Coenzyme A Supplement - The Ultimate Solution of Acne

Coenzyme A supplement can be used to cure acne. In this hub Causes of Acne, we said that the real cause is that the skin stores extra unmetabolized fat in the oil glands present in the skin. We have said also that the amount of fat stored in the skin oil glands (whiteheads, blackheads, pimples), is increased when the body is disposed to synthesize more important fatty molecules like, steroidal hormones, concluding that boosting fat metabolism will clear acne, since the body will convert excess fat stored in the sebaceous glands into energy.

We suggested use of the supplements, Pantothenic acid PLUS L-Cysteine in this hub The B5 New Acne Cure , or use of the supplement, Pantethine alone in this hub Acne Cure Guarantee : Coenzyme A - Pantethine , and the end product of all of these supplements is production of Coenzyme A, which is the starting material of oxidation of fat to produce energy.

Role of Coenzyme A in Fat Metabolism :

Without Coenzyme A, aerobic organisms that depends on Oxygen would not be able to live on planet earth. Acetyl-Coenzyme A is the starting material of the oxygen dependent energy house (mitochondria), that produces energy from carbohydrates,protein and fat, after they all converted into this molecule. Acetyl Coenzyme A is also the starting material of the synthesis of fat molecules, including steroidal hormones. As we can see Coenzyme A is distributed between the cytoplasm and mitochondria (the kitchen and the stove) .

Coenzyme A is used in the primary stages of synthesis of cholesterol (the starting material of steroidal hormones) in cytoplasm, it is recycled only 3 times. However,to produce energy from fatty acids in the mitochondria , Coenzyme A is involved in a sophisticated system to transport and oxidize them. They are recycled about 30 times or more according to the carbon chain length of the fatty acid, to oxidize 1 molecule.

The recommended regimen here is aimed at relieving symptoms of acne, it is to be used temporarily and for a short time. Long term use of high doses of these supplements may induce side effects, and some of them may be serious. If you plan to use them for a long period consult your doctor.

Coenzyme A and Acne

During childhood, growth hormone masters the metabolism to extract energy from fat so that it can spare protein and carbohydrates. After puberty, the body starts to make sex hormones.

Biosynthesis of sex hormones starts with cholesterol, and the body has to synthesize it. It now synthesizes about 50-75 of cholesterol in the body, in the liver, intestines, adrenal glands and gonads. Actually, there are reversible cholesterol plaques on the blood vessels of children starting at the age of 10 years.

This lipid synthesis activity requires large amounts of Coenzyme A to be present in the CYTOPLASM, and this utilizes more of its precursors (Vitamin B5 and Cysteine), at the expense of the amounts of these precursors supplied to the mitochondria.

Sebaceous (oil) glands have no regulatory mechanism and they have open ends (pores), they can secrete the available oil, as the sweat glands can secrete the available sweat. Extra fat can be secreted into pores.

How to Increase Coenzyme A Production

Coenzyme A is composed by the union of 3 molecules, these are Pantothenic acid, L-Cysteine and ATP. Two of these molecules are supplied by food, namely Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and the amino acid Cysteine, the third molecule (ATP) is an energy molecule and it is abundant in all the cells.

Dr Lit-Hung Leung was the first to recommend use of Pantothenic acid to treat acne. His regimen was to administer very high doses reaching 1000-1500 times the recommended intake (10 milligrams per day).

I am the one who first recommended adding L-Cysteine to Pantothenic acid, to reduce its dose and side effects with good cure results.

Then I recommended using Pantethine alone as it is the resultant of the union of Cysteine and Pantothenic acid. There are people using it already.
I now recommend intake of Coenzyme A.

What is in Coenzyme A Capsules for Acne:

When Pantothenic acid was used in very high doses to treat acne, it was meant to maintain it in the blood for long time enough to, find its complementary component and the optimal conditions to form Coenzyme A, in the required place.

Coenzyme A capsules claim to provide people with a balanced combination of highly active nutritional components that are used by the cells of the body to support their manufacture and utilization of Coenzyme A. It offers a reliable daily dose of Coenzyme A.

It contains 1000 mg of Pantethine, Pantothenic acid, L-Cysteine, Calcium Pyruvate, Magnesium Malate and L-Acetyl Carnitine (needed for transport of fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane). The ingredients were all recommended before and now they are present altogether.

The combination is really good and can serve to produce Coenzyme A in the place and amount that are needed by the body to fight acne.

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kerlynb profile image

kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

I'm fighting acne and recurring, monthly breakouts so this hub is absolutely useful for me. I'm wondering if there are any natural sources of coenzyme A. Voting this hub useful, which it really is for me.

lidia 5 years ago

Hello Mr Elqalatawy,

May I know how long should one be taking this supplement?

