Cheap Glasses

When choosing your new pair of glasses, there are a few features you should remember before making your final purchase. Whether the glasses are for a kid or for an adult, to buy cheap glasses that don't match the needs of the person using them (no matter how good the price) could end up being a waste of money. You can find eye glasses in a variety of different styles and fashions, as well as for different utilities. The number one thing to look for in cheap glasses online is to choose one that you like to wear (or your kid would like to wear if it's for them)!

  1. Polycarbonate lenses are great for people who end up dropping their glasses often. They are impact-resistant and can be found in many safety glasses. Unlike other lenses made from glass or normal plastic, they don't shatter when damaged which can help against eye damage if the glasses break while on your face. Polycarbonate lenses are also much lighter compared to their glass and plastic counterparts so they're much more comfortable to wear.
  2. Custom lens tints, however cool, can get tiresome fast. Before getting any cheap eyeglasses with a built in tint, think about if you'll like that feature for long periods of time. Usually what tends to happen with tints in lenses, is the glasses will be either too dark indoors, or too light outdoors. If you want to have tinted glasses, you should consider photochromatic lenses. Basically these lenses will change tints based on the environment they're in. While they are much more expensive, their worth every penny for the upgrade if you're interested in tinted glasses.

How to Find the Right Glasses

Cheap Designer Glasses

If you're on top of the latest fashion trend and want your glasses to follow along, finding the best priced designer glasses can be difficult when you're on a budget.  There are a lot places where you can find cheap designer frames and glasses on the internet.  Many webpages have excellent deals on designer frames including Amazon and Ebay.

Depending on where you buy the designer glasses from, you're saving money, not because they're low quality products, but because they have such low business overhead.  Many online glasses sites purchase their glasses straight from the manufacturer at low prices and then resell them at cheap markup.  When you buy your glasses at the local eyeglasses store, you have to pay a lot more because they have more overhead.

Cheap Prescription Glasses

Whether you need cheap reading glasses or glasses for everyday life, the prices you pay at the store (especially without insurance) can burn a hole in any wallet.  Just like designer eyeglasses, you'll want to buy your prescription glasses online from a website.  While you have lot less options than just finding frames, there are still websites that have the ability to make your prescription glasses.

Again, the reason why you save money online as compared to local, is you don't have to pay for the all the expenses local businesses have.  Online sites do have a much lower overhead which is projected through their prices.


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