Combating PMS the Natural Way

Although its a subject that is often considered little more than a joke (usually by men) for the millions of women who suffer PMS symptoms every month it is anything but. The physical symptoms can be bad enough but if you are one of the many women who are impacted emotionally its even worse.

Because doctors and scientists are not really sure just what causes PMS finding an effective treatment plan is hard. Add to that the sad fact that many doctors still don't really take the issue very seriously and dealing with PMS can be tough. There are some things you can try that for many women are at least somewhat effective in their monthly battle against PMS. Here are just a few of them:

Resist the Siren Call of Chocolate - Many women crave chocolate in the week or so before their period, even if they do not usually care for it too much the rest of the time. Giving in to the temptation beyond a square or two of good for you dark chocolate is probably not a good idea if you suffer from PMS though. An increase in your sugar intake can lead to reactive hypoglycemia, an abnormal change in blood sugars, which will only serve to heighten irritability and increase lethargy.

Alcohol Isn't the Answer Either - If you have spent the day annoyed at everything and everyone for no real reason apart from the fact that your period is a week or so away then its also tempting to think that indulging in a big glass of wine (or two) at the end of the day will help to calm you down. Alcohol is actually a depressant though so after the initial warm fuzzy feeling the alcohol buzz will give you for an hour or so you are likely to feel even more tired and cranky. Alcohol also depletes the number of B vitamins in your system and slows down proper carbohydrate digestion which can lead to an abnormal spike in estrogen levels - the last thing you need when suffering from PMS.

Try Taking Krill Oil - Krill Oil is the subject of a lot of discussion right now. Taken from a tiny shrimp like creature krill oil is similar to fish oil and offers many of the same cholesterol reducing, heart health and anti inflammatory benefits. Ongoing research however is discovering that krill oil seems to offer a few benefits that fish oil does not, with one of those being the ability to help significantly lessen the symptoms of PMS as well as dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)

In one recent trial conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto volunteers - all of whom had a history of experiencing moderate to severe PMS and dysmenorrhea - were split into two groups. One group were asked to take a standard fish oil supplement and the other a krill oil supplement instead.

Over the course of the 90 day trial the women who took krill oil reported on a self assessment a considerable improvement in the emotional symptoms of PMS, a higher proportion than from those in the fish oil group. The krill oil ladies also took fewer analgesics for pain from swollen breasts and for pain during their period than they usually would.

Why krill oil performed better than fish oil in combating PMS symptoms is still under further investigation. But given that it also offers the added advantages that you can take fewer caplets of krill oil than fish oil to get the daily RDA and it does not leave behind the fishy taste that fish oil does then it may well be worth giving a try. Read more about other krill oil advantages here:


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