Creating a Memorial Tribute with Technology

Memorials have changed significantly in the last few decades. While the essence of celebrating someone’s life has remained unaltered, the way we do it in this digital age is changing.

Online tributes are one of the most imaginative and all-encompassing ways to pay respect and celebrate the memory of a recently departed loved one. They offer all the emotional connection of a classic memorial, but by adding media content they also paint a broader picture of that person’s life and achievements.

Memorial websites also have the power to bring distant family members together in a way that no other type of commemoration can. Regardless of physical distance, lifestyles or even language barriers, they offer a platform where information and stories can be easily shared. Relatives and friends can reconnect and share their common stories of the departed while saying their last farewells even when they’re unable to attend the funeral or cremation service.


The reach of an online memorial is also quite broad, making it an easy and effective way of contacting people that may have lost touch over the years. It can also be a good way of sharing pertinent information that concerns the funeral or cremation service, such as locations, times and even suggested dress codes.

Some online providers offer lifetime service for the website, transforming a tribute into an everlasting celebration of a person’s life. It can be easily accessed at any time from any corner of the globe, the only requirement being an internet connection. It can also be updated for years, and serve as a time capsule for younger relatives of the one who has passed.

Memorial websites are easy to set up, regardless of how internet or computer savvy a person is. Customers can either choose a service that will host their existing website or help them create one. The offerings vary in terms of the website’s content. Some basic models offer a simple image and text hosting service while more complex ones allow users to upload numerous types of media files and share them with relatives and friends.

Before deciding on a certain type of memorial tribute, gather as much information as possible on the person whose life is being celebrated. While a standard memorial service can include videos, pictures and text, it can also take a more unusual approach like creating a timeline of life events or establishing a family tree where each member can contribute their own personal experiences of the departed.

The tribute text is generally the most touching and inspiring part of any memorial and when it comes to online tributes, website users can easily update their text with relevant quotes or even a recording of audio files.

The numerous ways in which someone can paint the life story of their loved one makes the online memorial a very effective tool in the grieving process. It allows loved ones to disclose and share their feelings in a safe and personal environment.

Creating an Online Memorial

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 14 months ago

Interesting and informative! Thanks for the tips on creating memories.

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 14 months ago from USA

Good topic. Not everyone is able to travel (e..g. , sick or elderly relatives) so this provides a nice addition.

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