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In the Derren Brown book - Tricks of the mind; Derren Brown shares with us all how to use a linking system called "The Loci System". The system is a fantastic way for remembering anything that can be linked together. For example a shopping list, peoples names, a presentation or a christmas list.

At first thought you may think the same as I did.. "Well this is probably going to be over complicated and take a hell of a lot of time to get working well". If you thought the same as me then you were also wrong. I will now explain to you, in plain english how to use this system and get it to work for you. Something that Derren Brown Hypnosis won't work for.

The "Loci" in The Loci system, can be replaced with the word "Location". This is because you use different locations that you are familiar with to remember certain things. You should firstly think of a route that you are familiar with... Perhaps a drive to work, a walk into town, or even a building such as your home.

My prefered route is my journey home from work. You then need to write down 10 points you encounter on your journey home. For example 1) Barrier to leave the carpark 2) Roundabout 3) Bridge 4) Shopping Mall 5)  Pub 6)  Shop ........ and continue so on.

Now you have your 10 points written down you will need to remember these in that order so that these can be ur "Loci" points which you will refer to when in need of remembering something. You now need to match up what you want to remember with your loci points. For example, if i was to do a presentation to 500 people on plans for opening up a new shop i will want to remember my presentation in a certain order. I will start the presentation perhaps talking about shopping trolleys. Therefore i will refer to the first point on my loci system which is the Barrier. I will draw a mental image of the barrier in the mind, completely blocked in by trolleys so that i can not drive through. There is trolleys on the floor, hanging on the barrier, and on the other side of the barrier. Once you visually imagine this it will become much easier to remember...... My 2nd topic might then be to talk about Time lines i have for this new shop opening. I will refer to the 2nd point on my loci system The Roundabout. Again, I will visualize something about the roundabout that will help me remember time. I could imagine the roundabout as one big clock when looked on from above.... or perhaps imagine big ben standing tall in the middle of the roundabout. As you can see once you visualise something it becomes much easier to remember.

Benefits By using the loci system you can use as many locations as you like. You can set up as many loci systems as you like by using different routes etc. Going to do that presentation would be so much easier because all you need to remember are the points on your journey home and that way you know you will not forget the order of your presentation.

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