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Constipation During Period or Pregnancy

Constipation is a very common condition that tends to affect women more often than than men. It generally appears in women just before their period or during pregnancy. It is normally not very serious although occasionally, complications can occur if the condition is not treated.

Symptoms of Constipation

  • Stomach ache and cramps
  • Change in your normal bowel pattern
  • Headaches
  • Furred tongue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue and depression
  • Feeling bloated
  • Feeling sick

Causes of Constipation

According to Ayurvedic medicine, constipation is generally caused due to aggravation of vata. But it can also be caused due to aggravation of pitta or kapha.

It is mainly caused by poor eating and bowel habits. In other words, by eating too much food that's hard on the digestive system, not eating enough fibrous food, like fruits and vegetables, irregular sleeping pattern, mental tensions, etc. All of these can cause constipation.

How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast and Naturally

The best laxative is triphala. When used as a laxative, triphala strengthens the colon. Other laxatives are harsh on colon, which may cause worse symptoms down the road. Triphala balances your metabolism, thereby ensuring more nourishment to blood. Take a teaspoon of triphala powder at bedtime.

Triphala is basically an ayurvedic medicine that is popular known as rasayana or the rejuvenator. It consists of three herbs:

  • Amla (Emblica officinalis)
  • Harada (Terminalia chebula)
  • Behada (Terminalia belerica)

Triphala is a great herb for digestive problems. It not only works as a mild laxative but also helps in improving the peristaltic movements in the gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates the liver to secrete bile juices that are very essential for fat metabolism.

According to ayurvedic practitioners, it is one of the best colon cleansers and is highly recommended as a treatment for constipation. It helps to detoxify the body and has gained popularity as a mild laxative.

In addition to Triphala, you should also include fruits like papaya, mango, banana, grapes, oranges, apple, etc in your diet. Carefully chew your food. Do not eat spicy, frozen food items. Avoid food items that have preservatives.

Food prepared with cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric and fennel as condiments are good to eat because they are easily digested.

How to Get Rid of Constipation Fast at Home

  1. Honey and Lemon. Try drinking a glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon or lime in the morning before you eat or drink anything else.
  2. Raisins, figs, dates or prunes. Integrating these fruits into your diet can help in relieving constipation fast.
  3. Eat at least 350 grams of grapes each day. The combination of the properties contained in the grapes, namely cellulose, sugar, and other organic material it a natural laxative and helps to cure constipation.
  4. Bael fruit. Bael fruit is considered one of the best all-natural laxatives. It can also clean and tone up a person's intestines. Eating it regularly for 2 to 3 months will even help to get rid of old accumulated faecal matter.
  5. Liquorice. Chewing a few sticks of liquorice (mulathi) each day is also beneficial as this is a natural laxative. It is a very useful remedy for constipation.
  6. Psyllium husk. Just before going to bed, put 3 teaspoons of psyllium husk (Sat Isabgol) into a cup of warm milk or water and drink.
  7. Eat more fiber. Substitute white rice with brown rice and have a fiber cereal in the morning.
  8. Avoid refined foods. Avoid food items that are overcooked, refrigerated, preserved or canned. Replace refined starch food items with whole grain food items.

Foods to Avoid in Constipation

There are many types of foods that can cause constipation. You should limit or eliminate your intake of these foods in order to prevent the onset of constipation symptoms. While constipation can occur in anyone and is not a serious illness, repeated bouts of constipation can lead to more serious illnesses.

Sometimes constipation is a side effect of a medication or illness. If you are taking medication that has constipation as a side effect or have an illness with constipation as a symptom, you should try to avoid foods that make the risk of constipation higher.

Here are some common foods that cause constipation:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Ice Cream
  • Chips
  • Pizza
  • Instant mashed potatoes
  • Pastries
  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Fried Foods
  • Processed Foods
  • Wheat-based Foods
  • Red Meat
  • Dried Beans

In order to prevent constipation, you should avoid or limit your intake of dairy products, foods that are high in fat, foods that are high in cholesterol, and processed foods.

Foods for Constipation Relief

There are many foods that can prevent constipation and relieve its symptoms. In addition to the ones mentioned above, you should try eating:

  • Bran products: provides fiber to soften stools.
  • Guava: provides needed roughage.
  • Corn syrup: helps to soften stools.
  • Sugar: helps to soften stools.
  • Apple Pectin: provide natural fiber.
  • Folic Acid: insufficient intake of folic acid can cause constipation.

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vijaya 8 years ago

Excellent site. Thanks, it helped me a lot. Keep doing such good projects. best,vijaya.

colonox 8 years ago

Thanks for taking time and doing research on this subject i've been reading a lot about colon cleansing and using ColonOX

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thankyou for the help its so usfull :D

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thanx for this wondrfl info..

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thanks 4 all this useful information

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useless i have tryed all this

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thanks for the information

Plum 7 years ago

Lots of water and lots of fiber is a good long-term solution to constipation. There are also many solutions that are fine for occassional use, but should not be over-used as they can compound the problem. These include many types of oral laxatives, suppossitories, stool softeners and more. There are a lot of tips for long- and short-term solutions to constipation here:

janette 7 years ago

this is very useful

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thnk for ur inf ...

booby 7 years ago

do these really work?

can't i just drink lemonade?

Zoey 7 years ago

I hope this works i have tried it but givibg it another chance wont hurt:):):)!!!

Tiffany 7 years ago

Do u have to drink prune juice 2 get better i mean i've tried it but ill try again 2 see if it works! Good luck 2 me!!!:):):D:D

Babu Bhai 7 years ago

Arre, what is this? Yeh kam nai karta! Milk has nothing to do with this!! Yaar, I'm 76 years old, I THINK I'M WISER!!

12234 7 years ago

I don't know i drank prune juice and even ate prunes rgith now and drank lots of water nothing made a difference........i even drank soda water with salt and lemon juice and that didn't even help.........then i ate "khichidi"

ilovenph 7 years ago

can you be born with it ?

alison 7 years ago

what works for me is lots and lots of pure orange juice that does the trick goodluck everyone

alison 7 years ago

what works for me is lots and lots of pure orange juice that does the trick goodluck everyone

alison 7 years ago

what works for me is lots and lots of pure orange juice that does the trick goodluck everyone

lalpapa 7 years ago

almonds and green veggis, also apple juice

Ambreen 7 years ago

I hope this advice works i mean im only nine yeah and i can't cope with Constipation

Hayley Wellman 7 years ago

thanks for this, im dyin for a shit!!

himanshu 7 years ago

just use kayam churan that's available in the market

bigjohn 7 years ago

These foods are all fine and dandy as a preventative but what do you do if you are sitting there trying to pass a concrete block.

tell us Mr. smarty pants

Lynn 7 years ago

I eat healthy 90% of the time... all whole grains, plenty of fruits and veggies... lean chicken/turkey/beef(only sometimes) and fish.. but eat one big mac and can't shit for a week!!

Can someone recommend besides the obvious (Fiber) to help me get this rock out of my ass?

Sumanta 7 years ago

Good one.The content says that milk can cause constipation. But people says that worm milk before going to bed at night helps to have proper motion in the morning.

