Contact Lenses - Order And Buy Online For Big Savings

Buy Contact Lenses Online

If you're a contact lens wearer who is still purchasing your contact lens from your local optician then you're most likely paying way more than you have to for your contact lenses. In fact by ordering your contact lens online you can depending on where you order them save up to 70% off retail. Remember these are the same brands of contact lenses that you can get from your optician, only cheaper because you're bypassing the middleman so to speak.  And if you can afford to do so buying in bulk will net you the most savings because you'll be able to save quite a bit off shipping as well.

contact lenses - order and buy online for big savings
contact lenses - order and buy online for big savings

What You Will Need Before Ordering Contact Lenses

First if you live in, or are buying your contact lenses from the United States you'll need a current copy of your eye prescription. Other parts of the world don't require it but in the United States you do have to have a current prescription.

After you have provided the lens seller with your prescription they will then attempt to verify it with your eye care provider and this is where some customers run into trouble.

By law your eye care provider is required to provide you with your prescription but this doesn't mean that you won't have some difficulties in getting it.  Faced with a loss of revenue they can sometimes be a little difficult.  In the past I've had one of my former eye care providers tell the contact lens seller that my valid prescription was expired.  At this point if you're having problems with your eye care provider the contact lens seller will in most cases go ahead and fill your prescription.

How To Read A Contact Lens Prescription

A contact lens prescription is different from an eye glass prescription because with contact lenses you have to take into account the shape and size of the eyeball in order for your contact lenses to fit properly. Your contact lens prescription will also list the brand of contact lens that your eye doctor has prescribed for you.

Your contact lens prescription will look something like this.

8.6  14.0   - 1.25

BC is the base curve of your contact lens.
DIA is the diameter of your contact lens.
PWR is the power of your contact lens prescription.

Where To Buy Contact Lenses

When ordering contact lenses online you will find a large choice of available contact lens sellers.  I've had very good with ordering from several of the larger companies like 1-800 Contacts,Lensmart and Coastal Contacts.


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