Coffee & a Schmear

The amazing power of a cup of coffee and a schmear. Of course, the time chatting with a friend does help too. There is something regenerative in meeting up for the morning coffee clatch to really get the day going. Even if there is not much talk involved, there is peace to be had. A little dark raost, a bagel with your favorite cream cheese and being in the moment with someone you may actually want to be in the moment with. Now that's the way to start off a morning.

The added bonus of watching the rushed, frustrated and the hustle, bustle of the blue suits lining up like cattle all ordering the latest caffine drink du jour. Looking like their heads are going to "pop' at any moment do to stress and blood pressure, and they call that making a living. Staring at their watches and talking loud enough on their blackberrys so everyone can hear their conversations. Trying so hard just to prove to themselves how much more important they believe they are over anyone else. Poor misguided sods.

Some reason this posturing always puts a smirk on my face, as I order one more cup and read one more section of todays newspaper while chatting in between with someone. Swapping anecdotes, humor in headlines and the next innocent victim of my line barely moving observations. It is good to be king, even if only in my little world. After all who am I, but some unshavin' dreamer living today just for today. Being just to be, whom I am supposed to be...

Is that a "Sex For Dummies" book in that bag?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

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