Celeste 7 years ago

It suddenly crept up on me; never experienced it. Quite painful to pass; tried lemon juice in hot tea, warm milk, 2 supposed herbal laxatives and it is slowly coming right, don't want to force it. I agree that we get conflicting info.

melissssuh 7 years ago

it's not very good when you only like food that causes it, but it wouldn't hurt to limit myself to get rid of this nasty thing.

Poon  7 years ago

Eat lots of RAW fruit and vegetables and try having a Green Smoothie. Look up Green smoothies in google.

Raw vegetables and fruit have a high nutrition value. Once cooked even lightly steamed you loose a lot of its nutrition and can even make some veggies less healthier.

Hope this helps has worked wonders on me...

Poon  7 years ago

Eat lots of RAW fruit and vegetables and try having a Green Smoothie. Look up Green smoothies in google.

Raw vegetables and fruit have a high nutrition value. Once cooked even lightly steamed you loose a lot of its nutrition and can even make some veggies less healthier.

Hope this helps has worked wonders on me...

reba 7 years ago

OK no offense to some of you but when I read a website looking for information I don't appreciate seeing comments that are rude and use dirty language. To those of you who may have tried these things and it does not work remember that somethings do not work for all and if you continue to have problems go see your doctor.

Consuelo (Puerto Rico) 7 years ago

No offense to Reba--but i have laughed my head off reading some of this...I guess it's better to take it lightly. What's not to be taken lightly is the worrying and anxiety you go through trying to deal with this problem. it is very troublesome. In my case i found out is caused by malfunction of the thyroid gland..., I think!!

pedro 7 years ago

What about; an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

honduhermosa 7 years ago

I agree with reba. Its not always going to work for everyone if it doesn't work for you then maybe its a bigger issue and you should go see your doctor. You don't have to insult the helpful information that is put out there because it works for most people. People need to stop being so rude.

callum 7 years ago

most of the foods and drinks that are supposed to help you pass through your body i am not allowed, this is because, although im 18 i have already got kidney stones and a stomach ulcer. Is there any other solutions for y i am constipated? Could this be my drugs that i am on, stress or any other reasons. The items i cannot have are anything with citric acid in, anything that causes stomach acid, anything with lactose in (as im lactose intollerent) anything fizzy etc. I usually have a healthy diet but just wanted to no and understand how to reduce my constipation and to whether it is the antibiotics i am currently using for kidney stones.

Dallas 7 years ago

im female and currently on duromine to lose weight, ever since i been on them, i get regular constipation. and it gets ot the point where i am to scared to go to the toilet because it really hurts., now since straining and straining i have an inner muscle or something down lower left side it hurts and aches, think its a muscle or nerve from straining. I am sick of not having a normal bowel system. i notice when i have bread i get it to. i eat salads and vegies mainly green vegies, broccolie, snow peas, zucchini. i have lean meats i always buy fresh fruit and vegies. im not a huge fruit person but i do eat, blueberries, strawberrys, and paw paw.

sean 7 years ago

would being a vegetarian help not having constipation?

Sue  7 years ago

I suffered for 20 years with constipation. It was horrific. Once I went to the emergency room after not having had a bowel movement for nine days! Believe me I know. And I had tried every remedy possible. None worked for long, till I paid to find the LASTING solution. I'm giving it to you here free, because I want others to know the immense relief I have found! If every day you take 500 to 1,000 mg of magnesium (I buy Nature Life from Vitamin Shoppe, but you can purchase anywhere) This has vitamin B6 in it. Then add 1 50 mg tablet of P-5-P which is pyridoxal-5-phosphate. Again I get this from Vitamin Shoppe and use their brand. For the first week, it only worked sporadically. But afterward, you will know the bliss of no bloating, daily movement, sometimes even twice or three times daily in an effortless way. The freedom is amazing! I didn't believe this would work, but I stuck with it a few days and it was amazing. I am now doing just 500 mg a day and have perfect bowel movements. If you get out of whack, up the amount. I've found no side effects or problems associated with it. Also, if you are needing results and don't have this yet, when I went to the hospital, they gave me an enema of warm milk and molasses. Seriously! It didn't work the first hour very much, but oh man, in about a couple hours it really let loose! It does work! My only motivation, is to see others get the relief I did. My life is wonderful again. And I'm betting yours can be too! Blessings!

Jasmeet 7 years ago

Thanks a lot for this wonderful info. It is a GREAT relief.

Hollyyy 7 years ago

I have had severe constipation since I was born.

Whenever I pass one it cuts the skin and I bleed horribly!

I have tried everything possible trust me. My doctor says there is nothing else I can try!

When I was in hospital last year to get my appendix out I didn't pass one for almost four weeks. I had to do it and it reopened the already there scars and I bled like a firehose!

Please help me.

Alexander 7 years ago

I wanna know if you can get rid of constipation and never have it again without using any treatments.

Anna 7 years ago

My doctor told me to eat PoPcOrN and I'm only 12 so u can trust me!!!

54321 7 years ago

this is a great website i think im going to try some of these ideas they sound really good. im only 10 years old and i have had constipation before but i really do NOT like it! so im gonna ask my parents if i can use some of these remedys, thanks for the help.

steve 7 years ago

yuy know the funniest part, is the pain, the mind fucking sessions we remove on toilet. i know my remedy is really bad, but thats how i m managing to do it the other way, by smoking cigrette and drinking tea in toilet. it helps, its shameful, but wht wud i do , to get rid of this sick thing wh seven years i m suffering

rani kaur 6 years ago

thanks for the useful information. It is working for me so far so good. thanks

Carmen 6 years ago

Hii, So...I was having horrible pains in my rectum and stomach. I was etsted and they said I had a hemroid in my rectum. the pain, wasss sooo badd!! I WANNA EATT!!! LIVERR! CAN I EAT IT..AND ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THE SURGERY ON BURNING TISSUE IN MY RECTUM SO I CAN'T GET ANY HEMRIODS

samia 6 years ago

Hi i studied the comments of all.i also suffered from constipation for a long time a home remedy helps me a lot to get rid of it i don't know it works for all or not but i really wish that it works.

1.half cup of warm milk with one tabelspoon of olive oil before going to bed mix them together and drink and don't eat or drink anything else after that just go to sleep.

2.1to2large black rasins boil in a half cup of water drink its water &eat the rasins before going to bed.

I hope that it will help u all.Its all natural so it doesnot have any side affect try it.Thanks

prithiv  6 years ago

its a fine remedy, thanks a lot.

Alex 6 years ago

Hi, here is a bit more on what brings constipation on and some naturals ways of treating it.

The most important causes for chronic constipation are wrong diet and a faulty style of living. All foods in their natural state contain a good percentage of ‘ropughage’ which is most essential in preserving natural balance of foods and also in helping peristalsis - the natural rhythmic action by means of which the food is passed down the alimentary canal. Much of the food we eat today is very deficient in natural bulk or roughage and this results in chronic constipation. Intake of refined and rich food lacking in vitamins and minerals, insufficient intake of water, consumption of meat in large quantities, excessive use of strong tea and coffee, insufficient chewing, overeating and wrong combination of foods, irregular habits of eating and drinking may all contribute to poor bowel function. Other causes include faulty and irregular habit of defeacation, frequent use of purgatives, weakness of abdominal muscles due to sedentary habits, lack of physical activity and emotional stress and strain.

