Diamond Contact Lenses And Would You Try Them?

I know it sounds more than a little strange but apparently the Shekhar Eye Research Center in India has developed a contact lens made from diamonds. Chandrashekhar Chawan who created the revolutionary new lens first came up with a gold - dust lens but since they lacked the necessary sparkle he then came up with the idea of making them out of diamonds.

This new line of eye jewelry features 18 diamonds in a yellow or white ring around the rim of the lens. The end result is very beautiful and striking and only 3996 pairs will be made, which if they catch on will make them something of a collectible. Of course at $15,000 a pair not just anyone will be able to afford them. Which is why their developer is hoping that they might catch on with celebrities.

And he just might have a point there, celebrities do enjoy the unusual and unlike most of us they also have the money to indulge their tastes in the strange and unusual. And in fact I'm sure that someone like Lady Gaga or even some of the more flamboyant rock stars would adore a pair made from diamonds.

So far reactions to his unusual new creation have been mixed with people either loving them or hating them with some critics remarking that they make the wearer look demonic. But in actuality they really don't look anymore strange than some of the other styles that you can find on the market such as the snake eye look or how about the cat eye look or even the orange red Twilight contact lenses.

diamond contact lenses and would you try them?
diamond contact lenses and would you try them? | Source

But Are They Safe To Wear

To me the new diamond lenses while very beautiful just don't seem all that comfortable. And you have to wonder about the safety of wearing them in your eyes.

The developer claims that they are very safe and that the jewelery part of the lens never touches the eye. This type of lens is made from the Chandra Boston Scleral lens which is used to treat eye illnesses in people with severe eye disease.

The Chandra Boston Scleral lens is somewhat bulky and must first be filled with saline solution before being inserted into the eye, a lens like this requires quite a bit of maintenance which also means that it wouldn't be for everyone. And it does make you wonder about the long-term effects from wearing them.

So what do you think about diamond contact lenses?

Would you wear diamond contact lenses

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