Chalene Johnson's Extreme Workout For Runners-Chalean Extreme

Chalean Extreme and Runners

Chalean Extreme Can Help Runners
Chalean Extreme Can Help Runners

Strength Training for Runners: Chalene Johnson's Extreme Workout Routine

Running takes a toll on your body; joints, tendons and ligaments. Strong musculature to support you as you run can help to minimize the risk of injury.

Strength training may be the ideal choice, because of the many benefits it offers. Not only does strength training help build muscle mass, but also reduces arthritis and improves balance. For these reasons, it should be a core component of your support system for running.

Strength training is resistance training. By executing specific moves, muscles are pushed beyond their normal limits into a state of overload. When overload occurs, the muscles are ‘broken down'. However, the muscles then recover and rebuild making them stronger. Resilient muscles give your joints the support they need to withstand the stress and jarring from running. A strong, toned core stabilizes your pelvis which can keep back problems from developing.

A new workout program by fitness guru Chalene Johnson offers a viable option. The soon to be released Chalean Extreme Workout Program uses strength training to build that lean muscle which can hold those joints and shore up your mid-section.

Chalene Johnson is an experienced and highly successful entrepreneur. To her credit are the popular TurboJam Cardio Party, TurboJam Booty Sculpt, TurboJam Total Body Blast, and TurboJam Kickin' Core. Her program is assured to present a challenging workout for beginning, as well as experienced runners.

The workout can be done within 90 days and is divided into three phases; burn, push and lean. Chalene stresses the mastery of key moves during the ‘burn' phase. Muscle failure is reached and then one may advance to the ‘push' phase. This phase strenuously challenges specific areas beyond their current fitness level. The goal is to challenge the muscles' response to the ‘push' phase by shifting to a higher level of strength, range of motion and tone. The third and final ‘lean' phase builds on the fitness achieved by the other two levels. The Chalean Extreme Workout Program utilizes specific moves to bring the entire body; lower, upper and core, to a new level of strength and fitness needed for running. After the 90-day program, the body has reached a new level of vigor and resiliency which make for a rewarding running experience.

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