Diseases such as tumours or growths, a sluggish liver, colitis, spastic condition of the intestine, hyperacidity, diseases of the rectum and colon, bad teeth, uterine diseases, diabetes, use of certain drugs for treating other ailments, abnormal condition of the lower spine and enlargement of the prostate glands can also cause chronic constipation.

The most important factor in curing constipation is a natural and simple diet. This should consist of unrefined food such as whole grain celerals, bran, honey, molasses, and lentills; green and leafy vegetables, especially spinach, french beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cabbage, cauliflower, brussels, sprouts, celery, turnip, pumpkin, peas, beets, asparagus, carrot; fresh fruits, especially pears, grapes, figs, papayas, mangoes, grapefruit, gooseberries, guava and oranges ; dry fruits such as figs, raisins, apricots and dates ; milk products in the form of butter, ghee and cream.

The diet alone is not enough. Food should be properly chewed-each morsel for at least 15 times. Hurried meals and meals at odd times should be avoided. Sugar and sugary foods should be strictly avoided because sugar steals B vitamins from the body, without which the intestines cannot function normally. Foods which constipate are all products made of white flour, rice, bread, pulses, cakes, pastries, biscuits, cheese, fleshy foods, preserves, white sugar and hard-boiled eggs.


theo 6 years ago

nice advice but lots of problem. most of you conclude that constipation is mainly caused by lack of fiber in the diet. so you suggest people eat more fruits and more serials. if this was the case then Eskimos and some amazon tribes should be dead by now from chronic constipation. reducing fat and increasing carbs is a disaster of the body. carbs are not essential while fats are. you can live much better without carbs or with very small quantities of them. fiber does to the body what wester medicine drugs do as well. they don't activate the body to respond to the problem and solve it. they try to solve the problem, causing all shorts of side effects. so if you add lots of fiber to your daily diet you will not solve the problem but you will become captive from the fiber and the laxatives .Also that monster they advertise as Mediterranean diet has got nothing to do with Mediterranean diet. if you search what Cretans used to eat 100-200 years ago you will see that starch was not there. fish, red meat, lots of olive oil ,dairy, eggs , vegetables and some fruits.

in conclusion before suggesting fiber as the solution you should first check to see who advertises it as a solution too. if brands like kellogg and nestle do then you can be sure that this will cause more problems then it will solve, as a diet rich in carbs and low in fat will.

Annie Corneil 6 years ago

OMG THE PAINN Thanks For The Info.

shailendra munshi  6 years ago

yeah very right, all above tips are extremely helpful to keep your self away from stomach disorder, in addtion i suggest to take mayam churna manufactured by seth brothers from bhavnagar after might meal, two spoon of kayam churna will hela lot

sweetiekool 6 years ago

hi i've tried everything possible but nothing helps. If i still have constipation after two weeks i start getting a fever and stomach cramps and it's so terrible that i have to resort to taking a laxative which is a temporary solution to my problem. I am only 24and i have had this problem for all my life. Constipation is making my stomach fat and bloated and my whole body sore. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME

lynda 6 years ago

omg! my tummy hurts i can't shit!

Payden 6 years ago

Ok I'm only 11 and rite now I'm constiated and I don't really want to get on the toilet at this point I don't even like thinking bout the toilet and the laxitiv i'm taking isn't helping much

jm 6 years ago

Great advice. Hope it helps. Have had the worst stomach and bowel cramps for the last few days. Went to the dr today but she didn't help much...

Hopefully some of these suggestions will

Carriecakes 6 years ago

After I had my baby I had the worst case of constipation, my bowel was so impacted that I was having contractions in my backside, way more painful than any labour pains ( I've had four kids so I know!)

In the end after living in the bath in purest agony, drinking concentrated prune juice, orange juice, prunes, 6 enemas, fibregel, pints of warm water, coffee, the only thing that worked was having a poor nurse shove her entire arm up my backside and removing some of the blockage. tmi I know :-)still had to go through another three days of bleeding and pain til it was advice, watch out for codeine or any codeine based pain relief ( its bad for constipation!)drink plenty and don't let it get too far with a doctor, it CAN get worse.

Rich 6 years ago

Lactolose is great, its very very very sweet, like drinking pure sugar, so have another drink to hand if you don't like sweet things as this could make you feel a little sicky. To anyone going through this right now, remember it will end. I had constipation most of my life til I found out I am allergic to dairy and most meats. I'm now a very contented soya milk drining veggie and my constipation stopped almost immediately. fresh veg every day, fresh fruit, 8 glasses of water, and tons of cereal with plenty of fibre keeps me constant and has changed my pain ridden life. Hope this helps people.

healthfreak79 profile image

healthfreak79 6 years ago

Check out the e book on my lens if you are looking for a quick one stop cure for constipation. =)

help plz 6 years ago

plz plz plz plz help .i m 18 boy and sick of constipation . I m crying right now and tears are falling down.begging..

help plz 6 years ago

plz somebody help me .plz somebody help me .its affecting my whole body .i can't even concentrate on my studies.its affecting my behaviour too.and afterall it feels so so bad to have waste inside your body.which needs to be out.i m sick of it .plz somebody help...

SK 6 years ago

Kayam churna is great.

I have been using it for 10 years. 1 spoon at night.

Selena 6 years ago

I was always scared to ask anyone for help,

but this site is fantastic ! Im going to try it and really hope that it works. Thank-you, all this is much appreciated :)

unknown1 6 years ago

omg....i soo hope this helps! soo stressed from worrying!..also im fasting as it is ramadan, so i've got to wait till sunset for me to try these stuff!

Aussiechickk93 6 years ago

I have been eating a high-fibre diet for the past 2 days and taking this medicine my mum has given me to help it, but it doesn't really help that much. The reason I got this was because I binged on too much junk food in one sitting... and it made me feel sick. Never again will I do that. I'll try some of these remedies, and what sucks is, I can't eat mums famous spaghetti balognese tonight coz carbs get slowly digested!!!! Wow I can't wait till this is over :(

no.1poogirl 6 years ago

thnk for da info my poo is jammed tight in my but

no.1poogirl 6 years ago

i know my mums spagbal is de best and i can't eat it but i suppose im just going to have to be a vegan for a bit until my poop plops out

btw does anyone know how long it should take for dee poop to plop out?

no.1poogirl 6 years ago

my poo is jammed real tight i can't eat cake! or cookies!

dere dee highlight of my day bro aswell as a chineese take away mmmmmm de one in ealing is mmmm soooo goooood!!

nooo i can't eat dee fortune cookies! or my mums home made lasange btw can i eat wheat and gluten free cookies and stuff? all im really eating eery day is strawberries banna grapes cherries pinnapple mango and carrots and stuff!!!!!! waaaa when will dis nighty mare goooooo sheww u silly nighty mare goooo away or ill poop on u oh whoops i can't poop its still jammed waaaaaa help me please

carrot head 6 years ago

theese floppy carrots are annoying me i need m chicken burger from sams chicken oh yh and no.1poogirl your really funny

no.1poogirl 6 years ago

tank u my tummy is begging me for a chicken wrap its saying you give me a chicken wrap and ill poop for u i agree wit my tummy i deserve a chicken wrap especually cause my poop is still jammed

melina 6 years ago

are these all needed?

can't i just eat fruits, veggies, fiber and prunes?

these are too much! and i hate honey and sugar.

the only thing i will do is to drink a cup of warm water with half lemon juice.

lilly 6 years ago

ive tried this and it never worked. i was 10 when it first started now im 12. i sometimes don't wanna tell my mom. i hold it in for about 4 days. when i let it out it hurts really bad. i feel self contious when i go to school too wishing i was normal.

