Chigger Symptoms and Treatment

As spring begins and continuing all the way through to late Fall, chiggers run ramped. If you think you may have them, it's not hard to know the difference between chiggers and other skin conditions and bug bites. Chiggers are tiny, small bugs that burrow into the skin, once there they can lay eggs.

The symptoms of chiggers are:

* Small red slightly raised bumps.

* Unbearable itching that seems to get worse as time goes on.

* The bumps spreading.

Thankfully, it is not hard to treat chiggers but it can take a little while to kill the bugs. You can buy over the counter creams, but the quickest way to kill a chigger is by applying clear nail polish. This will suffocate the chiggers and kill them quickly.

Picture of Chiggers


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