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Portion control is what it is about
Portion control is what it is about

You have been feeling tied and warn out, for some reason your are thirsty at ever turn. To combat this you start taking Vitamins, and sleeping more. 

You are now at the point of wondering if something is seriously wrong, but it can’t be can it? 

You make the visit to your health care professional and find out the answer. You have diabetes. To you this is a deat sentence, or a big life change. It is going to change your life forever, ou have visions of checking your sugar ever 5 minutes and never ever having cake a gain. Depression sets in. Life as you know it is over for you. 

Well, there only item in your list you have right is: You life is going to change. It is, but not to the point where you will never have cake again. Diabetes is a serious condition, it will take some adjusting but you will be able to live your same life. Your eating habits will be the only part you need to change.

Feel better? Good. 

Believe it or not having diabetes and ejoying life is reality. All you have to do is take charnge of your life and manage your condition. 

1. Accept you have diabetes.

2. Dvelope  a better understanding of the disease

3. fina a balance in daily life

4. Reconize a personal responisibility for your own health and how it affects other people

5, foster a sense of humor when managing diabetes.

Whats your story? Share you experience

I am a diabetic, and I have been fighting the diagnoses almost since I recieved it, but the truth is as scary as it is, self control is the key to living with diabetes. 

Many people, and i was one of them, decrease their chances of living with diabete because they are scared or don't take the proper steps to manage the disease.

to manage your life simply:

Keep Check on your glucose levels

You thought it was going to be harder, but it really is not. It is all about portion control. Watching what you eat, keeping track of your sugar levels. 

Don't deprive yourself Just like dieting, depriving yourself will make managing harder, simply 

control you portions carefully


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