Mamta 6 years ago

I lost my 15 year old son because of chronic constipation. His colon had increased in size and the walls of his colon had become very thin. I too suffer from constipation. Please help with a good diet plan. Am desperate to clear my stomach daily. Figs, bran flour chapathis, coconut water, yakult, vegetables,and a couple of bottles of water every day do help sometimes but not for clearing my system on a daily basis as yet. Please help

lawwww 6 years ago

i hate the pain its soooooo annoying i wish the stupid poop would come out alresdy it hirts like a rock HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

syndney 6 years ago

I have been a vegetarian 40+ years, yet, i suffer from constipation with the best of them. I think it is a heredidtary contition. Yes, i juice frequently, eat plenty of salads and fresh fruit but the curse is still with me. For a while, eating 2 meals a day-no snacks, ,made me regular and blissfully happy, until one night, the urge for popcorn, threw me off kilter again.

Good luck to all and please, do not despair

Rachel 6 years ago

i have had constipation for a year now and it really puts me down. i feel like shit all the time. ive visited the doctor a numerous amount of times and ive tried most things but nothin seems to be working. the doctor told me i don't eat enough fibre foods & fruits so im working on that. i always take 3 spoons of laxouse a day. hopefully my constipation will go away soon because i don't feel myself. i want to go back to normal so bad!

Constipation cure 6 years ago

In certain cases constipation is a symptom of some under-lying severe disorder. The disorder can be chronic cancer, depression, spinal chord trauma, Diverticulitis etc. In such cases a medical examination is imperative. When there is such an under lying problem involved, then symptoms like blood traces in the stools, abdominal pain, vomiting and constipation persisting till two weeks arise.

Constipation cure 6 years ago

In certain cases constipation is a symptom of some under-lying severe disorder. The disorder can be chronic cancer, depression, spinal chord trauma, Diverticulitis etc. In such cases a medical examination is imperative. When there is such an under lying problem involved, then symptoms like blood traces in the stools, abdominal pain, vomiting and constipation persisting till two weeks arise.

Gene Johnson 6 years ago

Wow, I'm so sorry for some of the posts I've read, thanks for's great to know that I'm not alone. I've been doing enema's for 2 years. No side effects that I've noticed, and I feel great. I have not addressed whatever the underlying problem is however, so have decided to work on diet and add fiber in; have lost 20 pounds in 2 years, so now my stomach is almost flat and I feel better (not bloated or achy like before) but still have acheys in my right side (issues with digestion I think) so take enymes for's only if I eat too much "standard diet" food, if I eat good, no aches. I would like to know if anyone has a system to get "off" enemas and transitioning to a normal elimination w/o the stimulus of the enema...

Healthnuttoo 6 years ago

Once you are not constipated, you should realize that this is only a temporary state, unless you make radical changes to your diet.

Also, if you are overweight, chances are you will be carrying around a lot of impacted fecal matter in your colon. I won't go into the dangers of this, but believe me, you do not want to do that.

I suggest that you do a colon cleanse at least once per year. This will help you to clean your colon really well. After that, you can stick to a very good diet of good foods. TO help, just do a search online for 2 things:

1. Foods that cause constipation

2. Foods that prevent constipation.

All the best,


Diana 6 years ago

I've been drinking gallons of water, eating lots of vegetables, as ordered by my diet, been drinking hot tea with honey every day for the last two weeks. Then all of the sudden out of nowhere, I can't take a dump. It's been two days and I don't feel good. Any advice?

saket agarwal 6 years ago

follow this nd u ll be alright. any kind of constipation.

treat it in a harmless way. don't use allopaths.

i 've been constipated from childhood but sum days b4 it reached on extreme. i bought non-allopathics like HAMDARD'S SHARBAT ARZANI (for dry stools), SHETH BROTHER'S KAYAM CHURAN (most effective on stools), & HIMALAYA'S TRIPHALA (its a colon cleanser). i tried these in many ways but i m going to tell u the effective formula of using it.

take SHARBAT ARZANI (its a liquid, very tasty) 7 teaspoonful with warm or warmer enough glass of water about 300ml (it is very important that the water shouldn't be cold or it wont effect at all). don't take with juice or other thing.

Nothing will happen next day, don't worry. repeat 2nd night, nothing will happen again. 3rd night use KAYAM CHURAN 3 teaspoonfull with warm glass of water 300ml (its taste is bizarre for the beginners but if u can't tolerate, take at least 2 anyhow, u want to get cured or not?). it contain senna leaves which is a dynamite for the stools. if u can't get it than try to get any other laxative which should contain senna leaves. i've heard about LAXIWIN of baidyanath's also but didn't tried it. or u should get only senna extract anyhow if u can't find them.

next day u'll see its holy effect. if bychance nothing happens just drink a glass of warm water and eat sumthing like an apple or drink orange juice. if nothing happens don't be afraid .try again in night 3 teaspoonfull with warm water. it will surely work i guarantee u. after doing shit, when u finished it feeling it's not coming now take a TRIPHALA CAPSULE. after some hours take half teaspoon of cinnamon powder. now start taking SHARBAT ARZANI at night. if its not going to be regular. try again KAYAM CHURAN next night. kayam churan should not be used every night bcas ur system will get used to of it which is not a good thing bcas senna has side effects of cramping ur internal system, not much but little.

during this whole process ur diet should be lots of papaya, spinach saag or any green vegie methi, bathua etc., some mausmi juice, daliya, 1 or 2 chapati with moong dal can be taken in bf,lunch or dinner.avoid taking dry vagies.

repeat the process again & again until ur cured. its completely harmless. it may take 6-7 days. when u r normal ur prime obj should be to make it regular.

take sharbat arzani every night and triphala 1 capsule daily. add papaya, mausmi or orange juice, vegies in ur daily diet. after some time ull be able to consume any kind of food nd ur intestines will automatically throw out thats how it should be. remember don't lose hope. use the process again & again. duration of its effect may vary but it works.

shashank 6 years ago

aaj main bahut khush poocho poochho main hoo khush kyu.

meri tatti nikal gayi hai

bas problem ye hai tatti kachchhe mein nikal gayi hai.

pprazi 6 years ago

White cranberry juice works too. Anything that is a berry.

shashank 6 years ago

use gummy berry juice

ragini patuti 6 years ago

thnax ill use kayam churan

the best 6 years ago

use with water or warm milk

LiTtLeMiSsEmO 6 years ago

Heyyah im only 13 and im anorexic ,im not a skeleton girl though im still fat and ugly .

