Is Prenatal Yoga Right For You?

Prenatal yoga classes have become extremely popular.  When combined with other mild exercises like walking, yoga can be a great way to stay in shape throughout your pregnancy.  The ancient practice of yoga will help you stay flexibly, tones, and will also improve balance and circulation.

Yoga is great for anyone willing to try it.  It helps you regulate your breathing and relax which can help during the rigorous demands of child birth and motherhood.  One of the first things you learn from a prenatal yoga class is how to breathe deep.  The breathing techniques thought will help you deal with pains of child birth and help you relax.   The lessons you can learn through yoga could impact and benefit you throughout your life.

Precautions for Prenatal Yoga

With any exercise during pregnancy, you should take precautions to avoid injury to yourself or your baby during yoga. You should skip any movements or exercises that have you lie flat on your back for more than a couple minutes. Lying on your back reduces blood flow and can cause you to get dizzy, nauseous, or short of breath.

If you haven't done any headstands before, don't do these poses while you're pregnant. Pregnancy can cause a loss of balance in some women and so losing your balance while attempting to do a head stand can cause injury to your baby and you. Also, once you've started your third trimester, you should avoid doing headstands altogether (even if you're experienced) because you have a much higher risk to tear muscles in your abdomen.

Finally, you should avoid "hot" yoga classes where the room is heated to over 90 degrees. In these classes, you can get dehydrated or overheated which can make you sick.

Yoga Classes or a Yoga Training DVD?

There are many pros and cons between choosing a physical yoga class and training in the comforts of your own home with a DVD.  Starting off, going to a yoga class is great for people who are unsure about how to do yoga exercises.  A yoga instructor can help you get into poses and make sure you're doing everything properly and safely.  Also, when you choose to do a prenatal yoga class, you can socialize and develop with peers.  When going through the exercises with friends and peers, you can get effective physical and emotional strength and encouragement while doing your classes.

If classes are too expensive or you are experienced at yoga, you may want to do prenatal yoga DVDs instead.  The DVDs run for a lot less money and can be quite effective at keeping you motivated and trained.  Also, training with yoga videos does not require you to keep an open schedule for yoga classes.  You can train on your own time when it's most convenient for you.


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