Chalean Extreme Helps With Strength Training After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Weight Loss

Strength Training After Pregnancy: Chalene Johnson's Extreme Workout Routine

After nine long months you gave birth to a precious little one. Your world has changed and so has your body. What's a woman to do with a paucity of spare time and a less-than-toned mid section that cries out for help?

It's always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. However, you also know that in most cases the belly won't magically go away by itself. You need a plan to help restore your pre-pregnancy body. Strength training may be the way to go and could very well be a core component of any postpartum workout program.

You might be wondering what strength training is. Simply put, strength training is resistance training. By executing specific moves, muscles are pushed beyond their normal limits into overload. When overload occurs, the muscles are broken down. However, the muscles do recover and rebuild which makes them stronger and creates an athletic, toned look. Strength training also makes you look lean and increases your endurance. The resulting increase in muscle mass enables you to burn fat leading to weight loss. It's a great way to take off those pounds gained during pregnancy.

A new workout program by fitness guru Chalene Johnson offers this solution. The Chalean Extreme Workout Program uses strength training to build lean muscle which turns on the fat burning engine in your body. The workout will help you develop the strength needed to be a busy mom.

Chalene is no novice. To her credit are the popular Turbo Jam Cardio Party, Turbo Jam Booty Sculpt, Turbo Jam Total Body Blast, and Turbo Jam Kickin' Core. The new Chalean Extreme Workout Routine is assured to present high energy, fun and challenging exercises for moms who want to get back in shape after pregnancy.

Chalene's program is divided into three, 30-day phases; burn, push and lean. The ‘burn' phase is the starting point for training the muscles to correctly execute the moves. Muscle failure occurs at a point when the correct form of the move is lost when attempting to execute it. The number of repetitions required to reach muscle failure depends on the individual, as well as the design of the move itself.

With careful design, Chalene has achieved remarkable results. The moves in the Extreme Workout Routine can lead to muscle failure in only 10-12 reps. The ‘push' phase challenges specific zones beyond their current fitness level. The ‘push' phase also works to increase strength, tone and range of motion. The lean phase elevates your workout to the max. The result is a fit, strong, shapely and toned new mom.

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ms. bat 7 years ago

This is very useful. My friend just had a baby and this article will be very helpful for her!

daggett 7 years ago

this article is very usefull for the weiht losses.

khushe 7 years ago

Pregnancy is a very special time when you don't mind gaining weight. But after your delivery you want to shed it as soon as possible. This fitness program promises that perfect shape to all the moms.

Ryan 7 years ago

Most women do want the baby, but all don't want the excess wait. The turbo jam series was a big hit so I have no doubt that Charlene will have another successful workout program here.

Swapan Dhar 7 years ago

This is a good hub page for a post delivery woman. There is something to learn from this hub page. It is ideal for woman who wants answers in regard to shedding their excess fat after childbirth. Good post.

Usarmymike319 7 years ago

This actually sounds believeable not just a pill or a special drink to get your body back but actuall time and hard work to get there

Trilobyte 7 years ago

My sister has had a lot of problem losing weight after having her child. I'll redirect her to this page. Thanks!

pregnantlady 7 years ago

im so glad there are programs out there to help us ladies out after our pregnancies!

everythingandnothing 7 years ago

I don't know any pregnant ladies, but when I do I'll show them this page.

Marie-Jeanne 7 years ago

Sometimes it takes some motivations in order to begin a new lifestyle. The Chalean Extreme Workout routine seems great.

John Mazza 7 years ago

Great article. My wife is due in January and has been looking for something like this.

connielee 7 years ago

It's good to have a plan of attack for getting that pre-baby body back!

curtangel profile image

curtangel 7 years ago from Warr Acres, OK

Sounds interesting... I've been working to lose weight post-baby (though my "baby" is six) and have been thinking about trying some strength training. I'll have to check it out.

tgirl26x 7 years ago

I had a lot of trouble loosing my pregnancy weight. This info is great, I just wish it was around 14 years ago.

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