I haven't been to the toliet in 2weeks and i had about a packet of senakot which hanst helped , im getting real worried about it because my stomach is seriously hurting , my mum doesn't know about my eating disorder so i can't explain it to her properly .

Any helpppp ???

sana 6 years ago

thanks for rremedy im gonna try this hope its work

sasha 6 years ago

this didn't work for me... :-(

anonymous 6 years ago


I've also been suffering from constipation since birth.Fibrous diet never worked for me.After doing a lot of research I found that having lots of butter or ghee with everything you have makes you get rid of constipation no matter what you have.But avoiding stuffs made of flour is advisable ,else top them up with lots of butter.This should work as it worked for me!Sometimes fibrous diet causes more constipation as it happened in my case.... don't know why?Also drink plenty of water.I also found that change of place also helps sometimes as the water changes.Hard water worsens the problem.Hope this helps....GOOD LUCK.

satyajit 5 years ago

These are really very beneficial tips. 5 years ago

this is the best tips for constipatation..

profile image

Anna_J 5 years ago

I hope I can help, as so many of you out there, I've suffered pain and constipation for years, and I got to such a point where I was so desperate I was really frigtened. Normal advice, including Doctor's just didn't work for me so I did everything I could to search for answers myself, and tried heaps of remedies online, from juice mixtures to enema's to everything, but nothing worked!

And yes, I eat a lot of fibre, fruit and vegies,water,exercise etc. so understand what everyone is saying when that doesn't work for some, some of us for various reasons need drastic help!!!

I have Two tips (or remedies)that practically saved my life. (Seriously, I would be very sick today if I hasn't been told about these). And after years/months of trying various pharmaceutical methods, mixtures and enema's and every laxative available, I was CERTAIN NOTHING WOULD EVER WORK!!!! BECAUSE NOTHING EVER HAS!

I sopke to a pharacist who told me her daughter had the same problem, after I began buying packets of salt mixtures that people use to clean themselves out before they go into hospital for a Colonoscopy. (warning- these do not work properly) I was desperate and was thinking i'd have to book a professional Colon cleansing treatment. (In the emergency room, the doctor's were so dismissive & also made me feel very humiliated, and I was in so much pain, bloated and really blocked up!)

Anyway, this pharmacist told me about two products that CURED her daughter (I was so dubious) but if I hadn't tried them a year ago, I'm SURE I'd have developed SERIOUS PROBLEMS by now, this is NOT A CONDITION TO TAKE LIGHTLY-NEVER LET ANYONE CONVINCE YOU OTHERWISE! I was so sure I'd develop bowel Cancer, or else die of the pain.


1. DIETER'S NUTRI-LEAF HERBAL TEA. (herbal Laxative tea)

Please don't dismiss this like I did at first!!!! I BEGAN BY DRINKING THIS TWICE A DAY & COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH IT WORKED- PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY! It may cause bad cramps at first, but after a few weeks, if you have a cup every morning, you will go NORMALLY. I never miss it! Contact NUTRI HEALTH FOOD CENTRE,, or if in australia ph: (03) 9543 7772. In australia, it's sold in Health food stores and is in a green packet with black writing. I pay $12.99 for 30 teabags....and it's VERY POPULAR- NOT FOR DIETING, BUT A LOT OF PEOPLE RELY ON IT. the ingredients are all listed in the website, but it DOES WORK.

2. I also was advised to start taking a Colon cleanse called COLOCAP Balance-because this works long-term, drawing fluid INTO the intestines, and training the muscles etc. to work again. I need this just as much as the Tea, but less often once you're unblocked and finally getting back to normal. I'm sure this product would be available in the USA, please try it!

If you've suffered years of constipation, this may take a week or more before it begins to work, but when it does work, the relief is unbelievable, and more importantly, it works PROPERLY-NOT SUPERFICIALLY. (i'll paste some info below).

hope this helps- don't give up!


Colocap Balance™ is an innovative concept in the area of bowel health.

Colocap Balance™ capsules contain Magnesium Sulfate as an active ingredient. Both the Magnesium and the Sulfate in Magnesium Sulfate draw water into the intestines, making it a powerful saline laxative which aids in flushing waste from the body.

Saline laxatives do not directly stimulate intestinal muscles, but act by gently washing the colon and flushing waste from the body.

Colocap Balance™ offers you an innovative formulation of concentrated Magnesium Sulfate, dried and encapsulated to give you an easy-to-take and palatable natural laxative.

tabish imam 5 years ago

best thing i had read about constipation

profile image

Accasia 5 years ago

There is definitely hope!

I have been going through everything that everyone has experienced with constipation. The best way I can describe my constipation is like the pain of not just trying to push out a rock or a dozen hard sharp rocks but the discomfort, bloated feeling you feel. I have been using Dieter's Nutri - Leaf Herbal Tea for about 2 months. It works so well. It is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I had cramping at first and sometimes still do. I drink it at night and it works by morning. I hope everyone gives the Tea a go. It is such a relief.

To help with the cramping I get I use BUSCOPAN - over the counter relief for stomach cramps and spasms. It has Hyoscine Butylbromide in it. Hospitals use it for stomach/pelvic pain as well.

I realised I don't have to suffer from constipation and pain and I realised eating fiber and a healthy diet isn't just the answer!

I ordered and tried COLOCAP Balance just yesterday (after reading the advice posted by Anna). Thank you Anna, it has already begun working and the pharmacy told me it would help regulate everything more normally. I thought I was the only one drinking the Herbal Tea, but the Health food shop told me a lot of people use it also. I'm so glad it gives you the most needed relief as it does for me! I am so glad you gave the information about Colocap.

From a very relieved person.


kanvi 5 years ago

during pregannacy which is much better to get rid of constipation

Damaris 5 years ago

Thanks so much for the advice. I have been reading everyones comments and i am definitely going to try some of the suggestions. I only hope it works!

anne 5 years ago

thanks for your tips Anna, Im definitely going to give those two a whirl.

anne 5 years ago

thanks for your tips Anna, Im definitely going to give those two a whirl.

Amber 5 years ago

somebody help me! im in pain!

Deeree 5 years ago

All of you, i had constipation Yesterday, i was in soo much pain i couldn't sleep on my back i have been constipated for 3 days. i was scared to eat DID EVERYTHING

its my second time the first time i had to get a bottles liquid Enimal

but this time i used these glycerine gel things that look like bullets, in 20 min after u put it


i had the biggest smile on my face after. i feel you.

Jeff 5 years ago

After a weightlifting injury, I developed an anal fissure. Hard stools kept the fissure from healing. I made some major changes in my diet this week that have really softened my stools and kept the fissure from re-tearing. Here's what I added to my diet:

-I eliminated soda and am drinking at least 48 oz. of water a day.

-Lots of nuts - at least a half of a can of almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts per day.

-I eat a fruit salad eat night at dinner, and I've added a heaping tablespoon of shredded coconut to that salad.

-For breakfast, and organic oat bran oatmeal. Once it's cooked, I add a heaping tablespoon of wheat bran.

