Develop "Thin" Habits to Lose Weight

Are Your Habits Helpful to Your Weight Loss?

If you want to achieve weight loss, then you need to form better habits. Thin people eat differently than overweight people do. Likewise, slender people have a different activity level than overweight people do. Become like who you want to be and take actions that are different than your old self. Everyone is responsible for their own choices.

Examine Your Habits.

A habit is an action that you perform on a consistent basis. Your habits can make or break your weight loss. The key to many of our large challenges in life can be found in our smallest daily behaviors. If you take control of your day you take control of your life. Therefore, notice the importance of time and make sure some of your time each day is dedicated to the study and practice of how to best lose weight.

Make a Weight Loss List With Two Columns.

List all of your helpful habits in one column. Now, list all your unhelpful habits in the second column. This list enables you to see exactly which behaviors are working for you and which are not. Try to decrease the unhelpful behaviors while acknowledging and congratulating yourself for the helpful ones. Really get honest about yourself in this manner.

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Now Create a Third Weight Loss Column.

This column should contain acts which you do not presently do, but which would be helpful. An example of that would be starting an aerobics class. Another idea would be to add more fiber to your diet. Maybe a simple act would be just to take a walk in the park. Take the dogs out for a jog. Or, you could start a dance class. The sky is the limit. Your list should contain what is helpful to you.

Keep Track of Time.

Many of us let time slip by. This is where procrastination comes in. See that you are doing your actions consistently and log them in your calendar. This gives you both a record and something to be proud of.

Take an honest look at the way you conduct yourself on a daily basis. After observing your behavior put down your behaviors on paper, classifying them as "helpful" or "unhelpful." Itemize the third weight loss column with some great behaviors that you would like to add to your life. Take ownership of the situation by logging in your deadlines on your weight loss calendar.

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