Living outside the dream.

Walk.  Walk slowly and let the cold air in.  Take off your scarf.  Walk without a place to be or an agenda to fulfill.  Remove your hat.  Walk until your hands turn red and your body goes numb.  Feel the change creep in through your fingertips and seep into your chest.  Flex your fingers and relieve the tention in your knuckles.

Go inside.  Let the stinging in your hands be the reminder you have hands.  Be thankful.  Let the warmth from your thighs remind you that you have legs.  Be thankful.

Stand in the shower and let the hot water hit you.  Gradually increase the temperature.  More, little by little.  Let it hit you until your chest turns red and your body goes numb.  Stare at your feet.  Look at your toes.  They're all there.

Sit down.  Don't open a book, don't turn on the computer, and leave the remote on the nightstand.  Just sit.  Let the heat from the shower slowly leave your body.  Don't cover up.  Soon you'll be shivering.

Lay in bed, but don't sleep.  Not yet.  You'll be dreaming soon enough. 

The problem with having your head in the clouds is that you mistake them for something solid and can't imagine falling through.  The air is thinner up there.  Makes you dizzy.  It's easy to forget the hard truth is still waiting below and soon you'll be heading straight for it.  It's easy to forget what's real and what's now.  

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HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

nice, very good!

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Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Voted that up-very good, welcome to hubs,


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Multiman 5 years ago

Voted up Thought provoking

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