-I eliminated cheese from my diet (which was painful!)

I don't know which element of the diet is working the best to really soften the stool (I think the hard amount of nuts is helping the most) but combined, I'm not having any issues with the fissure re-tearing.

I also take one hot sitz bath each night, 2-3 stool softeners, and use some natural healing oil meant to treat fissures. (These three things alone weren't helping without the diet changes.)

I hope someone else can make these changes and see some benefits.

Mrs.Bunzino 5 years ago

So my doctor has me on pain meds percocet to be exact and now im constipated and i hate it and i believe it is a side effect but now i don't know what to do help i have tried sevral things and now i am down to warm water...

dalvinedr kaur 5 years ago

it works with a lot of pain

sierra 5 years ago

i am showing someone i hope it works i have an impacted one

qwerty 5 years ago

Eating fruit & exercise is important. Also you might want to try praying, to see if there is a deeper reason for your infirmity. Repent & make amends on God's terms, & that's the fastest way to be cured! However sometimes God allows us to experience problems.2 CORINTHIANS 12:Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. 8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

John 5 years ago

For me, lot's of drinking water help me.

constipation remedies

hangal 5 years ago


every night take 2 teaspoonful of sat isabgol (psyllium husk)with warm enough water or milk,,,,i recommend water nd sleep. in morning,,,,drink a cup of tea (acc. 2 me tea helps to force it),,,90 % chance it'll came out easily,,,,,,,,wait for 1/2 an hour,,by chance if doesn't,,,,,here is a trick,,,,,,drink plenty of room temperature water until it comes 2 ur neck,,,,wait a min,,,,,burps,,,,leave those airs,,,,,than drink again fill upto the neck,,,,wait again to burp,,,than fill again iff there's some margin. drink as much as u can nd see its impact ur self,,,, it will throw ur stool out wid a tremandous force guaranteed. the logic is psyllium makes smooth stool packets nd water makes it more smooth.

CAUTION :- no need 2 use xpensive husks,,,buy as cheapest as u get i recommend SAT ISABGOL of sidhpur.

don't use psyllium husks if having colitis problem,,,,,it will make it worse,,,,,bware.

iff very chronic constipation,,,, don't take psyllium husk,,,,1st take KAYAM CHURAN ( a senna product) or any senna product 1st 2 days,,,,,it will throw ur stools out then start taking psyllium nd make it routine,,,,,,,it's totally safe. don't use senna products regular bcas harmful on intestines.

mukesh 5 years ago

thanku so much........

It never ends 5 years ago

I'm freaking out. I've been constipated for about 2 WEEKS!!! wht should I do? I've tried everything pretty much. I'm only 15 how ling will this go on??? But for others try enemas and eat lots of prunes. Enemas hurt a little but it's better to get it over with.grrr so much pain

khat31 5 years ago

person above me ive been constipated for 4 days im 12 and it hurts like crap things that helped me was drinking two cups of prune juice every 5 hours i know it taste gross but the more u drink it the better it tastes plus relaxes the stomach also try making a day of relaxion and just sleep on your side it hurts on your back also try moving around a little hurts but it helps for sitting down also try rubbing an ice cube around your well anuss it cools you down and makes it easier to sleep other than that hope this helps

Shitter Stuck 5 years ago

Trying to drop kids at pool but I got a damn log jam. Done tried to squirt some soap and Ky in it... Anyone got a spoon I can get.....

Doddie 5 years ago

There is a tea you can get from the health food store called Smooth Move. Take it last thing at night .

Katie 5 years ago

I used to have severe constipation. But even since I've been taking Psyllium Husk (in a powder form) but you can get capsules, I am no longer constipated and go to the toilet every day without fail (sometimes up to 3 times a day without and straining or pain). It may not work for everyone, but certainly worth a try as it's best to solve the problem long term and have a 'normal' poo every day rather than going through one off cleanses you have to take as drastic measures once you get all blocked up and constipated. I also eat prunes every day and drink lots of water. Hope this helps!

5 years ago

Help it's hurts so bad :(

sephie 5 years ago

i get constipated really badley but i eat fruit and chocolatates and it gets better. i have been constipated for a week before now. i take some tablets called senokot tablets which really help. Drink water with it and take two before bed and about mid-day try to go. It worked for me! If it works don't take anymore as you will get used to them and then you won't be able to go poo without them so try to go poo alone. if you don't go for two days take them again e.t.c. It also helps to be at home and it might take along time hours may be but be patient. Drink orange juice and water and fizzy drinks non-stop. hope this helps.

5 years ago

tanks sephie i think you ment midday the next day though but i think you are right about being at home as i have moved house and i can't go may-be it's because i have a new toilet. by the way i am going to get them tablets. I'm 12

5 years ago

tanks sephie i think you ment midday the next day though but i think you are right about being at home as i have moved house and i can't go may-be it's because i have a new toilet. by the way i am going to get them tablets. I'm 12

Nisha 5 years ago

Have papayya after dinner & drink 1 spoon triphal powder in half glass of hot water......

Slim Panda 5 years ago

i lol'ed at some of the comment "the pain.. help me ..etc

i know i have constipation too but reading others pain make me feel a little relieved about myself

it also gave me courage to go face my fear ...the toilet bowl

so tonight i will try and conquer my fear

wish me luck!

-Slim Panda

girl 5 years ago

well its been 3 days i try every thing, and i still the same way i need more help can some one help me out there thank you

nene 5 years ago


nene 5 years ago

hello deja el show kitate la mini falda asta la espalda

hehe 5 years ago

watta head i hope youz good luck lmfao seeingg these pplz in constipation XD

HAHA 5 years ago



ta x 5 years ago

thanx it will help me a lot thanx for advising me about constpaition and now i no why i alof a sudden feal sick thax and get well soon ppl. xx

ta x 5 years ago

thanx it will help me a lot thanx for advising me about constpaition and now i no why i alof a sudden feal sick thax and get well soon ppl. xx

Al faisal 5 years ago

i have this problem to can any buddy please tell me about this triphala powder what is that and which type of thing is this and if i want to order this product is there any possibilites?

Kate 5 years ago


It worked! x 5 years ago

Movicol worked like a charm for me t.b.h.... Thanks Kate. X

Kelz 5 years ago

Thank you!you really helped me a lot

Accasia 5 years ago

Pineapple, paw paw, kiwi fruit, pears, figs, prune juice, prunes, papaya and water works great! I've been constipated for about a year, off and on, sometimes not constipated for up to 7 days. I tried Psyllium husk drink in the morning and then one or two types of the above fruits with water and for about 2 months I've been going to the toilet twice a day EVERY day! It's been such a relief. Figs are great. I'd say give it a go especially the pineapple. And drink abot 1.5 to 2 litres of water throughout the day!