Can you simply stop when you have no more acne?

Thank you

elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt Author

Hello Ms/Mrs lidia,

This is idea, you simply stop when you have no more acne. When it comes back you may just take it for 1 or 2 days.

lidia 5 years ago

Thanks a lot :)

lidia 5 years ago

Hello Mr Elqalatawy,

What is your take on the blood sugar-acne relation? Do you think this has something to do with the the fat metabolism by coenzyme A?


elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt Author

I can't say anything about blood sugar and acne, this needs statistical data or known facts, nevertheless if sugar is not oxidized in the mitochondria to produce energy, it will be converted into fat.

lidia 5 years ago

thanks again, you have been really helpful :)

lia 5 years ago

Is there any side effect of taking Co enzyme for such a long period of time (a year or two)?

Is there any rebound effect after stopping ( there is in Accutane case)

I just don't understand how is it possible to stop taking co enzyme A. Can you please enlighten me on this?

BTW, useful and informative articles you have hear, Mr El Qalatawy. Just that, I don't understand this particular thing.

elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt Author

Hi Ms/Mrs lia,

Thank you.

These are new supplements and there is no enough experience about using them for long periods, yet I can tell you that these supplements do not interfere with the way the body works. It is like when you take fruits or vegetables or any type of food, for short or long periods.

You mentioned Accutane which is a derivative of vitamin A and both change the way the cell works, but Pantothenic acid, Methionine or even Pantethine, are all tools in the pathway of a biochemical reaction, they should be present to produce other biochemical materials essential for the cell functions, they are precursors for end products, they are amino acids or vitamins.

As this is said, I don't see a problem if you stop taking coenzymeA. Acne will come and go all the time, and if you train yourself to watch the little whiteheads that are formed in the skin as soon as they show, you can begin taking the supplement and stop it when the condition is improved.

P.S. Do not hesitate to ask anything whenever you want.

I wish you good luck.

lia 5 years ago

thanks :))

lia 5 years ago

Hello Mr El Qalatawy,

Do you think that this Coenzyme A supplement is safe to be taken with Methimazole?

Do you think it is safe for someone with hyoerthyrodism to take it?

Thanks a lot :)

elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 5 years ago from Egypt Author

Hi lia,

If hyperthyroidism increases burning of fat then the cells needs more amounts of nutrients that are involved in fat metabolism, and Coenzyme A contains these nutrients and would be helpful to relieve this metabolic stress.

Yes it is safe in the normal conditions (without being allergic to any of the constituents).

lia 5 years ago

Many thanks! :)

lia 4 years ago

Hello Mr El Qalatawy,

I just need your opinion on the claim that lactoferrin can cure acne. what is your take on this? Thanks a lot for giving us a lot of insightful information.

elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 4 years ago from Egypt Author

Hi lia,

Thanks for commenting.

Lactoferrin has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Theoretically it is very good for combating acne, yet I have no practical experience about its use to cure acne.

Take care.

lia 4 years ago

Hello Mr Elqalatwy, it's me again. I just have so many questions.

You see if the body doesn't have the ability to metabolise fat and consequently restores it as sebum don't you think that this is somewhat a defect-genetic defect (sorry if this is such a wrong choice of words but Im sure you understand me). If that's the case, I don't think you can ever stop taking Coenzyme A. Am i right Mr El qalatawy? Thanks in advance

elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 4 years ago from Egypt Author

You are certainly right!! This is why I prepare a new regimen that cuts off this distracted way, and makes treatment of acne only 'on demand'.

P.S. You are welcome any time.

Don 4 years ago

I understand why the Coenzyme A supplement would work, but has anyone actually used the Coenzyme A supplement for acne and got results??? If so please give us details, I'm sure everybody wants to know.

Meggabite 3 years ago

can you take coenzymeA while nursing?

Mike 2 years ago

Hi. I don't know whether this thread is still active but here goes...

I've been taken Pantothenic Acid and L-Cysteine for about 2 years. It has cleared my acne. I've reduced the amounts (spread over the day) to 3g of PA and 1g of L-Cysteine. My question: can I safely go on taking this supplements indefinitely?

My doctor said that taking vitamin B in high quantities isn't recommended as it can lead to problems with peripheral nerves (tingling, or possibly worse). I am bit worried! When I try to reduce my intake, my spots reappear.

I know there are no definite answers but responses would be appreciated. PA has worked brilliantly so I'd be reluctant to stop taking it but. . .

elqalatawy profile image

elqalatawy 2 years ago from Egypt Author

Hi Mike,


I can't recommend that, rather you can abstain it until the spots appear.

Jorge Torres 13 months ago from England

has anybody tried this (Coenzyme A) with success? elqalatawy is there any other option rather than taking b5 to keep acne at bay?

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