Colloidal Silver and Ionic Silver Facts, Benefits and Risks

Colloidal silver is a mineral type thing that is useful in some manners but somehow it also has side effects if people apply it directly through the mouth. As you know it is not necessary that something or any medicine has same effect on all type of body so it is up to the body type and disease.

Some of the facts about colloidal silver and ionic silver are as follows.

  • These are mostly used in old times when the medication was not applied for killing germs and bacteria’s so they were found to be very worthy at that time.
  • Silver water also has tendency to kill the germs and the liquid is used in the preparation of medicines but it is also a fact that government is worked on it and banned on the colloidal and ionic silver as it is harmful or unneeded for human body.
  • Silver is used by the people who are facing high level diseases and their main focus is to fight with the disease like cancer, ulcer, sugar, diabetes and many more serious problems.

It is not a truth that colloidal silver or ionic silver just has negative effect on body no it is not true as many of the sites just highlight the negative perspective that is not a right way. It also has many of the advantages but it is important to have knowledge of its correct use.

Colloidal silver Works as natural remedy.

Sovereign silver acts as a remedy for the inflectional disease that can be born due to the use of yeast or yogurt. The germs that are build in the body result in having dehydration or stomach disorder needs to be germs kill cure. Colloidal silver uses in the medicines that are for the patients who are having bacterial disease and it works as a natural remedy very well.

Act as anticipated cure;

Whenever you feel the need of antivirus killer you have to find the medicine in which silver water is used by checking the formula. It will cure you in a positive way also very efficiently.

Skin disease is become very common as girls and boys are using the cosmetics that are of different qualities. The low quality cosmetics result in having skin disease so there is a need of allergy cure item that is having silver water. Many of the companies are manufacturing the liquids or cream form medicines that are having colloidal silver which is called to be anti bacterial.

There are also some of the side effects that you have to face after using the colloidal or ionic silver as it is made up of small substances that are gather in the body in the form of extra item and if you use this medicine directly through the mouth in huge amount then it will effect badly after some time.


Abuse of using colloidal silver can lead to a permanent blue color / gray coloration of the skin. Colloidal silver solution with poor quality silver or containing impurities can also cause Argyria symptoms. The effectiveness of ssovereign silver is a threat for the pharmaceutical industry. That is why this product is frowned upon by the pharmaceutical and medical services. The real reason for this opposition is obvious when you consider natural effectiveness of silver and its lack of toxic side effects; considering also its low cost compared to expensive prescription drugs.

Any drug or preparation used in excess may potentially be dangerous until death, including sovereign silver, so please use it safely and responsibly.

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