Celery and Strawberries Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Apium graveolens bluete

Apium graveolens bluete
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Celery and strawberries can both lower your blood pressure naturally. The best thing about using these two foods to help with hypertension is the fact that they have few side effects.

Carrots And Celery

Carrots And Celery
Carrots And Celery | Source

Of course, you should never use these as a substitute for hypertension medication. If you are considering using them to lower your blood pressure, speak to your doctor about what you are doing, so they can help to monitor the effects that the two foods have on your body.

Strawberries for Hypertension

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Hypertension is a serious disease that affects people in many parts of the world, including right at home in the U.S. While it is more frequently seen in adults, it can even affect persons who are in their teens. It is not uncommon for younger people to develop hypertension after going through stressful periods in their lives.

Celery for high blood pressure, a personal experience

Relaxation can help to keep all the systems in your body functioning at their optimum level. Relaxing really helps. Researchers have already established that chronic stress has a damaging effect on the body. It can cause depression and plays a part in the development of several other major illnesses.



Celery for Hypertension

Celery has been used in Asia for thousand of years as a hypertension treatment. This vegetable works by opening up the blood vessels. The chemical that causes this action has the same effect as an engineering company that widens a road so more cars can flow. When the blood vessels open up, the blood pressure drops because more blood can flow.

Celery supplies lots of vitalnutrients that the body needs. However some of these nutrients can be detrimental to the body if you take them in excess every day.

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Chocolate, Strawberries Help Blood Pressure

Strawberries for Hypertension

Strawberries can also help you to keep your blood pressure in check. It helps to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

If you already have low blood pressure, you should be cautious in consuming this fruit, as well as others which have been shown to cause a drop in blood pressure.

Eat a Strawberry and Help Control your Blood Pressure

strawberry | Source

For examples of other fruits that have this effect, consider bananas. Tasty bananas are rich in potassium, an element which is known to cause a reduction in blood pressure. This element is also found in several other fruits which are commonly consumed throughout North America, such as apples.

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MsDora profile image

MsDora 8 months ago from The Caribbean

Thanks for the information as well as the warnings about celery and strawberries. Good that you mentioned medical advice as important bfore their use.

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jtrader 8 months ago Author

Glad you found it helpful.

Thanks for stopping by Ms Dora.

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