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Invisalign Cleaning Prior To First Wear.

Invisalign braces come pre-packaged in individual, sealed packets. Whilst they will no doubt be sterile and scrupulously clean when you open them for the first time, they may also have an almost white, dusty look to them. This is a residue from the sterilisation process that Invisalign aligners undergo after manufacture and although it is perfectly safe it can cause a sore throat or coughing in some people.

This is why it is important to wash your aligners before inserting each new set for the first time. Just a simple rinse under the tap will be adequate to remove any traces of chemical residue. This Invisalign cleaning tip alone could make all the difference to your comfort in the first few days of wear of each new set.

Clean Invisalign Braces!
Clean Invisalign Braces!

Removing Invisalign Aligners to eat

Each time that you remove your Invisalign aligners it is a good idea to get into the habit of running them under the tap. This removes any wet residue and helps to stop the build up of white film that Invisalign aligners that are inadequately cleaned can get. A quick rinse is all that is required and will also help to ensure that the aligners do not develop an unpleasant odour whilst out of your mouth. If you have one, placing them in a denture bath full of water can help to keep them fresh and odor free.

Invisalign Cleaning After eating..

After eating not only is it vital that you clean your teeth thoroughly (yes, that means brush AND floss!) it is also a good idea to give your Invisalign aligners a good cleaning if possible. Running them under water and giving them a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush is sufficient and will stop them from looking and smelling unpleasant. If you fail to do this regularly enough a white film can build up on the aligners that both looks and smells unpleasant and is very difficult to remove.

It is important to note that whilst a toothbrush should be used, toothpaste should not be used as it can result in abrasion, leading to the creation of tiny scratches that may provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

A More Thorough Invisalign Cleaning..

Once a day it is a good idea to give your Invisalign aligners a more thorough clean. This prevents bacteria from building up on them. Although Invisalign expressly advise against it, many people like to soak their Invisalign aligners in a denture bath filled with a denture cleaner. When left for about 5-10 minutes this gives them a thorough clean and neutralises any nasty smells. Whilst they are soaking is the perfect time to give your teeth a thorough clean and floss. Upon removal from the denture bath a rinse under running water and a quick scrub with a soft toothbrush renders them as good as new.

Invisalign braces cases need cleaning too!
Invisalign braces cases need cleaning too!

Final Invisalign Cleaning Tips

Your Invisalign braces aren't the only thing you need to keep clean. Always wash your hands, or at the very least use an alcohol hand gel, before inserting and removing your aligners.

Invisalign cases need to be kept clean too. When you remove your aligners they often have excess saliva on them that can easily be transferred to the storage case. After a few days the Invisalign cases can become slimy and smelly. Giving them a good rinse daily can solve this problem. As with the Invisalign aligners a gentle scrub with a soft toothbrush can help to keep them hygenic.

It is also a good idea to sterilise your Invisalign braces before storing them. As you finish with each set sterilise them using a denture cleaner and place them back in the resealable bag in which they arrived. If you need to reuse them for any reason at a later date they will then be fresh when you return. Invisalign braces that aren't sterilised before storage become discoloured and smelly.

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Invisalign Newton 5 years ago

Good cleaning options. A mix of water and white vinegar also is quite effective at killing bacteria - apparently, better than a mix with mouthwash.

Of course, brushing the aligners is still important to prevent any non-bacterial accumulation.

Orthodontist Calgary 6 years ago

Good information, thank you.

I have to say I've had pretty positive feedback from my clients about the invisalign product. It's been good for my clients to see that they're able to get a better product.

My best advice is to fully consult with your orthodontist to make sure that it's the right product for you - the procedure is fairly complex, so take the proper time to get their opinion to make sure it's in your best interest.

- Jerry

Invisalign 6 years ago

Invisalign aligners get pretty gross after a week and using these cleaning tips will keep your Invisalign clear.

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