Cortisol Appetite Control Product Review

Cortisol Appetite Control is enhanced with Bioperine which blocks the hunger caused by our body's release of cortisol a stress hormone. Cortisol goes way back to early humans, as they evolved so to did the stress, although it was only an infrequent event, trapping food required a great deal of effort on the early human's part.

They could go days, even weeks without eating a good meal. In order to survive when food was limited, early humans and their bodies learned to release the hormone cortisol. When the early humans could not find food, the extra hunger drove them to work harder for food and to store more of the plumpness they accumulated when food was plentiful, which gave them more liveliness to survive the occasional nervous tension of an animal attack.

Times are different today. The human race no longer has to fight for its food, however we are forever hit by stress, sometimes on an hourly or minute by minute basis, and food is literally everywhere. The constant release of the hormone cortisol creates a 24 hour need to eat. This is a very powerful hormone and it feeds off of stress.

With Cortisol Appetite Control, you get two ways to lose weight and stop the cortisol hormone from taking over your body. The first way the appetite control works is to help us from overeating. And second, it speeds up our metabolism so we burn more calories from the foods we do eat. This mixture of eating less and burning more calories helps you lose weight and gives you a leaner body mass.

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Lamme 6 years ago

Interesting hub. Cortisol for weight loss has proven to be very effective.

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