Company Spouts Health Benefits of Phiten

After illness put a stop to his training as a chef, a young man in Japan turned his attention to physical therapy and developed a means of infusing many different materials with what is called aqua titanium as a mean of benefiting numerous body functions and as an aid to various systems. When the company’s founder’s chef training ended he began self-study for physical therapy and rehabilitation. He apparently believed that an ionic imbalance was the major cause of many physical problems.

The company’s researchers have a proprietary scientific method to transform nanoscopic titanium particles into water, dubbed aqua titanium, which is then infused into several types of materials to provide what the company’s president Yoshihiro Hirata contends is able to restore ionic balance in the body to provide many different health benefits.

Once this aqua titanium, is infused into other fabrics, it can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet or worn as a necklace to provide relief in many different ways. Golfers, basketball players, professional baseball players and those in many other sports wear Phiten products to help prevent muscle cramps and to help in the healing process, in spite of the fact that there is no proven science behind its claims.

Phiten claims that materials infused with aqua titanium are charged with ions than has the potential to enhance the natural functions and systems of the body. These products, now licensed by Major League Baseball are sold with MLB teams’ logo so the teams’ fans can share the same physical benefits enjoyed by their favorite players.

High profile players such as baseball’s Josh Beckett, Justin Verlander, Justin Morneau and Dustin Pedroia, among many others, are sponsored by Phiten and often wear their products for health as well as marketing reasons. Teams such as the Boston red Sox and the New York Yankees have approved a line of fan gear that, in addition to their health benefits, can be used by fans to show their team spirit. Most believe that the performance of their favorite players may be in part due to the Phiten products and hope to reap the same benefits while showing team support.

There is a variety of Phiten products available, such as the Red Sox emblem on a triple braided necklace and the Phiten X30 tornado necklace, which is infused with 30 times the amount of aqua titanium as other products. Bracelets and disks, all emblazoned with the logos of the major league teams are available. The disks can be placed on areas where the muscles may become cramped such as over hamstrings and on the calves. Used to prevent cramping, they are also claimed to help the healing process.

While many medical experts contend Phiten products use pseudoscience and work only because someone believes that they work, sales of these products continue to increase. Phiten has grown from 1983 into a world-wide company with six other companies under its umbrella and distributors in nearly two dozen countries. Despite questionable claims, the public is apparently buying into the science of the merchandise as well as the product itself.

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