Effective learning through failures and mistakes in order to move forward

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Moving forward

Recently after having a conversation with one of my friends, it made me realized how much time we spend beating ourselves up when we make mistakes instead of learning from them and moving forward. We dwell in the continuity of negative emotions which prevents us from accomplishing anything good in the present and even less in our futures.

Sure, we will feel disappointed when things do not necessarily go our way but, we must also understand that it does not do us much good to prolong the poor me’s and why me’s attitude, which can only cause us to give up on something that can turn out twice as better from the learning experience a mistake or error teaches us.

When many fail at something they tend to quickly view themselves as failures instead of a person who will undoubtedly err's once in a while, because frankly it is human nature. Many will not even continue to pursue their goals because they have fear that they might fail again and that is just too much of an emotional bear.

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Impossibe = I'm possible

It is impossible not to make mistakes. I repeat it is impossible not to make mistakes. And thank goodness for that. For if people never made them we would not have some of the most incredible things that we have in this world today.

Take for example Thomas Edison; here was a man who made plenty of mistakes, dabbled into a few ideas that never took off. But, thankfully he did not get discouraged for he became responsible for the complete system of generation and distribution of electricity here in NYC back in 1879.

Best selling author John Grisham a man who endured constant rejection letters from several agents and over thirty publishers, today he has books that have been read and continue to do so all over the world, including myself. Imagine if he would have tossed his type writer or pc?

Those of course are just a couple of examples but, trust me the list can go on and on. These particular people continued to trudge the road of failure with an incredible zeal to reach the road to success that would be attained none the less.

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You learn how to do things right when you make errors, it gives you an opportunity go head on with a new knowledge, new information that you would not have acquired if you became discouraged and many times you may even make a few new discoveries that can be essential to your successful outcome,the possibilities are limitless.

Sometimes they are like wonderful gifts wrapped in rough and unattractive paper. Another important factor in attaining the best that you deserve is to stop the practice of denial just to save your ego from becoming bruised. Some people actually ignore the mistake or failure altogether. In their mind, if they ignore it and never acknowledge it then it never happened. This is a big no no, because with that behavior, success and good things will be difficult to attain.

Now, if you are too tired, or too discouraged to continue making these mistakes and have decided to quit, then there are always others who will come along and make them for you, learn from them and excel beyond imagination.

Doesn't sound so good, huh, to have someone else live out your dream? Than there is only one alternative, GO FOR IT! Accept any minor set backs, examine them, learn from them and be amazed.

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heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 6 years ago from hub

After suffering the consequences of mistakes, one can learn to heed from the experiences of others:) Oh, and of course to do your best, not to make the same mistake twice:) Great Hub:)

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC Author

I couldn't agree with you more,heart4theword. Thank you!

rprcarz50 profile image

rprcarz50 6 years ago

Hi Madison22,

Someone once told me "Make a mistake once , that is ignorance . Make that same mistake again , that is stupidity." This thought has really stuck with me through out life's journey .

Great Hub !

Thank you for your good work !


As always also a2z50

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC Author

That certainly seems like something that would stick to you. Thanks for sharing!

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

grisham is definitely an inspiration and this hub, Take care Madison, Maita

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC Author

Maita, thank you!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Hi Madison22, great Hub here, and so true. In order to be successful in life at anything you can not be a quiter.

Great job!

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC Author

Hi Clean life, Thank you for your comment.:)

bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 6 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

Thank you for the hub, and the inspiring examples. I loved the picture of the door! Great work!


Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC Author

Bayoulady, so glad you enjoyed. Thank you!!

liswilliams profile image

liswilliams 6 years ago from South Africa

amazing hub, Madison, this is so true and how we grow

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 6 years ago from NYC Author

Thank you Lisa!

MDavisatTIERS profile image

MDavisatTIERS 3 years ago from Georgia

Hi Madison. Great Hub.

Mistakes are just a "missed takes", if I look at it as something I will attempt to improve when the opportunity comes again. There may not be dress rehearsals in life, but the lessons will come again, and I hope that I can learn from past examples of doing something poorly, or not to the best of my ability at the time to do it differently this time.

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