Confidence after Food Poison?

Yes, you heard that right! I have achieved confidence in my body after getting over death-known as Food Poisoning. I had two days of the constant purging that left me weak but overall amazed at how good I felt about myself.

Let me explain a little more. Before "the purge" I felt extremely uncomfortable in my skin and my ability to get over the plateau that I had faced in my workout and diet. Aside from going under the knife I had done everything that I could think of to get over that plateau and get comfortable with me again.

I have been working nonstop to feel good and to feel like my old self after having my son 5 years ago that I had given up and just stopped trying. Until the sickness came over me and left me feeling....happy. I no longer feel heavy or bloated or trying to hide my muffin top. I can honestly put on a pair of pants and go about my day without feeling self conscious.

Now I know this story sounds crazy but I wanted to share with all of you how happy I feel and look.

P.S. the picture above is not me but it is a goal that I can obtain. A happy and healthy goal! :)

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