Autistic Little Girl Taken from Loving Home!

Knows No Discrimination


Help little Ayn Van Dyk get back to her loving father and brothers!
Help little Ayn Van Dyk get back to her loving father and brothers! | Source


About 1 out of every 150 children are diagnosed with Autism worldwide, and 1 out of 5 of the kids diagnosed with Autism are girls. When speaking of Autism, you don't typically hear too many "my daughter has Autism" stories, but they are out there. I have struggled with my son's Autism, and I personally don't know any female Autistic children, but yet and still, we know that they are out there. If you want to find out what Autism is, or to learn more about Autism, I recommend you read: Autism Explained.

Ayn Van Dyk

An exclusive photo of Miss Ayn Van Dyk, from her father, Derek Hoare.
An exclusive photo of Miss Ayn Van Dyk, from her father, Derek Hoare. | Source

Ayn Van Dyk

Ayn Van Dyk is a beautiful little 9 years old girl with Autism that was taken away from her loving father, Derek Hoare, in Abbotsford, BC on June 16, 2011 by the government of British Columbia. Ayn lived with her father, and her two big brothers, Wyatt (11) and Lyric (10). Lyric, is also on the Autism Spectrum. On June 12, 2011 Ayn Van Dyk escaped from her home, as many Autistic children tend to do, and hopped the fence in her backyard. According to her father, Derek Hoare, he ran up the street, and back, and directly called the police. Derek says that he takes extra precaution on the doors and windows, because he knows he has two Autistic children to care for. She was reported missing around 1:00pm June 12, 2011, and found the same day around three hours later, playing at a neighbor's home.

Not neglect, just Autism

It  could have been any child, really. An Autistic parent's worse nightmare come true!!!
It could have been any child, really. An Autistic parent's worse nightmare come true!!! | Source

Ayn's Living Nightmare

June 16, 2011 British Columbia CPS workers showed up at Derek Hoare's door requesting Derek sign over Ayn Van Dyk to CPS, or they would, "simply coercively remove her [from the home]". Ayn was at school at the time of their arrival, and when Derek learned they had taken her from her school (without so much as a notice to her father, or a farewell kiss), he called immediately to fight for his daughter back.

CPS cites that they ripped her from her loving home for "safety" reasons. When Derek would call and try to find about his 9 years old daughter, Ayn, they would tell him nothing, and wouldn't even give him the dignity of an interview with a spokesperson on a talk show interview that Derek Hoare was participating in. Derek says that CPS told him that Ayn, ""was too much for me to handle", and "not able to be placed in a foster home at this time", and that she was being taken to a mental institution for "evaluation".


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Derek Hoare found out that within 70 hours of them taking her, against Derek's explicit wishes, Ayn was placed on multiple powerful neuroleptics, one of which was being given at double the maximum dose for a child her size.

As of July 4, 2011, Derek has been able to reach the ministry, and he said, "I received a call from the ministry, they said Ayn has been crying for me for the last 18 days, and would I please bring them a picture of myself for her to have. He also offered to speak with and I accepted, we spoke for an hour and a half. I believe he too is coming to see the incompleteness of the perspective, I still firmly believe there is no way a protection case can be won against me." Derek also found out that Ayn has been placed in a foster home now with an RN foster mother.

Daddy's Little Girl

Derek with Ayn, happily living together.
Derek with Ayn, happily living together. | Source

Derek Hoare

Derek Hoare is living every parent with a disability child's worse nightmare, everyday. All Derek wants is his little girl to come home, where she belongs, where she can be happy living again with her father and brothers. Little Ayn behaved as most Autistic children do, and unfortunately she and her father are paying for it, dearly. Derek has three children: Ayn Autistic (9), Lyric also Autistic (10), and Wyatt (11) that he takes care of like any respectable father would.

Derek Hoare has created a Facebook group called: Help Bring Little Autistic Girl Back to Her Daddy for gaining supporters for his endeavors of trying to get his daughter back to her rightful home.

Derek Talking About His Story

Justice For Ayn Video

This video shows Derek with his children, in their home, happy. It brings home the point where a child needs to be. A child needs it's family, if there is no reason to take them from their home, then why traumatize the child, and the family, by snatching the child from it's home? Drugging a child, and not letting the little girl not take so much as a stuffed teddy bear that she cherishes oh so very much with her while she gets put through the wringer for no reason. And Wyatt and Lyric, her older brothers, are probably living in fear that they too can be taken from their father, their home. Just give little Ayn back, please!

My Thoughts on the Story

To add a more personal twist to this article, I wanted to share my thoughts on this story. Derek Hoare has 3 children, two of which are Autistic, one of whom isn't with her father. Derek's only daughter was stripped from her loving home, from her father and two older brothers, for "safety" reasons, according to the Child Protective Services of British Columbia. Derek hasn't been proven to not be anything, but a great father. He still have his boys, but for some reason that still hasn't been intelligently expressed, he doesn't have his little girl. 