Accasia 5 years ago

Oops...I meant to say I was constipated on and off for a year up to 7 days at a time in my above post. Until I tried the fruits recommended on this website

bahut bada gandu 5 years ago

arre jhatuon chutio raat me sat isabgol leke so jaya karo subah garma chaaye pike thori der me tatti aa javegi aur kayi dino ki kabji hai to phle kayam churan maar lo 2 raat sari jami jamayi tatti pharr pharr nikal padegi uske baad sat isabgol lena shuru karo roj phir dekho kya tatti aati hai itni jordar k mann krega k kisi dushman k moo me karr do

SOMYA 5 years ago

yseless i have tried all of them

Anna 5 years ago

Movicol works the best for me although it smells and tastes like fish guts....but the things that r the worst helps u more!

profile image

Accasia 5 years ago

I think different things will work for different people - it depends on the individual and best to give everything a go. I'm going to try Movicol. At the moment I'm trying prune juice (works well), eat figs every day, pears and paw paw! Also drink warm water with lemon! I have to change it from time to time as I get used to it!

Koolkat 5 years ago

My mom keeps getting mad at me for this and I can't really help in me it's mostly because I don't poop and a regular basis but she keeps getting mad I ussally use this chocolate thing she gives me but I just don't want to tell her this time cause it's happened so many times what is the easiest thing to do?

profile image

Accasia 5 years ago

I used to use chocolate laxative but it's not a cure for constipation. Have you tried different suggestions on this website Koolkat? Warm water with lemon in it, eating fruits such as pears, figs, paw paw, kiwi fruit or prune juice? Maybe you could tell your Mum to have a look at this website so she understands a bit better that other people are going through it as well and you're not the only one.

onewhoisbungedup! 5 years ago

I have been constipated for 7 days now. Not been bothered with constipation for ages. I usually take a mouthful of Syrup of Figs and it manages to move it. I also take an Aloe Vera tablet every day from Holland & Barrett. But recently I ate one carryout after another for about a whole week and never ate healthy at all. Fatty and unhealthy and red meat. NOT A GOOD COMBINATION!! Im sitting at home cause Im constipated. Had to go to the dr about it. I have tried everything ie a whole bottle of syrup of figs, a whole box of Fybogel, nearly 20 aloe vera tablets, a dulcolax tablet (which are usually very painful laxative), loads of water need I say more!! I still haven't been. So, the dr gave me senokot tablets and lactulose to take. so over the last two days I have taken six senokot tablets and half a bottle of lactulose and still NOTHING!!! I can feel gurgling in my stomach but still nothing ... I don't feel well now and am desperate to go ... its funny how it makes you feel sooo unwell. Any help other than prune juice people?? I need a fix straight away :-(

chez 5 years ago

hi all for those ladies who tend to get it pre period i myself have founf that taking vitabiotics well woman vits helped me a great deal i have read before that its due to the hormone changes and these level out hormones so i prusume this is why they helped but i do beleive drinking water and trying to eat a good diet is vital but not always east to stick too.

fuck 5 years ago

I have had this problem for a long time. I am 22 years old, eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, veggies, fiber, water, etc. My constipation is so bad that I once went without a bowel movement for a month and week. I've worked at a health food store for over 3 years so i am very well versed in natural remedies and laxatives. I'm reading people on this site complaining of being constipated for a day and think to myself "if they only knew". I began using Acidophilus Probiotic pearls that worked pretty well for about 3 months. They stopped working. I started using triphala capsules recently which worked the first time but never again. I even up'ed the dosage, still nothing. Bought aloe vera juice because i heard it "lubricated the large intestine" and people posted on different message boards about how it solved all their problems. I can't tell how well it is working, but it seemed to help a tiny bit. I try to drink coffee because it used to kick start the bowels but that stopped working as well. I sometimes uses Organic Smooth Move tea. The main ingredient is Senna, also some fennel, cinnamon, licorice, etc. It is the only thing that works so far. It still doesn't work on me as it does for other people who are occasional constipated, it just gets a little out for me. The only problem is that senna is linked to dependency, meaning your body can get reliant on the herb and eventually you wont be able to go to the bathroom with out, just like over the counter laxatives. I am very nervous of my condition because it is starting to effect the quality of my life. i know it sounds dramatic but the discomfort of living with constipation is greatly underestimated. I am constantly fatigued and sleep almost 12 hours a day, I wake up in a bad mood, feeling tired and bloated. when poked, my stomach makes a gurgling sound as if the stool is just sitting in there. When i finally have a bowel movement as result of the tea, i lose up to 5 pounds. I think it is time to go see a gastroenterologist, because is seems that there may be a very serious, underlying problem.

Shane 4 years ago

I can't take a dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chanel 4 years ago

Sugar, really, i guess i will have to try it out today. I have tried everything, laxatives for a day, cranberry and grape juice. Anyone tried something different?

Blubble 4 years ago

to me, warm water tastes like crap. But that's wat I need to do

Chloe 4 years ago

I have been drinking lots of water and veg but what I want to know does it help when you go to the loo

angel 4 years ago

just forget everything and do this--

1) Drink warm water with 1/2 of a lemon squeezed in it 1st thing in the morning.

2) Eat raw radish atleast 3 no's in a day.

3)Avoid all outside and spicy food and all that written above that you are supposed to avoid at least for a week.

4) don't drink any carbonated drinks or juices outside as this contain high amounts of sugar that body can't easily break down.

5) Drink tender coconut water -- 3 to 4 times a day

6) Put "BURNOL" ointment on the anus when it burns and also before going to sleep-- repeat until the anus is healed.

7) Eat Blend food howmuchever possible..only salt--don't use pepper.

8) Drink atleast 3 litres of water--preferably warm water everytime!

9)Cut long soft bananas into slices-- mix it with 2 table spoons of ghee before going to sleep.

For hard painful stool to come out -- try applying any oil generously directly on the anus before going to take a shit!

Hope this works well...follow the diet strictly..

NOTE: If the above remedy does not show any improvement in 3 days -- you can drink 3 to 4 table spoons of castor oil. This will work for sure!! You can't take oil if you have jaundice- hepatitis or are allergic to oil otherwise it will work wonders..!

Do send me a mail if the above remedy worked for you or any other comments or opinion on:

I would love to hear from you!


angel 4 years ago

I forgot to add lots of lady's finger in the diet! you can have 1/4 kg per day at night for dinner..or throughout the day!


garima 4 years ago


Preggerlady 4 years ago

Well, maybe someone has a different remedy, because I have tried everything and still suffer from chronic constipation. I have never been constipated before, but then I got pregnant and suddenly going to the bathroom was hell

Acacia 4 years ago

I struggle with constipation from time to time (more often than not) and when I do, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel! I found persistence helps me and waiting it out while eating the right foods and drinking water. Taking laxatives may get rid of constipation temporarily but it disrupts me from getting back to a normal bowel habit.

At the moment I'm drinking 1/3 cup prune juice with half a cup of blackcurrant juice twice a day. I eat raw vegies during the day such as broccoli, pear, beans etc and brown rice at dinner with more vegies. I've taken out all preserved foods, white flour products and white rice and gone to fruits, dried fruits. I hate living like this especially because I have a bloated stomach! Does anyone else have a stomach like you're a few months pregnant after eating?

navanee 4 years ago

Sir pls help iam having always gas problems and sometime diarhea against gas.please help me ....iam having really trouble with it can't go any were having gas symptoms going bathroom after eating morning food..please give any solution sir please....

