Computer Health and Your Body

Take a regular break from computer work to exercise

By Edwin Mercurio

Computers and the operation of high-tech gadgetry are the tools of choice for our daily jobs today. But the physical toll and stress these activities place on our health and body are enormous.

It is important that we practice correct body postures and do regular exercises to prevent long term disability and maintain a healthy body.

The best way to avoid computer related problems is to take regular breaks. Walk around for 30 seconds every 20 minutes, stretch your body and perform one or two of these suggested exercises. A word of caution: Avoid drinking coffee at every break.


Hold hands in prayer position. Gently push to the left, hold for 20 seconds. Gently push to the right, hold for 20 seconds.

Rotate hands downward. Keep fingers together tips touching . Gently stretch your hands.

Keep hands together and rotate freely 180 degrees pointing downwards.

Cross hands back to back and move up and down.


Arms outstretched, palms pointing forward – Hold.

Arms outstretched, palms upwards– Hold.

Arms outstretched, make a fist – Hold.

Bend fist, fingers pointing downwards – Hold.

Relax hands and arms. Shake hands loosely.

These exercises can be performed several times a day. But do not overdo it. Stop if you feel pain or discomfort. If unsure about your physical condition, talk to a physical therapist or your family doctor.

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MercuryNewsOnline profile image

MercuryNewsOnline 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

You are right,Nestor. There are an increasing number of coputer users who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

nestor arellano 7 years ago

this is really good advice. very helpful. Carpal tunnel can be very debilitating but it could be avoided

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