Children's Supplements For Healthy Kids

As parents we all know there is nothing more distressing than a child who is not well.

The following is a compilation of specialized vitamin supplements, that are intended to ease deficit areas in child health toward total wellness.

Nutritional & Protein Supplements Made For Children

Oskri Quinoa Bars (gluten free and lactose free)- Quinoa is an ancient grain, which is regaining it's popularity among food manufacturers. Quinoa is easily digested, contains amino acids, and is high in nutritional value. 

Toddler Health Rice Based Balanced Nutritional Drink (gluten, dairy and soy free)- Snack or juice replacement drink that contains full recommended daily nutrition for kids between 13 months and 5 years. Contains Omega fatty acids for brain and eye development.

Intestinal Health Supplements

Garden of Life Primal Defense Kids- This probiotics formula is well rated by previous customers. Supports normal bowl function, nutrient absorption and immunity.

iFlora Probiotics for Kids -(this is a dairy free product, that contains no wheat ingredients)- A powdered beneficial bacteria for the digestive system. Product information states it is designed for children and is safe for ages infant to older child.

Culturelle Kids Packets-(dairy and gluten free product) These packets are recommended for children below 100 pounds who have frequent tummy troubles.

Meyenberg Powdered Goat Milk (not a casein free product)- Easily digestible, richly nutritious milk for those children who are sensitive to cows milk.

Green Foods Supplements For Kids

Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood (contains wheat ingredients) This greens supplement for kids contains 70% certified organic ingredients. Comes in Wild Berry and Chocolate flavor.

Greens Today Children's Chewables- Slightly sweet, large sized chewables.

Sunny Greens Yummy Greens Sour Apple Chewables- Specially formulated for kids who are not getting enough greens in their diet. Suitable for vegetarians. 

What is your biggest concern about your child's diet?

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PaperNotes 5 years ago

Thanks for these. No parent would probably want his or her child to be unhealthy.

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