Choosing a Good Bathroom Scale: How some Scales Lie to You, and How You can Avoid It

To follow an effective health and weight management program you might need to weigh yourself periodically. This exercise can be futile unless the bathroom scale you choose measures your weight accurately. Here are a few tips to finding the best scale for your health and fitness needs.

Inaccurate Results

Studies have shown that as many as 90 percent of bathroom scales that have a spring action to measure weight do not provide an accurate measurement of weight. This is especially true if the bathroom scale is more than four years old as the spring is likely to have worn out by then. Most older bathroom scales have a 10 percent error margin, that is, they can show you to be up to 10 percent heavier or lighter than you really are.

Use the Same Scale

However, by taking a few precautions you can still monitor your weight and more importantly your weight using bathroom scales. First, use the same scales each time, so that the marginal error remains the same. This can help you monitor your progress toward your ideal weight.

Another way to circumvent this issue of inaccurate bathroom scales is to monitor other health indicators such as your BMI, cholesterol, body fat, and blood pressure. You can also measure your waist using a simple measuring tape and monitor changes in it to keep track of your progress.

Other Steps

Many health experts now feel that just monitoring your weight and bringing it up or down is not sufficient to become truly healthy. Instead you might need to use many gadgets and devices to monitor your weight, BMI, blood pressure, and so on.

A Product that Makes a Difference

You can now purchase digital scales that offer accurate reading at a single glance. The latest digital weighing scales have a step on module that activates the scale as soon as you step on it. Some digital scales also provide you with a BMI reading.

A Health Tool

By using gadgets that measure other health indicators as well, you can stay motivated to exercise even when your weight stays stable. This is because once body fat is converted into muscles you will not lose weight since muscle is denser than body fat. However, you will be healthier. By tracking your blood pressure, waist measurements, and cholesterol levels, all of which will be better after regular exercise you will be able to measure vital indicators of your health and take corrective action if needed.

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