Cellerciser Rebounder Reviews


The Best Rebounder in the World

The Cellerciser® Rebounder is the highest quality rebounder aka mini-trampoline in the exercise fitness world today..

All this begs the question "Why is there such a dramatic shift to people buying the Cellerciser over other brands?"

There are a number of reasons:

  1. High quality steel frame
  2. Exclusive tri flex, triple-tiered springs (patented)
  3. Easy bounce permatron mat (your feet don't pronate)
  4. Constructed with safety first in mind
  5. Excellent accompanying program called "Cellercise"
  6. Accessible, friendly customer support
  7. Great warranty
  8. Portable - breaks down in less time than it takes to tie a shoe
  9. Free shipping within the continental USA via UPS Ground

Cellerciser® creator and rebounding authority David Hall sums it up well: "Note rebounders are a dime a dozen. You can find them in garage sales. There's only one rebounder that’s called the Cellerciser®. It's an investment you’ll only need to make once."

Continue reading to learn more why it is widely regarded as the best rebounder around.

The Cellerciser's Patented Triple-Tiered Springs

Many features distinguish the Cellerciser® from its competition. However, what really makes it different from its competition is that it is built with the best materials (all-steel construction) and offers the patented "triple-tiered" tapered springs designed to prevent nerve damage and lower back problems that often come about with lower quality rebounders which use smaller tube springs.

By following Hall's program called "Cellercise®" 10 minutes a day, here are some of the positive results you may realize:

Lose weight
Shape up head to toe
Tones muscles
Tightens your abs
Lose your love handles
Slims your Waist
Tones your legs
Strengthens your entire body from the inside out
Revitalizes energy levels
Boost Metabolism
Melts away fat
Anti-aging Rejuvenates cells
Relieves stress
Increases circulation

No Other Workout Can Even Come Close

Silencing Critics of the Cellerciser®

As the Cellerciser has dramatically increased its market share in the rebounder marketplace, critics have taken shots at the company for various reasons.

Bellicon (makers of bungee rebounders) enthusiasts point out (as noted on their website) that the Cellerciser's springs make a lot of noise. As you'll see and hear in the accompanying video, this is not really an issue as any perceived noise problem can be easily fixed. A few drops of oil every 6 months or so should do the trick to quiet the springs.

Needak distributors are quick to lump the Cellerciser with other lesser quality rebounder models which are manufactured outside the United States. The Needak rebounder is produced in Nebraska, by the way. To set the record straight, the Cellerciser is made of the best component parts (in David Hall's opinion) collected from various parts of the world including the United States and then assembled in Taiwan.

In case you're wondering, the spaceage Permatron mat on the Cellerciser is made in the United States. Hall indicates that no other company puts each polypropylene fiber from the mat under nearly 200 tons of pressure and then through an oil drum bat at over 200 degrees resulting in a texture that feels good under the feet.

Other critics have tried to link the Cellerciser with the lead paint problems in China. As Hall explains on his website:

"Our finishing plants apply Taiwan-made paints (NOT CHINA) to all products including Cellercisers®. All these paints are from qualified makers for export worldwide and meet European "RoHs" and USA "CPSC" standard. Our cellerciser frames & legs are electro-plated, NOT powder coating finish. We stress "ELECTRO-PLATING FINISH" and "MADE IN TAIWAN" and the UNITED STATES -- NOT "MADE IN CHINA. Don't be fooled by competitors who work so hard to discredit us. It should be a reflection on the kind of company they are and how good our product really is."

Why Choose a Cellerciser?

Where to Buy a Cellerciser®

There are a number of reputable dealers that are authorized to sell the Cellerciser® online. Before you buy, though, make sure that you will be receiving the latest 2013 model.

Also, be leary of many sites that sell a variety of different rebounders under the guise that they will help you find the "best" one for you. That's a big red flag in my opinion. Many of these sites are merely affiliate commission sites designed to make you think that they are similar to Consumer Reports.

In my opinion, if a dealer thinks that the Cellerciser® is the best mini-trampoline around, then there is no reason to also be selling the Needak rebounder as that brand doesn't offer anything different (or better) than David Hall's creation other than a blue color on some of its units.

Likewise, if you're a Reboundair® dealer, for example, and you really believe that it is the best rebounder on the planet, then there is no reason to be also selling the Cellerciser®.

Lastly, do your research and ask questions of the dealer if you're not sure. eBay is a good place to go to get any rebounder especially the Cellerciser® at the best price on the Internet.

Connect on Facebook with other actual Cellerciser Rebounder enthusiasts.
Connect on Facebook with other actual Cellerciser Rebounder enthusiasts.

Learn More About Rebounding on Facebook

As you might expect, you can obtain some good buyer feedback on the performance of the Cellerciser® by reviewing feedback left by patrons following their purchases.

Another great source to learn more about this incredible fitness activity is found on Facebook. The Best Exercise Rebounder Facebook Community Page is available for you to peruse providing a wealth of information on rebound exercise and nutrition. You are cordially invited to join the community.

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Naturally Healthy 6 years ago

Great Info, Thanks! I am just a couple of weeks away from being able to get one of these. If I like it, I'll probably get one for my mother. She is 72 y.o Diabetic and needs a way to get motion in her body without high impact to her joints. As for me I am looking for a way of natural healing for my bad knee...

Thanks again for the hub...

Needak Rebounders 5 years ago

Great links and info. I find it hard to find communities online that provide help for people new to rebounding, but there you go!

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