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Locating a cheap health insurance plan may not be as difficult as you might imagine. It is partly a matter of knowing where to look and partly a matter of getting the right coverage and components in the plan. Before choosing a plan, take time to compare and contrast the terms and conditions available to you from different vendors. When you make your comparisons, it's important to compare prices on the same or similar coverage in order to get a fair representation of the best choice for your needs.

You should start your search for health insurance by deciding what features are most important to you. Do you want to keep a doctor that you currently consult? Do you prefer one or more of the alternative medicine treatments? Do you need prescription drug coverage as part of your plan coverage? The answers to these questions will help you make choices about potential plans.

If you regularly see a specialist of some type, such as a dermatologist or a urologist, you will want to decide whether that coverage should be included in the policy that you purchase. You should also note whether or not you want emergency room treatment and x-rays covered within your policy. If you are single and healthy, some of the choices will be different than the choices a elderly person might make.

By completing some basic information on one of the umbrella search sites online, you will get information back from various health insurance providers. Some of the sites will simply take the information and you will be put into a contact pool so that a local agent will get in touch with you. This can be stressful for some people, because additional pressure will be placed to purchase one of THEIR plans. Comparisons will only be between the various plans within the single company represented by the agent.

A better option is to find a search site that will give you comparisons between several plans and will offer price comparisons sorted by the features that you want. If you understand the various terms related to the insurance industry and are willing to do the study yourself, you can make an informed decision. Otherwise, you can consult with an independent agent who will have access to options from several companies.

One other factor that you will need to be aware of when choosing a policy is the level of pre-approval that is required for other than routine procedures. Some policies require you to get advance approval before referral to a specialist. Others require that a physician, surgeon or other specialist must be on an approved list. This can be frustrating if a rapid decision for treatment is needed.

Generally speaking, purchasing a policy online is going to be less expensive than purchasing through an agent, but you will get more personalized service with an agent. You should know who you will be dealing with when insurance claims are submitted. Some doctors will not agree to honor or do the paperwork necessary for a particular insurer.

If you can purchase a cheap health insurance plan through your employer, it is likely to cost less. The larger the group, the better the rates usually are. You can also look for other group plans for which you may be eligible.

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