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What I Wanted Plexus To Do For Me

I was formally introduced to Plexus through Jennifer, a friend of ours who is also our neighbor. Jennifer invited my wife and I to something called a "sit and sip" that she was hosting at her home. It was not the first time I had heard of the product but it was the first time I was invited to a sit down with people who had experience with the product and who were able to provide a semi professional presentation. I was very interested in finding out just what this wonder product was and what it could do for me, and I wanted to see if these folks could wash the sour taste I already had about Plexus out of my mouth.

My first encounter with Plexus was on Facebook and I was less than impressed. I hate it when "friends" try to sell me things on Facebook. It's a little easier to ignore when it's coming at you from a social media site but it still feels like "Hey Dave, I just came across a great opportunity I thought you might be interested in...". Anyway, it was another friend of mine, who works as a nurse practitioner in our ER no less, who kept posting things about how great this stuff was and how she has so much energy and her kids don't have allergies anymore and the anxiety is all gone and... well, you get the idea. I really like Brooke and I was sad when she took another job somewhere else but when I am on Facebook and I see a post from her, I want to hear about how her kids did at the science fair or at dance class and how she is getting along at the new place, not how great Plexus (whatever that is) is making her feel. I never posted anything negative about her or all the Plexus stuff but it became a running joke in the ER about all the stuff Plexus could do for us; "I got hit by a car and didn't feel a thing, thanks Plexus!", "I've been here 12 hrs and haven't had a break, still feel great! Thanks Plexus!". That kind of stuff. I guess what I'm saying is hearing about Plexus started to be like getting a mailer for Dish Network in the mail, I just threw it away.

So there I am at the "sit and sip" in Jennifers house and I am listening to the pitch about how great this stuff is and how it has changed some peoples lives for the better and I notice that the results all seem to be different for most of the folks there. It also came as a bit of a shock when I realized I knew most of the people there. A teacher from the Christian Academy, two nurses that I work with and a couple who I did not know. These are people that I know and have at least a little faith that they are not there just to swindle me so I really don't have any reason not to believe them. The stories all started out pretty much the same, they had heard good things but were a little skeptical about whether it was true or not. Fair enough, but then the stories started to go their individual ways. One of the girls had suffered from horrible migraines and since she started with the Plexus, no more migraines. She also has lost 11 lbs and does not nap with her toddler any more because she says she is not tired during the day. Another lady talked about her problem with depression and anxiety that she now has a handle on since starting with Plexus. The teacher said she was a bit of a coke addict... Coke-a-Cola that is. She talked about how a can or bottle of Coke was a constant desktop companion at school and how it was a big enough problem to cause her teeth problems and cause her husband to comment about it frequently. The one major thing she noticed after starting Plexus was that she did not have much of a taste for the sweet Coke-a-Cola anymore. She tried to finish the 12 pack she had in the fridge but it just didn't taste good to her any more.

I zeroed in on how different the stories were and I think that, more than anything else, is what allowed me the "whatever" to give this stuff a try. All I really wanted was to experience weight loss and get back some sorely missed and needed motivation. The "sit and sip" was on a Tuesday, on Thursday I decided to become an Ambassador and try Plexus for myself.

My First Glass Of Plexus

Waiting For My Plexus

Plexus On The Doorstep
Plexus On The Doorstep
My First Plexus Package
My First Plexus Package
Plexus Mixes Pretty Easily
Plexus Mixes Pretty Easily

Two Weeks Of Plexus

I was very excited to get that first order of Plexus.

I mean Super Excited.

I ordered it on a Thursday evening and I knew it probably wouldn't get here until Monday, even if it did ship in two days like lots of folks say it does. So I still looked for it on Saturday... just in case. No dice, Monday it was and it arrived early on Monday morning... 9 o'clock in the morning and no one was more surprised than me. Looking back, that particular Monday probably wasn't the best time to start a new weight loss/energy system because I had just come off a very long work week with some very irregular hours but I'm the kind of guy who just pushes through so I started.

Again, I probably should have waited because my sleep cycle was way out of whack and trying to get up at 7 am with the wife and kids put a little strain on me... and the Plexus I'm sure. Like I said, the package arrived on my doorstep at 9 am so by 9:30 I had mixed and drank my first Plexus Slim and taken an Accelerator pill along with it. I ate something 30 minutes later, like it says to do and then I went about my morning. Things felt kind of weird for a little while but it didn't stop me from cutting down all the low hanging branches from the elm outside the house and then loading them up in the pickup truck that needed a tire fixed and a battery replaced, which I did that morning. Got all that stuff taken care of then loaded the branches into that pickup and toted it all off to the dump. i got done by 2 pm, came home showered up and headed to work for my 3-11 shift at the hospital. I would say that Plexus gave me a little extra energy because on a regular day I would sleep until about 1 or 2 pm then get up and go to work.

I wish I could tell you that this is how it has been the entire two weeks but alas, the energy burst has slowed down considerably from those first three or four days and I got back into the habit of sleeping my morning away but I do get up with the wife and kids every day at 7 am and I stay up for a couple hours, lay back down at 10 am and get up again around 12:30 or 1 pm. I am usually very hungry and I do eat but it is very different these days. I can't pound food like I used too. Now, don't think that I don't want to eat a sandwich, some leftovers and a bowl of cereal, because I do. But after that first sandwich or that first bowl of cereal, I just don't feel like eating anymore. I CAN eat more and I HAVE eaten more but I really don't feel all that great when I do. I weigh 285 lbs and I love ice cream and pasta and pop tarts and stuff like that. Every day for as long as I can remember I have had a Full Throttle or NOS energy drink on my way to work at 3 pm. There have been three of those drinks in the fridge for the last 2 weeks, I drank the fourth one on that first Monday and I had to choke it down. I just don't feel like drinking them any more. I figured I would be dropping weight like it was hot but it hasn't made a huge difference yet, the last time I got on the scale it read 284.5. I think I was at 288 when I started. 284.5 lbs is the lowest my weight has been in I don't know how long. I let it get up to 301 lbs at the beginning of the year and that was unacceptable but the best I've been able to do on my own is the high 280's low 290's and I want that to change. I want Plexus to work for me. The two changes I have noticed so far is 1) I don't want to sleep as much and 2) I don't want to eat as much. If this combination continues, I think I will be heading in the right direction so I will continue taking Plexus until I notice a change that says otherwise.

If you are interested in what I am doing and want to see if Plexus can help you click here for Plexus Information.

Dennis Harris, M.D. - Explaining "Plexus Slim"

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