Chinese Green Tea Dieting: Meet Another Good Drink

how to loose weight drinking tea

If you ask me, I am a big tea lover. I drink all kinds of tea: black, green, red and herbal tea. When I need more energy, I make a thick black tea with a couple sugar cubes. If I need to calm down, camomile's tea is the best. Tea is not only a good way of taking energy, relaxing or thirst quenching. This is also a great way to diet!
Combined with exercise, it is a great way to loose weight. Green tea is the best to diet. Just drinking green tea every day helps fighting fat. Besides of that, it has a wonderful capacity to extract in the tea solution the best agents for the human organism. It is a great medicine that fights so many ills: cold, headache, heartache, oncological diseases, fatigue and stress. Here is a very pleasant detail: green tea helps fighting excessive weight in a pleasant and inexpensive way. Actually, there are no calories in sugar-free tea. The great thing is, tea speeds up the metabolism and if the reason of the excessive weight is low metabolism, then drinking green tea is the best way to loose weight. Drinking five cups of tea and taking at least 15-minutes walks every day helps reduce body mass visibly. Green tea is great as to activate muscles to burn energy while doing exercises.  
If you wish to loose weight pleasantly and effectively, drinking green tea is your cup of tea!

In China green tea ceremony is highly valued

For the gourmets

For those who wish to go further in their exploration of green tea and to make the slimming process a real pleasure, different flavors are to be added. These could be herbs such as mint, clove, ginger, lavender, as well as cinnamon, pepper, lotus flower or jasmin. Some would enjoy experimenting by adding some fresh fruits: lemon, orange, pineapple or mango. All these are healthy antioxidants so together with the enhanced taste you get a healthier drink!

Note: Tea by itself doesn`t make one slim. It must be combined with a diet. Only combined with a good diet it helps you stay in good health and loose weight. 

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Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Hi and welcome to Hub Pages. Great Hub. Since I'm pre-menopausal I'm looking to shed a few pounds that have built up recently and looking for healthy ways to do this. Your article was really interesting and I will definately try your suggestion. Many thanks for sharing.

Carolyn2008 profile image

Carolyn2008 5 years ago from Boston

I enjoy green tea for all the reasons above. Good writing.

avorodisa profile image

avorodisa 5 years ago from Russia Author

thank you so much for your comments and for reading me!

MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Welcome to hubpages avorodisa and thanks for your first hub, we look forward to more soon. Please visit the learning center to see tips and ideas on how to use this site effectively, or, if you like a challenge, why not join a hubmob, Cheers Marie, member of hubgreeters team.

wmseo profile image

wmseo 5 years ago from Canada

I love green tea... helps to be in good mood and shape :)

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