When they took Ayn, they filled her with psychotics, an insurmountable amount, and wouldn't tell Derek anything he wanted to know about his own daughter that shouldn't have been taken from her home in the first place. Derek reinforced the doors with extra locks, he is very active in all his children lives, and they've never found a legitimate reason to even take little Ayn. They wouldn't even speak with him about anything he wanted to know about his daughter until 18 days later, after she had been crying consistently for 18 days for her father. I think personally this case needs to not even happen, I think they need to return this little girl to her father, and I think at least some kind of apology from the state is in order.

Any parent of an Autistic child knows that this is one of our biggest fears. The sad reality that most people don't realize, especially if you don't know or take care of an autistic child, is that Autistic kids wander. Derek has had all three kids on his own for years, and if he was if having three kids, two with Autism was "was too much for me [Derek] to handle", then wouldn't there be a sign of some sort? Help spread the word of this tragic beginning of the story, and help make it a happy ending!


Facebook Group -Help Bring Little Autistic Girl Back to Her Daddy

How you can help - SIGN THE PETITION, send a Letter for a government official to the names listed here.

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Ayn's Coming Home!

Jean Nicol created this picture in commendation of Ayn's return to her family.
Jean Nicol created this picture in commendation of Ayn's return to her family. | Source


After almost a year and a half, of missing contact with his daughter, Derek Hoare and Ayn Van Dyk will be reunited!

On Thursday, December 6, 2012 Derek Hoare updated his Facebook, 'Help Bring little Autistic Girl Back to her Daddy', post to read:

"i have some big news [about Ayn], which will be difficult to explain in a single post, i will get online this weekend to elaborate. Ready... Ayn is coming home! an agreement was signed on tuesday for her return. it is a sect 60 agreement with no finding of a need for protection. i cannot explain the flood of emotions we are experiencing. i am of course elated and will come online in a day or two, i'm tediously typing this on my phone but will spend much more time when i come on. Thank you so very much everyone."

This story has touched me as I know that it has touched many of you. Thank you for all the people that continued to help, share, and encourage Derek and his family during this trying and troubling time. Ayn is finally coming home!

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Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 4 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Kym Michelle Rich I am a mother of an autistic son, so I can deeply sympathize with this story on that level. Derek, Ayn's father, is now a very good friend of mines, and it swells my heart at the trauma he and Ayn had to go through and for no apparent reason. I don't believe in medication, personally for my son, but I do feel that the government should have at least asked for permission first.

Kym Michelle Rich profile image

Kym Michelle Rich 4 years ago from Lynnwood, Washington

As a former girl with autism, now a woman with autism, it sickens me to think that a screwed-up system knows what's right for a little girl. I wasn't put on such heavy medicine until I was a teenager to young adult and there was something wrong with me as I had other problems like anger issues, depression, mania and bipolar disorder to name a few.

I'm glad this girl is back where she belongs: with her family.

Hyphenbird profile image

Hyphenbird 5 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

Even "regular" children wander, it is a part of a child's natural curiosity. What a tragic story. Sounds like something more is going on here. Our governments have too much control over our children!

Lisa Arlin  5 years ago

For generations parents have suffered like Derek where their children could stay home, but the Ministry For Children and Families simply interferes with the security of the familiy they needlessly pull children without any regards to the child's realationship with their parents, or long term reprocussions. Furether more, without investigating the child abuse report, with out a warrant or court order. The Ministry For Children and Familiy Development and their conduct is a disgrace, and we need to fight them so they can't hurt anymore families. I know of the Baynes Famliy who has suffered because of MCFD conduct and my self I have to there was no reason for the children to be separated permanately or otherwise unless there is actual proof that child is being abused or neglected and that is the problem is that the MCFD abuses their power for their profit and we need to fight them so come forword espcially if you have suffered MCFD corruption or because of their bad conduct especially if you had the office of Surrey BC, the regional office, of the Minsitry For Children and Families! The Governmment of British Columbia has hurt families long enough so come forword do more than just sign this petiton we need to have a meeting in the vanouver lower main land area of BC I believe together we can make a difference and bring this girl home!

Lisa Arlin you can find me on face book!

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Polly It's great that you're trying to get involved on this! We need as much help as we can get, spreading the word! If you want to know more info, you can always ask me question or email me through my homepage on here. I'm on here at least once a day, so I can respond back quickly :D

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Here is something you really want to read!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

I am gathering all information I can but it takes awhile. Online is the easiest place but hubpages won't allow that. I actually called them today but they are not open on weekends. This sounds so suspicious really I want to find out and anything more you can tell me will help.

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Polly, I agree! This is such an absurd story, I don't know what the government is thinking! This is just so wrong on SO MANY levels! I added Derek on Facebook, and he's given me a lot of information so I could write this hub. He's all for anyone getting the word out, so if you can, thanx!!!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Hi, This is terrible and believe me I know how the system goes. I have reported real abuses and never got help from anyone including small children hungry and thirsty or diapers growing to their butts and my mom they finally killed yet they come after children with real problems and what love are they going to get except a parent. I will do a study on this and try to reach as many as I can about it, if hubs don't block me and if they do I will make it into a poem so as soon as I can get to it I will get it out there to at least 2000 followers I have in different directions and ones they know plus just whoever sees it. I can't get my information online because hubs wont allow that but I will go the the library, wherever and see what is going on as soon as possible. ITs time for me to pass out for the night. We will do something. Anything beats nothing just may take me a couple days. Sounds like they are after kids of a certain kind, is it a government thing, they do many things experimental, we will see how many this is happening to. It needs some research, quickly.


Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

Thank you, and I hope so too! This is such a terrible circumstance :(

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 5 years ago

Another well composed hub.I hope this will help Derek Hoare's case. I cannot imagine what losing a child must feel like.

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Lynn that's what I'm saying! What about the kids that get kidnapped and brought home? Do they get taken away from their families because they're "too hard to handle"? Or the kids that run away from home? Or the kids that join gangs and shoot up everyone, do they get taken away from their families because "they're too hard to handle"? This is B.S. at it's very finest!

lynn 5 years ago

this is so sad and also my worst fears for my autistic son as they turned up at my door trying to get me to sighn him over so now were living in fear of them turning up and trying to take him forcefully. it is so wrong what they do there supposed to help familys not split them up

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Mama Bear this is indeed a very tragic beginning to this family's story, and I'm sure Derek and his family appreciates your heartfelt comment. My son is also Autistic, and I've also had him escape from my home as well, though fortunately I didn't have to deal with CPS behind it. I appreciate the comment, and I thank you for keeping this family in your prayers.

Mama Bear 5 years ago

Im a mom of an autistic son. whoever read s this please get in contact with Oprah, Jenny McCarthy, whoever to help little Ayn Van Dyk get home. I will keep Ayn and the Dyk family in my prayers. I will try to get Ayn back home with her family.

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Fashion Thank you! My only request is that you share this article and this story anywhere you can! Ayn and Derek's family horror needs to get out! I just hope something can be done! Thank you again for your comment!

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Mom thank you so much for the correction!!! I appreciate that and I can't add the video here because it has explicit language in one part, but I did put a link to it! If people wishes to hear it, unfortunately they're going to have to click on the link in order to hear it.

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Polly, I've had CPS show up at my door last year and they tried to say that my autistic son's teeth are rotten, which they aren't. He had to get fillings on one side of his mouth, and they tried to say the fillings looked like cavities smh I had to deal with child abuse when I was younger, and nothing was done. But for a little girl that just so happen to leave her home, they take her and fill her up with meds for NO REASON. This is so very sad and very disturbing!

fashion 5 years ago

Wonderful story.There is a serious quality of life issue here.You have done great work.

Mom 5 years ago

Thank you so much for covering this very important story. Excellent reporting. One minor detail, I believe the recording is not actually the call to MCFD, but is a recording of MCFD when they first came to Derek's home in an attempt to coerce him into giving up custody of Ayn. If there is in fact a recording of him calling MCFD when he discovered they had seized her, that would be very important to publish as well. Thanks for having the heart to cover this, well done!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

This is the way things go, I have reported real abuse even with pictures and they do nothing and them take a child that ran off, any kid might do that! The whole world is going crazy. Will do what I can.


Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Sherilyn It needed to get cover and get exposure in hopes that maybe someone somewhere can help Derek, Ayn, and their family. I just hope that this article can reach people and that they can spread his story because there NEEDS to be something done about this!

Sherilyn 5 years ago

Thank you so much for covering this story!

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Loving Mom of Autistic Child Yes, it truly is every parent's nightmare as well. As I stated my son is Autistic too, and he's wandered as well, I could only imagine what Derek Hoare is going through, one call and I could have been in the same predicament as well! That's why this story hits home hard for me, and the fact that it's a father that's actually doing right by his family, and he's getting tortured by the government basically for having an Autistic child. It's maddening!

Anaydena profile image

Anaydena 5 years ago from Arlington, TX, USA Author

@Concered Citizen This is truly a horrible beginning to the story, but as I tell everyone, we have to work together to make this a happy beginning. My only way to help is through words, and getting his story out, when he's hardly had any exposure of the cruelty that Miss Ayn and her family has been going through, so I hope to accomplish at least letting more people know about this.... maybe even get the "right" people to see this article and be able to help him get his little girl back.

Loving Mom of Autistic Child 5 years ago

This is, in fact, every parents' nightmare. My autistic son is 11. I have dealt with the wandering, the violent outbursts, the head banging, the spinning, the toe walking, the defiance, the lack of speech and many of the other spectrum behaviors. It is clear to me that Child Protective Services has absolutely no idea what autism is. Autistic children are not throw-aways to be institutionalized and drugged. There is a serious quality of life issue here. This little girl is being traumatized by child protective services. She is being abused by the use of chemical restraint.

Concered Citizen 5 years ago

Excellent article, very well done, and shows that MCFD is actually causing child abuse - because what has been done to Ayn, who was taken from a good, loving home, and placed in an institution, denied any family visits, denied all comfort, placed on 3 horribly powerful drugs that a little girl should never been on, is just child abuse, plain and simple. Please, everyone, help get the word out about Ayn, and CPS in general.

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