Depression Is Very Depressing Isn't It

This can be very sad.

    Being depressed can be a very bad thing.  Many people are depressed, but there are many ways to get over it after you admit you might be depressed.

     The following are signs and symptoms of depression.  There will be many that I miss or there will be signs and symptoms that are not known about yet. 

      Here they are:  Being sleepy or cannot sleep, eating too much or eating too little,  being sad for no reason, crying for no reason,  not wanting to do anything, locking yourself in your room, avoiding people, friends, colleagues, family;  and many other signs and symptoms.

      Once you admit to yourself that you are depressed and many people are.   People who can have depression can be from all social economic classes from  poor people to rich people, famous people to losers, etc. 

      The are many reasons for depression from losing money in today's economy to lost jobs to deaths in family to life changes such as divorce,and many other reasons. 

       It does help to know what is causing your depression, because for some people depression can be normal.  An example of normal depression is a death in the family.   This is normal depression and with time that person should improve with time and there is no need for medications for this type of depression unless it lasts a long time. 

        There are many different types of treatment for depression. They range from pills to talk therapy to shock therapy.  Once I tell people about these different treatments many people just opt for talk therapy.   Sometimes just talking helps a lot. 

      There is plenty of help if you need it.  You just have to ask.   You also have to not be too proud to admit you might be depressed.  That is the first step to getting better.


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