Childcare and Homeopathy

Children are the most prime part of a family life. Most of the times, they are the cause of priceless joy but sometimes they may be the reason to engulf in worries. Children work like the forces of attraction among family members especially the parents. All parental decisions revolve around children's interest.

Today the nuclear families with both the parents working as a necessity have left the children in dire need of some companions other than the parents to share their lives with. This thing and many other things have paved way for many mental and emotional disharmonies among children. This in turn has compelled many parents to reconsider their children's non-material needs seriously.

Also because of increasing pollution and overcrowding, the child is exposed to more and more respiratory allergies, skin diseases, behavioural problems and in general either a dull or erratic response. These physical, mental and emotional ups and downs should be tackled very softly but effectively without harming child's immune system. This can be achieved to a great extent by the safe Homoeopathic medicines.

There is no wonder that once given Homoeopathic medicines, parents often come to us and tell that their child has strikingly become calm and composed as opposite to his erratic behaviour earlier. This is because, in Homoeopathy, while handling any case, we give prime importance to mental and emotional set up of an individual, be it a child! Because, unless and until emotional equilibrium is attained along with physical well being, the cure is incomplete.

Let us take an example of HRAD that is Hyper Reactive Airway Disease . In this syndrome, the child plays all day long, but gets stertorous breathing, breathless spells, cough and restlessness at night. In these cases, our remedies like Aconite, Sambucus, Antim tart, Ipecac, Spongia, etc. act wonders and bring back normalcy.

Childhood asthma can be very effectively treated with remedies like Blatta orientalis, Drosera, Spongia, Antim ars, Medorrhinum etc. This will definitely put an end to the high doses of medicines and respiratory inhalers.

Skin Diseases - For variable conditions ranging from eczema infantum to rash like eruptions in childhood, Homoeopathy offers help. In newborn kids, sometimes use of different oils or bathing soaps bring on certain kind of allergic rash that makes the child restless because of itching and pain. Here remedies like Calc.carb, Sulphur, Mezerium etc. help to control the rash as well as the recurrent allergies in future. As per the Homoeopathic principles, if this rash or skin problem is suppressed by external means like ointments, the disease is not expelled from the body but takes the form of some other disease affecting more vital organs.

Sometimes, these allergies are seen as the breeding grounds for some other allergic disorders like asthma in future. So, this has to be tackled effectively at an early stage. In Homoeopathy, we take into consideration the “type” of the child depending on his or her constitution, susceptibility to infections, mental disposition etc. and evaluate the case.

One can very well study the types of children in Homoeopathy in a booklet by Borland- “children's types”. Even the behaviour of the child when the parent brings him to our clinic throws light upon the type of the child and the appropriate remedy. Children are said to be God's messengers. Let these flowers bloom in the warmth of safer and effective Homoeopathy!

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