Krishna 4 years ago

I dnt knw why u guys r wasting money and time. Take some vim and mix it with any food item u like. Wait for few min...........

Here it comes...........

Beepampered Wholistic Healing 4 years ago

Or you can take fiberzon plus from amazonherb company.

Ulises Ortega 4 years ago

Really Helped A lot :D

annhole 4 years ago

i've had 3 colon twenty years only laxative have helped.

PBP 4 years ago

Many people don't realize that they have a Milk allergy and one of the symptoms is Constipation. So eliminate milk compeletely from your diet and see if it helps/

Lol 3 years ago

Help it hurts so bad and this message is from the toilet

garvit 3 years ago

my child is three year old suffering from chronic constipation can anyone tell me solution i had tried all the above but worked temporarily

Friedala 3 years ago

I suffered a lot of discomfort (stomach always sore, always feeling backed up) for probably ten years. I finally stumbled across what worked for me, though I don't know if it will work for other people. I cut out soluble fiber from my diet (e.g. bran, psyllium). I still eat fruit and vegetables (insoluble fiber) but cut out all the high-fiber cereals. It has been a couple of years now and my life is so much better!

razu singha 3 years ago

m 17+

i have been suffered from gastric problem since 4months....

and therefore m facing constipation....

i have taking large number of alopathy remedy but the problem is still remain in the same m continue..loosing waight

there is a lots of pimples in my face.......

and my stomach is loos and fill and my body temperature is going down day by day...

moreover, i had avoid all kind of fucking remedies and started taking kayam churna.

John 23 months ago

A lot of people are not aware that figs are actually natural laxatives. For people who are not too sure again what laxatives are, laxatives can make stools looser and can help prevent constipation? Most of the laxatives that can be seen right now has been mixed in with chemicals that might not be that healthy for the body. Figs are all natural so people do not have to worry about anything.There are a lot of tips for long- and short-term solutions to constipation here:

maryjanewong 22 months ago

My DD got frequent stomach discomfort, and often get constipated very easily.. I even brought him to see doctor but the medication didnt work for long term cos after the med ended, the prob came back. Anyone can share any baby constipation remedies that i use?? I'm very worried for my DD.

Ada 22 months ago

I think u should also look for long term solution to solve your child constipation problem meanwhile u can try on home remedies too.. U can try to look for milk with pre-biotic that help constipation.

Ashley 22 months ago

My neighbour's son was having the same problem previously but once they switched to Mamil for a week, no more constipation problem! Because it contains no sugar and high DHA! But, the pre-biotic in Mamil help to solve constipation problem!

haleyleong 22 months ago

u can try feeding ur LO with fruits or freshly squeezed fruit juice. Also be sure to cut the fruits into small cubes for easier digestion.....

LUMLUM 22 months ago

My DD used to have constipation for a long period of time. Since we switched to Mamil, her stools look perfectly fine and no more such constipation probs dy.. Definitely worth trying if ur LO encounter such thing..

Valerieee 22 months ago

A lot ppl now comparing Mamil with Enfamil. But IMO I think if compare Mamil and Enfamil, i would go for Mamil la.. cos its way less sweeter..

supermumkl 22 months ago

i was comparing between sustagen and endura, and sustagen is cheaper.. Anyone knw how much is Mamil, if compared to sustagen, it is cheaper?

Fendi Abdullah profile image

Fendi Abdullah 22 months ago

different... sustagen is not milk... but Mamil is milk mah1! if your son hungry of course you would let your children drink sustagen....

of course drink Mamil milk la!

well.. Mamil is more expensive for sure. but somehow was they can solved the baby constipation..

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Fendi Abdullah 22 months ago

different... sustagen is not milk... but Mamil is milk mah1! if your son hungry of course you would let your children drink sustagen....

of course drink Mamil milk la!

well.. Mamil is more expensive for sure. but somehow was they can solved the baby constipation..

Tonq 20 months ago


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Kelvin Poh 20 months ago

Recently I noticed that my son has some abnormal changes. The first symptoms was he change the bowel pattern and he seem has a difficulty during every bowel movement. I ask him and he told me that sometimes he feel that his belly is hard and stomach ache every time after meal for an hour and he told me that lying on the bed gets better. I was so worried and share this story with my family. My sister told me that he might be facing constipation and advise me to change my formula milk because formula milk usually is the main cause of constipation. Now I'm here to seeking opinion whether my sister statement was truth and the mean time I need some suggestion regarding which formula milk that can help in preventing constipation? tq

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SY Kang 20 months ago

I believe not all the traditional remedies are working, most of them dont work on every children. Depending on whether ur kid can take it or not. There's once my LO got into hosp due to minor poisoning after consuming some chinese traditional herb given by my SIL which she used to give it to her son as well.. little kids stomach is very sensitive one u knw. never tried any traditional remedies after that.. I suggest u mothers here don't ever try unknown remedies unless its prescribed by doctors or medical consultants.

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Hype Acto 20 months ago

no worries kang. i've faced this problem before. my daughter got constipated. after weeks, i've try out mamil and gave to her. in a week, her constipation prevented. i've used mamil because my sister had used mamil before. she suggested me because mamil better than others formula milk. it contained zero percent sugar and got more level of dha than others. plus, it contained good bacteria which can made the stool became more softly

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Larva Chan 20 months ago

My SIL recommended Mamil formula for my boy as Mamil is suitable for children of all ages. Plus, Mamil contains prebiotics oligosaccharide that helps maintain a good intestinal environment. It also contains 0% sucrose which means no sugar contain and will increase good bacteria for cildren. If you think that Mamil is expensive, you can email to Mamil to request for free trial. Mamil will surprise you after you switched, trust me ;)

Hell Yeah 20 months ago

I think u can try using Mamil bcos I was facing the same prob previously, my DD also had hard stools, in fact it was very bad. Then I somehow managed to found out that Mamil has prebiotic that can prevent children constipation in long term and besides that, Mamil also has no sucrose and highest DHA level in the market now.. u can see the results within a week definitely..

Shirley 20 months ago

It could be your baby is lactose intollerant! It can happen even with breast fed babys. If your still having problem you may want to try a soy formula that is lactose free. I went through the same with my son. Good luck

Mercedios Mommy 20 months ago

My son is 14 months old and for the past 2 hours has been pushing and pushing i gave him some glycol medicine and it didnt seem to help. he got feverish and i wanted to take him to the hospital but we wud have been in there for so long. so i was told to get kayro syrup i have not tried it yet because he is sleeping..

Mrs. Kwon 20 months ago

why dont try S26? I think S6 is better than Mamil. Not only Mamil, S26 also can get free trial pack. The most attracted me is S26 has special flavor for picky children, i can avoid disciplining behavior from my kids. Did Mamil give this kind of offer for mothers?

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Larva Chan 20 months ago

Mamil ingredients can prevent kids constipation. Also, Mamil contains prebiotics oligosaccharide that helps maintain a good intestinal environment. It also contains 0% sucrose which means no sugar contain and will increase good bacteria for kids. It also has the highest level of DHA which is good for kids too! Only Mamil provided such many benefits for mothers

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