Causes of Miscarriage

There are a lot of reasons why women have miscarriages. It can be because of a disease the woman has, infertility, issue, stress, biological concerns like the mother's age,but to identify each and everyone of them it will just be a little difficult.

I guess one main issue usually is when a woman has undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. Not all women realize that if you are diabetic there is a big chance you may miscarriage more than one time. The reason uncontrolled blood sugar can cause miscarriages. Since it also causes hypertension, diabetes can cause a lot of complications during pregnancy thus causingthe miscarriage.

Age makes a huge difference too. Genetically a younger egg (meaning a younger mother) may produce healthier and much viable eggs. Cells develop accordingly and less chances of acquiring genetic defects.

More importantly genetic problems are also considered if your family has a history of miscarriages or fertility problems then it is possible you might have the same problems too.

To aviod miscarriages be on top of your health. Talk to your doctor.

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Rangerwife profile image

Rangerwife 8 years ago

I had a miscarriage last week and at this time there is no known reason. I'm 25 and perfectly healthy. I had two perfect pregnancies in the past. There seems to be no explanation and it's driving me crazy.

t0niesjv profile image

t0niesjv 8 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Rangerwife. I know it must be frustrating to not have the answers you need. Sometimes even doctors can't help you. The thing is sometimes cell development just cease to divide at a certain stage. Upon conception the egg should divide into 2 in a matter of hours. A promising embryo comes from a cell that divides into about 16 times in about 3 days. There is a good chance it will be able to implant itself in your uterus when the lining of your uterus has thickened properly. It will continue to divide until it becomes a zygote. You're lucky if it does, but others cease to grow any further just because the cells aren't healthy as you may think it is. In your case however I don't know how far along were you? Was it just a couple of weeks or were you in your 1st trimester?

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