Dental Health Tips

Tips to Prevent Your Teeth From Falling

Here are 10 very easy to follow tips for your teeth. If you follow these, you can protect your teeth from bundle of diseases without ever having to see a dentist.

1) Avoid smoking. Also avoid drugs and tobacco.

2) Pour some salt to your paste before brushing. When you apply tooth-paste to your brush, before brushing add a pinch of salt on it.

3) Don't let food particles get trapped in your teeth. In case they get trapped there, remove them immediately.

4) Brush your teeth correctly at least twice a day. There is no alternitive to this. It is mendatory.

5) Use your teeth for what they are intended for. Don't try to open cans or break walnut-shell with your teeth.

6) Avoid clinching or grinding teeth. The pressure it exerts is not good for your teeth.

7) Floss your teeth to remove food particles and bits that are trapped under the gums.

8) Consume foods that will not damage your teeth. Avoid having carbonated drinks or tea and coffee, especially don't take them too cold or too hot.

9) Massage your gums. This will prevent you from gum diseases.

10) Have healthy food and drinks. Have milk or have milk foods, this is the best natural medicne for your teeth.

Visit for more health tips. Tell me what you think of these health tips for teeth.

Also tell if you have tried any of these and how did it go.

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Saver Player profile image

Saver Player 7 years ago from Marysville, WA

I LOVE this article. Especially #5.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author


Yea number 5 is true yet sounds funny!

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