HOW TO GET FIT AND HEALTHY IN 60-90 DAYS - no bull, only facts!

Truth About Fat Burning Pills

Simple Truth!

The lie about fat burning system is that fat burning pills will help you lose weight. Um yes like 5 pounds in 2 weeks in exchange for heart attack risk, stroke, brain tremors, digesting system problems and like crapload of other side effects

Label 6, cintrax, hydroxycut 24 hour fat burning system bbb bbbbullshit as Lewis Black(my favourite comedian) would say.


Before I get into the facts breaking down nutrition and exercise take a look to the right. These are great websites where you can acquire the best meal replacer shake - Shakeology and the best workouts to be ever put on dvd from (Beachbody). This is precisely what I used to transform my body( see pictures below and I am so happy with the results that I honestly want all my friends and family to be using that stuff. I can back it up because it works. It already helped me my mother and my brother along with a few clients of mine! Ok, now lets get started with my story and explanation.

#1 Doctor Recommended Meal Replacement Drink!



Did you know that you can lose most of the weight just with proper eating?

really? what? don't I have to work out for that.?

No you don't have to. The truth is 75% of losing weight is accomplished by using proper diet and 25% of fat loss is workout. The workout is there just to keep you in shape that is to say give you muscle and some kind of definition and burn extra fat. But the majority of fat can and should be lost with proper diet!

Here are some tips which if followed will guarantee amazing results:

1)Drink lots of water! It increases metabolism and helps burn fat. The reason for that is the fact the majority of our body is composed of tee dee dee water!!!!! Plus water has 0 calories but fills you up so the urge to eat is not so big!
2)You are what you eat waahahha funny but true! Avoid eating fat! All the food that you consume needs to be digested using energy(calories). The Fat FOOD requires least amount of energy which means most calories get stored as fat in your body! Avoid Sugar (fast food, sodas, sweet tea, cranberry juice, red meat). Sugar is turned into glycogen and stored as what? FAT. Don't eat too much starch (potatoes, beans, boiled rice) that's about 2nd worse after fat! Around 14-17% of calories are used for digesting starch, The rest goes to glycogen and therefore fat!
DO EAT: PROTEIN(milk, chicken, eggs, broccoli, cheese) and FIBER products(oatmeal, bananas,almonds, asparagus,green beans,)

3)Meal Frequency should be 5 -6 times a day. About every three to four hours! Because that way your metabolism is high all day! I have 2 examples for you, Burning a campfire or driving a car. If you have a weak fire, or if you barely touch accelerator and our car is barely moving is equivalent to slow metabolism, on the other hand if you have a huge burning fire or you slam on the accelerator and you car almost flies that is equivalent to the fast metabolism.
But you want your fire to burn all day and your gas tank to last you as much as possible (40 miles per gallon) just like you want your metabolism to constantly be high. What do you do? You eat PROTEIN AND FIBER like its your job. You put huge logs in the fire and you put your car on cruise control. The big logs burn longer, the cruise control is the optimal use of gasoline and protein uses 30% and fiber uses 90% of all the calories for digestion!

Since you read the point number 3 you eat 6 times a day now so there is no need to eat so much. Eat smaller portions and if you are still hungry then fill yourself up with salad, water and finally most importantly MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES! But not just any kind of course.
Research them. My advice is SHAKEOLOGY! WHY? Because it is doctor recommended, because it improves your health, your skin, prevents heart disease, helps with IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and because it works (at least for my family).


As I mentioned above the workout is a supplement to the proper nutrition when it comes to losing weight. It is also a great way to turn fat or left over 10 lbs of fat into solid lean muscle. Of course I'm not talking about bodybuilding and power-lifting, those type of workouts are done to increase muscle weight and bulk up. Now back to the story.
In order to gain lean amazing muscle definition you need to incorporate at least three types of workout (cardio workout , core workout and resistance training or sculpting training). Again I recommend beach body workouts like p90x, INSANITY, TURBO FIRE, CHALEAN EXTREME, REV ABS and others). You can purchase them directly by going to my website at
or through amazon links to the right!
My personal favorite is Insanity but other workouts are great as well.
P90x is a great workout because it teaches you about muscle confusion and how you do different workouts everyday thus letting your muscle recover from one type of exercise but making it work doing a completely different thing or work a completely different group of muscles.

I myself was never fat but I was overweight. I always loved lifting weights but I was getting bulky and big with no definition. I have seen the Insanity informecial on TV and decided to try it. The workout is nothing short of the word insane but the results are amazing as well.This is my before and after picture, judge for yourself!






One more important fact about workouts is that you have to know your strength and don't overwork yourself or you will have overuse injury. Trust me, I know from experience overuse injury like tendinitis of rotator cuffs is not fun and may never go away! So make sure you stretch before and after your workout. Push yourself to the limit but not over the limit and give yourself at least one or two days of rest during the week. Your muscle fiber actually grow during rest not during workout!!!

Bottom Line!

Bottom line is this: there are no magic pills. Losing weight in 60 days is possible. Building muscle in 60-90 days is also possible. The key to success is willpower and dedication! So Decide - what nutrition you are going to follow. What workout routine to do!
COMMIT to it and you will succeed!! If my mother could lose 20 lbs and 6 inches of her waist and I could lose 20lbs and turn 10lbs into solid muscle than you can do it too.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to assist you with finding the right workout for you! Positive and Negative feedback is appreciated! Peace!


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