Detoxing And Its Benefits

In very simple terms, detoxing means to remove the toxins from your body. What are toxins? They are the waste matter that get accumulated in the cells and as we keep stuffing excess food and food that is not nutritious into our bodies, the body finds it harder and harder to process all that food and so it stores it away to get the job done later. As more and more toxins accumulate, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and disease.

detox foods - fruit juices
detox foods - fruit juices

There are certain organs in the body that help in getting rid of all the waste material – these are the body’s cleansers and in the ideal environment, by the time they have finished cleaning one bit of food that comes in, they rest and then get ready for the next lot. Unfortunately, most of us don’t eat to live – we live to eat and this means putting unnecessary pressure on these organs and stretching them to the worst possible degree.

The organs involved in cleaning are the liver, kidney, the colon, the Lymph glands and the lungs. The liver segregates the toxins and keeps them aside to be thrown out. The kidneys clean the water that is in the body, getting rid of dissolved acids and sending them to the bladder to be eliminated. The colon pushes the waste material out of the system after making sure that all the goodness from the food has been absorbed by the body. The lymph glands clean out the cells and send the waste material to be pushed out of the body. The lungs of course, clean the air, bringing in the oxygen and taking out the waste gases.

In today’s world, where one hardly ever gives the body any rest, where food and drink go in hour after hour very often, how on earth can the body cope except by storing the waste while it tackles the new food that is stuffed down the food pipe? That’s why we need a detox diet. A home detox can be done by fasting – that it taking a break from food for a day, a couple of days, maybe even a week. You could do this every month or maybe every six months. Whatever you do, it helps the body try and get back to normal by getting rid of all that stored waste matter. Giving your body that extra time to get rid of all that accumulated waste helps so much.

You can do a water detoxing – just water right through the day. Or you can do a fruit juice detox – maybe even a vegetable juice detox. The main idea is to only take in what is absolutely necessary and nothing that takes too much time or energy for the body to digest. There’s a lot more to detoxing than just going without food. You can enhance the detoxing with massages, with meditation, with deep breathing. There are some detox foods that help in elimination. These are the citrus foods, fruits and fresh vegetables.

Whichever way you want to do it, you should be disciplined to do it regularly and you will see the benefits for yourself. First off, you’ll fall ill less often. You’ll also find your energy levels go up and your skin beginning to look clear and radiant. Now isn’t that enough to make you want to treat your body more kindly?

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kims3003 6 years ago

Nicely done hub! Very helpful information! A+!

The Design Mommy profile image

The Design Mommy 6 years ago from Los Angeles

Fantastic hub. As much as it scares me; I should probably try a detox sometime.

quaywards profile image

quaywards 6 years ago Author

Thank you both for your comments.

Erin Holladay 6 years ago

Great hub. So many benefits to detox. You can find a lot of diets high in antioxidants that help. Fasting is also a great way to detox but it can also be a little bit dangerous. Some of the best detoxifying methods come from drug centers. offers a number of detox programs meant to cleanse the body of drug like toxins so your organs can work more efficiently.

quaywards profile image

quaywards 6 years ago Author

Thank you Erin. Yes, detoxing has so many benefits. I will check out your detox programs.

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