Causes of Itchy Eye: What to Do If You Always Have Itchy Eyes

Are Your Eyes Itching

There are so many problems associated with eyes, but one that normally affects many people is the itchy eye. With your itching eye you will find that most of the time you be scratching your eye lids. Sometimes you may experience itchy eyes which are not painful at all

There are so many cause of itchy eye

Too much light

If you normally exposed your eyes to too much light then you will experience itching eyes, the light can come from the directly looking at the sun, sun rays are very strong and can affect your eyes visibility, always avoid looking straight into the eyes, if you have to then use devices such as sun glasses to reduce the effect of the sun rays

Computer Screen

Itchy eye can be caused by your LCD screen, the brighter the computer screen is the severe the itchy eye is, it is normally advisable to reduce the brightness of your computer, as this will reduce the effect to the eye, other than computer screen we also have Television screen, as many people to screw their eyes on TV for 8 hours a day, there are high chances that you will have itchy eyes

Wielding Machine Light has greater effect to itchy eye

Many people using these machines without protective devices normally have itchy eye complication. The light from this devices are so strong that your eyes can not with stand. The best way to reduce the effect of these machines to avoid itchy eyes is to wear dark sun glasses


Many people are always working in environment where dust is always present and there is too much of it to say. In such places, Itchy eyes can never be avoided and people in such areas should always be cleaning their eyes more often

Those are some common causes of itchy eyes that people normally experience; once you have your eyes itching you should always go for medical attention and thereafter have regular check up. Without proper medical attention yours will lose visibility and the ability to read, write will become your main problem. The early itchy eye is prevented the better

When your eyes become itchy you should always eat a lot of fruit especially fruits like carrot, oranges and many others, eat food that will prevent itchy eyes from becoming painful and will help reduce the effect of your eye problem. Itchy eyes can be prevented when you maintained high standard of eye cleanliness

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small cat 7 years ago

Oderog all thing uou say about eye itch is true thing I experience in the past great topic great photo.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thanks for the great eye information. have a blessed day. creativeone59

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Good hub. My family has always had itchy eyes due to allergy, which necessitated using alergy eye drops. Thanks for your research.

iLikeGRASS haha 6 years ago




thankss AGAIN heheh uhhh xxx

eric 6 years ago

ty i got ichy eyes and im only 11 idk if its cuz of the light or i need glasses :]

ttt 4 years ago

i get itchy eyes a lot?

abbsterkid 2 years ago

Thanks mate nice eye info

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