafeAuLait 5 years ago from Croatia, Europe

Thanks, I learned something new. Nicely written piece!

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