Damon Braces - A Guide With Pictures

What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are a modern form of metal braces which incorporate a self-ligating system. This means that there is no need for ligatures to attach the archwire (or wire) to the brackets of the braces. Ligatures are one of the most visible parts on traditional metal braces ( they are the colored part that you often see in patients who have chosen to have very colorful braces.) Unlike Invisalign and other clear braces systems, Damon are still visible, but are less visible than traditional metal braces with ligatures.

One of the great advantages of Damon braces over traditional is that they claim not to need palatal expanders or the removal of teeth in most cases. This means that they can be a more attractive option for many adult patients. Generally palatal expanders do not work for adults, the size of their palate is already set, so Damon can be a great option in helping adult patients achieve a great smile.

What is different about Damon Braces?

As well as the fact that Damon use a self ligating system so they do not require ties to hold the wires to the brackets the makers of Damon also make several other claims for their product. The first of these is that as the self ligating system allows the wires to slide, there is no need for tightening appointments. Of course, patients still need regular appointments with their orthodontist, but Damon claim that whilst the average number of appointments for conventional braces is 31, the average for Damon is only 16.2 appointments. For patients with busy lives or those living some distance from their orthodontist this is a great advantage. 

The makers of Damon also claim a far faster treatment time with the average time of treatment in conventional braces being 27.5 months whilst the average in Damon braces is claimed to only be 20.3 months of treatment. Part of the reason for this reduction in treatment time is the type of wire used. High quality memory wires are used. These are designed in the perfect shape of your arch, and try to revert to this shape pulling your teeth with them. 

Do Damon Braces Hurt?

Quite simply yes. Although some kinds of orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign are almost completely pain free, the Damon system does cause some pain. However, the makers claim that due to the smaller size of the brackets and the fact that there is no need for ligatures that the pain is less than with conventional metal braces. In fact, according to studies that the Damon website cites Damon braces result in 60% less discomfort than traditional braces.

However, Damon are not pain free. You may still experience soreness and rubbing that may need to be alleviated by dental wax.

Where do you get Damon braces?

Damon braces are offered by accredited orthodontists and dentists.

How much do Damon braces cost?

Damon braces as with any kind of orthodontics can vary widely in price according to the complexity of the problem to be treated and the experience of the treating practitioner. In general the cost of Damon braces is similar to that of conventional braces. However it does vary by provider, some providers do charge a premium for one product over another. 

Similarly most insurance companies offer similar cover to Damon braces as to conventional braces but it is important to check with your own insurance company what contribution they will make towards the cost of Damon braces for you. 

Damon braces video

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topdentistfinder profile image

topdentistfinder 5 years ago

Great article. I never realized there were different types of braces. Thanks!

nancy 5 years ago

I have been wearing them for 2 days and they are abit painful.

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