Color your life; build your confidence (top rated tips collected)

Some of my readers email me


Why are you writing on "how to build confidence"?

Is confidence is too hard too develop?

How confidence levels change our life?

How can I build and improve my confidence?

I want to build my confidence but failed to get after adopting many popular tips, what I have to do?

After reading all these I come to the point that how much self confidence is important to our life, how can we make our life colorful with building our confidence, ways to build self confidence, hidden points to enhance your confidence level, so lets work out with confidence level

Special request

First I suggest you to play your favorite music in the background before proceeding, preferably strong music, so enjoy my article which is letting to you to the yellow path to build your confidence.

Let’s start

Are you shy?

Play a simple game

If you are shy natured and want to pack up your shyness and discover about your confident personality, just decide that you have to do simply write daily on your personal dairy that you want to build your confidence, it reminds your mind daily and this games unconsciously open a way to confident personality.

The problem with shy person

You know decisions matter greatly in our life, so just decide then take off slowly don’t try to be as rocket it takes much energy and mostly shy persons can’t bear this type of jump, so be slowly but steady, remember you have to just take aim and decision, believe me all other happened automatically.

Your desire gives you confidence

One amazing thing I can tell you that your struggle to build your confidence gives you confidence, your demand automatically available by your body and mind, as you observed in your daily life that you are provided by your body, soul and mind what you need, you just have to decide.

Doesn't matter if you feel unconfident and shy

"Kill your shy and just believe in yourself"

know more from others experience

Be happy

Build your happiness, build your confidence.

Be happy and try to smile mostly don’t laugh it make many things severe. Make your life colorful with the feeling of your confidence.

Keep your physic and look always in mind but don’t degrade yourself by any odds in your physic.

Talk to yourself

Find the answers of your questions in you, as much as you talk to yourself you become well aware about yourself, I have tried it my self too, it really works.

Many psychologists also recommend talking to yourself; it’s really helps to build your confidence.

Do you like to be alone

The best is to make your company with loneliness, to be alone is to give your time to yourself, thinking yourself deeply. Sit in dark, alone with you and your mind, feel what you have in dark, all this support you greatly to build your confidence.

Identify your enemies

Determine yourself that those who degrade you are your enemies, identify them and build your mind such that you can treat them with your confidence. Don’t try to be over confident because you know you don’t even have much confident so don’t pick what you can’t carry.

Don’t over react, just react when needed.

Feeling freedom

Feel free, there is no restrictions in this world restrictions are in you, it’s a free world, enjoy the freedom of your life and be confident. Feeling free is the main thing; get freedom of thoughts and freedom of ideas

Enjoy every second of your life

Enjoy your life as much as you can because the time of this colorful life never comes again. Don’t feel shy inside yourself, don’t degrade you and avoid begging your confidence and freedom, build your own.

Break the boundaries

Don’t bind yourself, keep searching for you.

Remember you are different from every person came to this planet, so you have to find your own way, don’t follow others just extract and develop your own, creation builds your confidence.

Confidence is an art and you know only the artist can deal with art effectively so be a good artist build your own formulae, your own creations and your own confidence.

Conquer everything you find in you or around you

Discovering yourself in loneliness booms your confidence because you then will be come to know about your week and strong points, if you conquer yourself you can conquer the whole world, give yourself time, estimate daily how much times you give to you.

Get some things or I can say you don’t need to get you have to find out some things in you which are unbeatable by others

which matters greatly to build one's self confidence?

  • building of mind and soul
  • building outer look
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Exploring yourself is the most hard but most interesting

Searching yourself is not to adopt yoga or to try astral projection, its just you, the greatest power ever exist in universe; if you will able to build yourself you will be able to build your confidence.

Become different from others, recognize what you are.

Inner stronger

Make yourself internally strong so you can impress others, don’t ever think you can impress others just by modifying your style instead your soul make your impressions. Be simple and be calm, don’t hyper don’t over react it all kills a man.

Fix yourself in a seal of confidence and protection, be an enemy of others for such a period in which you want to practice your skills to build self confidence.

Remember self confidence is self made that’s why called self confidence

To build confidence one must don’t know what others think about him. Draw sketches drawings what you feel, even they are simple and odd but draw them for yourself.

Dreaming to be confident also gives you power.

Also take risks.

Travel and observe

Travel as much as you can, observe and extract. Take interest in arts, photography, cycling, bikes, cars, novels, music etc. Make your own list of interest, interests of a man helps to maintain his confidence, I had observed it by my own experience.

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Mohammad Mohsin profile image

Mohammad Mohsin 5 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

I hope this hub help those who have problem with the confidence

twilanelson profile image

twilanelson 5 years ago from Carmichael, California

Thank you for opening my eyes to a new art form - Taking care of me and who I am as a human being. Thank you for a dose of confidence that will continue to grow, for the benefit of myself and what I love. As an artist,I will use tips from your Hub to strengthen my confidence and peace of mind. This is a beautiful life and I thank you for a beautiful Hub.

Mohammad Mohsin profile image

Mohammad Mohsin 5 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan Author

thanks loonyBG

loonyBG profile image

loonyBG 5 years ago

Great hub, good and useful tips. Thanks M.M.

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