Customizing A Funeral Program Template

A sample funeral program template design from The Funeral Program Site at Templates include a front, back and inside design.
A sample funeral program template design from The Funeral Program Site at Templates include a front, back and inside design.

Creating a Memorial Keepsake with a Funeral Program Template

Once you've purchased a funeral program template from a web resource such as The Funeral Program Site, you will need very little help in actually customizing your selected funeral program template. Because these templates are pre-formatted and pre-designed for you, the hard part has already been taken care of.

You can choose from various applications for the funeral program template you want to use. There are templates for Apple iWork Pages, Publisher, and of course, Microsoft Word. Select the template for the application that you feel most comfortable with. Also make sure you have a live customer support in case you need to get additional help right away. For most funeral preparations, time is of the essence and waiting for a response back via email can be time consuming.

Once you have downloaded your funeral program template, unzip the file. Generally, high quality funeral program templates come downloaded in a zip file. You will need to unzip that file by double clicking on it. This process will open the contents of the zip file and reveal the application file template you have chosen. Double click to open the application template file.

The template will come formatted for two pages of letter size paper. The first page contains the front cover and back design. The second page contains two interior panel pages. Begin by customizing the first page and inserting the photo inside the placeholder shape. After the photo is inserted, customize the text beneath the photo for the deceased name, date of birth, date of death, and if desired funeral location.

Customize the remaining title text boxes and change the font style if you wish to one that is aesthetically pleasing to you. It's advisable to use a script font as your title and use a more legible font for the body text. Make sure you are consistant with the script font for each title by using the same style. Customize the remaining body text boxes to include an order of service, poetry, prayers, obituary, or song lyrics.

This is basically all there is to do in customizing a funeral program template! For a simple two page program, you can have a program completed within minutes and have a keepsake that will last forever. Funeral programs does not need to take a lot of time from creation to completion, utilizing funeral program templates will help ease your preparations.

A Video to demonstrate on easy it is to customize a funeral program template

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