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Charcott Marie Tooth Syndrome (CMT) affects people all around the world. It is a hereditory disease that prevents the nervous system in the legs from functioning properly. There are different stages of CMT, but the most common is the loss of muscle and balance in lower legs. Arches are formed in the feet and the disease progresses throughout a lifespan. At the moment there are no operations or treatments that can solve the disability. It can make it very hard for someone suffering with CMT to be able to engage in sporting activities and can restrict you in what you can do in your life. The mental strain of CMT and the knowing of the progressing of the disease can be some of the hardest things to deal with. Tiredness is common in people suffering with CMT because the mind is always very active whilst on your feet. People who suffer with CMT tend to find themselves falling over more often than the usual person would - Foot drop and ankle supports can help.

Foot and Ankle braces can prolong the progressiveness of the disease and provide support and allow a user to enjoy better balance and stability.By using an ankle brace or a splint you are forcing the leg and feet to function more correctly, and therefore can prolong the disfugurement that occurs over time with CMT. On the NHS you can get splints and ankle supports but they are not always very comfortable and are usually on the large side. The last thing that you want to do is draw more attention to your imperfection so usually we find that these are not great alternatives. It is well worth investing in a brace to provide you with more comfort and more stability. Some may feel that they will able to play sports again, whilst others might like to go for a jog in the mornings. Some people may suffer from really bad cramps during the night and the day. There are sleeping supports which can help with this to keep your foot in a more uprght position to stop the night cramps.

CMT can play a major role in a persons confidence. It can make a person feel depressed as they are restricted in so many areas of life. Normally you will find that this is all in your head. Other people do not notice it as much as you might think, and they think nothing of it. There are certain books that you can read that will help with your confidence, and allow you to feel good about yourself again. Try these out, they could really make you see life from a different perspective - from an outsiders perspective, and will allow you to move forward in the right direction. Thanks for Reading this hub and I hope some of these items will be of use to you.

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